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13 Unique Ideas How To Cover Shelves Without Doors

Want to get adequate privacy? But, it needs to happen in an ultra-modern way? That means you want to cover your shelves without doors, right? No worry! You can do it! Besides, many people cover shelves in order for home renovation. Not everyone wants doors to get privacy. 

Sometimes, some projects require “no door” functionality. Moreover, a design without a door can give more space to roam around freely. You will get multiple alternatives for a door within a small budget. Besides, you can save a large amount of space through it.

Unique Ideas How To Cover Shelves Without Doors

Here, we will discuss how to cover shelves without doors – 13 simple procedures. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you. Please keep reading to earn knowledge about them. 

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13 Easy Ways To How To Cover Shelves Without Doors – Unique Ways

It’s pretty easy to surmise that nobody wants to show the mess behind the covers to anybody. Will you want it?! Hell, no! Besides, the requirement for a door to cover the chaos has been decreased severely in modern times. 

Most apartments come in small rooms. Therefore, you need ideas to cover open shelves. But, what are those ideas?! Don’t worry. We will share with you some creative ways how to cover a closet without doors. Let’s check – 

Use A Sliding Door

What’s the best solution to a closet without a cover? Indeed, it is none other than a sliding door. Besides, a professional can help you to install it. But, if you are good at working with wood and metal projects, you can do it alone. 

Since modern apartments consist of small rooms, a sliding door can help immensely when it comes to saving space. It is super convenient. If you’re using a sliding door, there’s no need to keep an adequate distance while opening the door.

Furthermore, these types of doors are suitable if you don’t have enough time. It also gives the room a superior look. 

Doorway Cover

It is another great option on how to cover shelves without doors. You have to get a doorway cover that matches your needs. Moreover, another good option is a self-closing privacy door screen. The private door possesses a magnetic closing system.

You can also use Wildflower Doorway Curtain. These wildflower curtains can keep the room bright. Further, it can deliver utter privacy. You can move freely with this curtain solution. In a word, it is superb for new parents. They can hear babies crying easily through these doorways. 

Room Divider

Room dividers are the perfect example when it comes to the matter of how to cover an open closet. These dividers can successfully divide big spaces into smaller ones. As a result, you will get an ideal safeguard for various privacy tasks.

Room Divider

Besides, these sheets don’t take a lot of space as they are very thin. Most elite class people usually use these dividers. 

Hanging Curtain

You’ve got a money problem? Don’t have enough bucks to install an alternative way of a door? Ok. Hence, you’ve to learn about the cheap way of curtains to cover open shelves. Hanging curtains are the most economical way how to cover an open closet. 

You can select any curtains you want. There’s no bound at all. But, use the curtain which will adjust well with your room. Besides, we recommend that you should use a light-colored and lighter-weighted curtain. 

The majority of people use white-colored curtains to cover their closets. This is a great and cheaper way when it comes how to cover shelves without doors. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are usually used to cover windows. The fabrics of these shades are quite different. Although it is mainly made to cover windows, you can also cover your doors with roman shades. Further, it is the best way if you comparatively use doorways much less.

It is undoubtedly one of the most creative ways how to cover a closet without doors. These products can also appropriately safeguard your furniture and room from heated sunlight.

One of the most sophisticated things about roman shades is using them through the washing machine. You can wash them without a hassle. Consequently, they are effortless to wash. 

Use A Large Mirror

There are so many ideas to cover open shelves. We’ve already discussed many of them. Now, hear an interested one! You could use a large mirror stand to cover a closet without doors! If you live in a small closet, this process gonna work wonderfully.

Use a Large Mirror

You can hang multiple curtains in front of the closet. Then, place a hulk-sized mirror stand. This process works exceptionally well to hide the closet. 

Use Thick Fabric Curtains

Want to decorate the rooms in an eye-popping way? Good! If your doors take up huge space, there’s a perfect way. You can use thick fabric curtains in such a case. Hence, your room will look absolutely gorgeous with the thick fabric curtains. 

Nevertheless, using thick fabric curtains is not everyone’s cup n cone. You have to spend big bucks for them since they’re highly expensive. Besides, there are various benefits you will get with these curtains.

If your closet has enough areas, you can place a device or chair that matches the curtains. In addition, these types of decorations can provide an aesthetic look to the closet. 

Use Barn Doors 

Some people hate entirely to use the traditional hinged doors as doorways. Barn doors can be a fantastic option for them. They have the similarity with sliding doors. Besides, they are actually a part of sliding doors that can save a lot of space in your room.

Installing a barn door that is matchable with your wall’s color can keep the room clean and fresh. 

You will feel an aesthetic vibe when you enter the room. These doors are suitable for people who live in a big farmhouse. Consequently, you need to purchase a door and install it. It’s pretty simple to install such doors. 

Furthermore, you can enhance the looking of the door by painting it. It will give you extra peace of mind!

Beaded Strings

This is a somewhat old-school thing! It was hugely popular in the 70’s era. However, it is still relevant and many people use it. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and types. Additionally, you can select a particular one that could match your interior. 

The most significant advantage of these strings is they are highly reasonable and you won’t have to face any challenges while installing them. In whatever way, you won’t get adequate privacy from beaded strings. The overall noise of the room also won’t decrease at all. 

Installing Glass Pocket Door

A glass pocket door is a fantastic way to cover shelves without doors. If you don’t have any problem regarding what’s inside of your room, then you can use it without a think. Further, glass pocket doors are very lightweight and thin. They are also convenient to install. 

Installing Glass Pocket Door

These glass pocket doors can enhance your room’s look and overall avatar. Many people don’t feel good about installing metal-type doorways as alternatives. If you don’t have much furniture and materials inside the room, you can use it. 

Swinging Door

Although you won’t see such doors so often, it is still prevalent in many places. Swing doors, cafeteria, etc; things swing much more conveniently. Hence, these unique and fantastic bedroom ideas cover open shelves. 

Japanese Type Doorway Curtain

Do you want to get an optimal level of privacy? These Japanese-type doorway curtains can help you immensely. Hence, these doors are widely known as “Noren” doors. The whole thing will give you a vibe of Japan! The thick fabrics will remind you of Japanese art on them. 

These doorway curtains are the true definition of “simplicity”. But, simplicity comes with sheer elegance and beauty. The artworks are genuinely mesmerizing and eye-popping. You will feel an elegant vibe from the curtains. 


It would be the best decision if you can slipcover your contents through slipcovers. This is how you can keep dust at bay. Consequently, the slipcover works well in places like garages or other congested places. 

What’s The Most Suitable Way To Cover A Doorway Without A Door

It’s a kinda typical question. However, we can assure you that if you’re looking for the best, cheaper, and faster option, then you should go for doorway curtains. They are the most suitable way for sure. However, you have to measure the doorway first.

After that, the curtain will be an inch or two above the floor. If you don’t have too much money and seek a cover in an economical range, beaded strings or curtains are the best examples. 

On the other side, if you are looking for privacy and keep yourself detached from others completely, barn doors or room dividers will be the most suitable option. These shelve covers are not transparent and there’s no way you will be visible to other people. 

As a result, you will get optimal privacy. Furthermore, if you want high-end or stylish options, glass pocket doors or thick fabric curtains will be a perfect choice. 

So, as you have seen, there are too many options. Now, ask yourself which option will be the most suitable for you? Think wisely. It won’t bring you any good if you fail to calculate thoroughly. So, before spending money, think carefully and act according to it. 

How To Cover Shelves Without Doors – Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Hide Shelves With Fabric?

Hiding shelves with fabric isn’t a challenging job. Connect the fabric to your shelves with adhesive strips. It’s such a simple task. Cut a piece of fabric. It will stretch the height and width of the shelves. After that, fasten multiple cloggy strips over the top of your shelves
Subsequently, stick the top of your fabric onto them.

How Can I Make an Open Closet Look Beautiful?

You can follow multiple ways to make your closet more eye-soothing, such as – taking all the benefits of closet systems, designed to supply hanging storage and shelves, seeking freestanding closet drawers, adding a shoe rack, etc. 

Is It Possible To Keep Open Shelves Dust Free?

To keep open shelves dust-free, you have to perform various tasks. You should keep away from gears and plastic products. Then, repackaging dry foods is another superior option. Moreover, keep the surface clean and wipe it gently whenever you see any dust.

How To Cover Kitchen Shelves Without Doors?

If you want to cover kitchen shelves without doors, you can easily find removable doors online or nearest shops. Moreover, you can use them without a problem. They are a much easier option. In addition, they are very cheap and economical too. 

How Can I Hide-Open Storage?

You can increase the space in your room through an alcove by using hanging rails and shelving. After that, you can hide the storage through sliding doors or curtains. This is how you can provide your room with a polished look while eliminating dust and residues. Further, you will be able to protect your materials.

Final Words

So, this is the discussion from us. We think you’ve got enough idea on how to cover shelves without doors. From the above discussion, there are undoubtedly many creative ways how to cover a closet without doors. But, you have to think wisely about which one will be suitable for you.

Further, you should also think about your budget. So, what’s your opinion on our discussion? Do you have any opinion regarding it? Or, do you think we’ve missed something? You can share your words in the comment box below. Moreover, please share the article with your close ones to let them know about it. Thanks for reading!

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