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How To Hang Shelves On Concrete Walls? – [Tips And Steps]

Do you want to have more space to store things in your home? Then, you have to know how to hang shelves on concrete walls. This is a great way to achieve a high amount of gap in your living place. Besides, people also want to have more spaces in the garage, basement, workshop, etc. But, most time they fail due to proper steps. This is why you have to know how to hang a shelf on a brick wall. However, you’ll have to endure more pain to do this rather than attaching shelves to a wood wall. If you use the right equipment, you can conveniently hang shelves directly onto the concrete or masonry wall. Let’s see how to hang shelves on concrete walls – tips and steps. Check it out – 

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How To Hang Shelves On A Concrete Block Wall

Before starting the task, you need some tools to complete it. Here is the list of equipment you’ll need – 

  • Heavy-duty shelf brackets
  • A Drill
  • A compatible masonry drill
  • Concrete anchors or bolts

We will check out the steps on how to mount shelves on concrete walls –

How To Hang Shelves On A Concrete Block Wall

Step 1 – Measure the Height

First, choose a suitable location where you want to attach the shelf. Estimate each height where you want to install each shelf. Then, take a pencil and start marking at the starting point of the shelves. Besides, use a 4-foot level to mark a pencil line over the length of the wall at each height.

If you don’t have any plan to keep heavy materials on the shelves, you have to install a bracket at both epilogues. Hence, mark every 24 inches along the line you made on the wall. These markings are so vital. The reason is they can effectively connect the support brackets on the wall. 

Further, if the pencil line clashes with a closure in the concrete or mortar line in the brick, you must set your mark across a few inches. 

Step 2 – Mount Holes

You’ve spotted the holes? Ok. Now, mark all these holes in the bracket on the wall. Closely look at whether the holes are near a mortar line or seam in the brick wall. If any hole is so close, make a move immediately. But, how? Well, all you need to do is shift the bracket a bit. Just adjust the bracket slowly by moving it left or right. After doing it, mark the hole. Case closed! 

Mount Holes

On the other hand, if the holes aren’t near a seam in the concrete, mark the spot where mounting holes meet the wall with a marker or a pencil. You should do it continually as long as even one hole is unmarked. 

Step 3 – Use a Hammer Drill

Use a hammer drill that possesses ¼ inch mason bit. The reason is that hammer drill is so convenient and makes the job much easier. However, you have to spend a handsome amount of bucks for a hammer drill. If you don’t want to buy it, better rent it from a store or another person for a while. 

Now, calculate the length of the casing and start drilling into the wall. But, be careful. Don’t drill too deep. It could backfire. Thus, hold your drill level. 

Step 4 – Installing Brackets

When the holes have been drilled thoroughly, it’s time you’ve to install the mounting brackets. Further, you can buy different types of brackets from your nearby stores. Firmly hold the bracket upright to the line on the wall. Then, place it in the holes you’ve already made. 

Now, you’ve to check whether the holes fit well. For this reason, put the fasteners through the holes and ensure the fair condition. Besides, you can use a screwdriver or expanding nail to fit them well. 

By applying this system, fix all the brackets correctly. In addition, you should use the 4-foot level to confirm each bracket is rightly level with the next one. 

Step 5 – Preparing Shelving

Now, we think all the brackets are placed correctly. What’s now? You should purchase pre-cut shelve boards from hardware stores. Want to make your shelves? Well. You can do it from materials like plywood or sheathing. 

Using the estimation in step 2, measure the shelf to be cut. When the cutting procedure is completed, use low grit sandpaper to eliminate all the residues and splinters. 

Step 6 – Finishing

Install your shelving through the mounting screws. After finishing it, you can conveniently reorganize the storage place more smoothly. This is how to mount shelves on concrete walls.


How can I hang shelves on a concrete wall without drilling?

Actually, there’s no way to do it. Double sides tape might work for a while. But, they aren’t reliable. There’s always epoxy that holds a bracket. However, epoxy causes massive damage to the wall. 

How can I secure a bookshelf to a concrete wall?

The most efficient way is to do it the right way is to drill a hole in the wall. To do it, insert a sleeve anchor and then drive a screw into the sleeve. This is how you can hold the shelving. Further, you can do the procedure correctly if you’re using floating shelf brackets.

Is it possible to nail in a concrete wall?

Concrete nails are made of high-carbon steel. As a result, they possess fluted shafts that assist them to get into the concrete wall so easily. But, they were a bit expensive. You can use masonry nails for a cheaper option. 

Can I hammer nails into concrete walls?

You can push the masonry nails into the concrete walls. These nails are pretty more challenging and push beyond the wall quite conveniently. 

Final Words

We’re already at the endpoint of our discussion. Besides, we think you’ve earned adequate knowledge of hanging floating shelves on concrete walls. So, what’s your take regarding our article? Do you think it’s worthwhile? You can share your vision in the box below. 

Stay with us and thank you for reading! 

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