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How to Add Shelves to Tile Shower – [Most Effective Ways]

Shower shelves are necessary, particularly if you have children or want to have many bath items on hand. If you don’t have sufficient space in your shower, consider installing shelves.

Tile shower shelf ideas can help you pick the finest design, whether you need a temporary job or a long-term solution.

Water-resistant glue or screws can secure tiles to a tile shower. Lightweight materials are an excellent choice because the shelves aren’t built into the walls. The corner shelf is by far the most common choice. Are you hesitant about how to add shelves to tile shower? You’ve come to the correct place.

Step By Step On How to Install floating shelf in shower

How to Install floating shelf in shower

To mitigate for an ‘out-of-square’ corner while installing a floating shelf in the shower, use additional layers of foam tape. Then, along the whole circumference, apply a thick layer of caulk.

A ceramic corner shelf should be installed immediately into the thin-set adhesive on new tile walls throughout tile installation. Over existing tiling, though, you can install floating quartz shelf (or the other soap dish).

Start picking up a “flat-back” corner shelf unit (around $20) from a tiling store. Then get some scrubbing bubbles cleanser, dual foam glue, and white silicone caulk. Otherwise, the connection may collapse due to soap scum.

Place a layer of foam adhesive over each attachment flange, terminating 1 inch shy of the endpoints. Before removing the wax lining sheet from the tape, ensure the shelf fits well. Successive layers of foamy tape can be used to fill up any gaps. Put the silicone caulk once the shelf is properly in the corner).

Find a location in the center of a tile row (no horizontal grout lines running through the caulk). After that, take off the liner, contact the shelf, and push it on the tile. Allow the tape to grasp the junction, then release it, brush away any excess caulk, and tool the connection with a wet fingertip. If you mess up the location, you’ll have to force the shelf off, clean the back entirely, and reapply new tape, so be careful.

Tools Required for built in shower shelves for tile

  • Prepare all of the required equipment before you begin to save time and hassle.
  • Gun for caulking

Materials Required for installing shower shelf on already tiled wall

Prepare all of your stuff ahead of time to avoid last-minute buying trips. Here’s a rundown.

  • Corner shelf
  • Foam tape, double-sided
  • Caulk with silicone
  • Remover of soap scum

I am sure you are clear about how to Install floating shelf in shower and the requirement to install it.

How To Install A Corner Shelf In Shower On Existing Tile

No one really enjoys stumbling in the bathroom for shampoo or shaving foam. People try to figure out if there is a way out of this mess. Luckily, a simple solution exists on corner shelves! They’re extremely valuable, but they’re also rather simple to set up. Now a question stands How to Build Bathroom Shelves Next to Shower.

You only need a solid shelf and several tools to complete the procedure in about an hour. There are some important guidelines about installing a bathroom corner shelf in the shower to simplify things. 

How To Install A Corner Shelf In Shower On Existing Tile

Select the corner that would be most beneficial to you.

The utility should influence your decision because you’ll most likely be storing shower essentials like soap, lotion, and shampoo on your shelves. Choose a corner where you can easily access the products whenever you want them. It totally depends on you where you want to put the corner shower shelf.

If the area to the left of the shower nozzle is the handiest for you, that might be an excellent option.

The height of your shelf should be around the chest level.

A decent rule of thumb is to keep it to the typical shower user’s chest level when it comes to shower shelf height. If someone in your house is tall, you might want to put it somewhere where it’s simple to reach. Nevertheless, a shorter shelf, approximately 1 foot (0.30 meters) from the shower ground, might benefit shaving foam and blades.

How to attach a corner shelf to a tile shower?

People who want to know how to install a corner shelf in shower on existing tile. You can also follow these steps.

1. Begin by drawing an even line in the corner of your shower.

Assess the area where your shelf goes with a ruler or measuring tape. Make a line with a marker where you’ll have to slice the tile to attach the anchors. To make sure your lines are even and level, put a level against the wall on both sides, then line it up using your defined lines.

If you don’t want to mark the tile, attach some painter’s tape to the wall, then mark on over it.

Note ] – Does Scotch tape leave marks on walls? If you are interested, please click here.

2. Then, using an angle grinder, carve four slots for your anchors.

Attach a tile-cutting blade to your angle grinder so it can easily accumulate on the surface. Cut through into the wall deep enough to accommodate half of the anchor while keeping the blade parallel to the floor. Make sure the four spaces are appropriately separated.

However, you might use brick or tile bits to drill four holes and then insert changing an existing one into the holes.

3. Finally, use glue to adhere the bolts and shelf to the wall.

To ensure the holes you made in the tile are secure:

  • Place an anchor in each one.
  • Put a line of strong adhesives, such as sticky tape or Gorilla Glue, into the shelf’s groove.
  • Place the shelf on the anchors and press that against the wall until it’s flush.

You’re ready to go after the adhesive has dried.

Glass shower shelves for tile 

The glass shelf is the preferred concealed shower niche shelf because of its thinness (typically 6 or 10mm in width) and discreet look. As a result, the niche blends in better with the adjacent tile.

A transparent glass shelf will also help you view the tile design if you’ve opted to place a highlighted tile at the rear of your niche.

When shopping for glass shower niche shelf alternatives, you’ll notice that the inexpensive glass has a faint green tint (especially on profile). Clear glass is also available for people who don’t like the green color, but it’s a little pricier.

While glass shower shelves may seem good in a freshly tiled shower, many people have complained about how bar soap ends up on the shower ground due to the glass’s slickness. They also say that the water does not flow away, causing the glass to get quite dirty as the soap dissolves.

Last but not least, if you’re installing glass shower shelves, ensure you (or your installer) get the tempered glass.

You should not risk installing untampered glass shelves, no matter how outlandish it is that you would damage them. Shattered, untampered glass can cause serious damage. That is not a risk you want to undertake.

Glass shower shelves for tile 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for How to Add Shelves to Tile Shower

Are compartments in the shower a smart idea?

Absolutely a wonderful suggestion! Shower niches are useful for organizing your bathroom and providing extra storage for soap, detergents, and shavers.

How do you calculate the size of a shower niche?

Accurately measure straight from left to right when measuring a shower niche. Make sure the niche corners are aligned with the screws.

Is it possible to add shelves to a tiled bathroom?

Yes, you may use water-resistant glue or screws to attach tiles to a tiled shower.

What is the ideal height for a shower shelf?

Usually, people like a shower niche between 36 and 60 ′′ (91 to 152 centimeters) from the ground.


Installing a tile shower corner shelf in your bathroom is simple. With a little energy and planning, you can build the corner bathroom shelf of your desires on a small weekend. I believe you have found this information useful, and you got the answer for “How to add shelves to tile shower?”

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