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How To Hang Shelves Without Nails? – [Ultimate Guide]

So, you’re living in a flat, dorm, or such type of place? You need to hang shelves but there are rules from the house owner that you can’t do it by using nails! A very disgusting and painful thing, isn’t it? So, what’s the solution? Don’t fear. There are other ways to do it. 

You can surely hand shelves without nails. We will show you some ways how to hang shelves without damaging walls. Let’s get into the discussion on how to hang shelves without nails. 

How To Hang Shelves Without Putting Holes In The Wall

As we’ve previously said that most homeowners don’t like to see the walls getting holed through the drill. Now, the question can raise how to hang wall shelves without drilling. 

Let’s check some creative ideas that will be helpful to you in decorating your heart’s content without putting your money at risk. Here, we go 

How To Hang Shelves Without Putting Holes In The Wall

Using Adhesive Mounting Strips

To hang up your shelf, you should purchase sturdy adhesive mounting strips. These strips are useful for shelving units onto tiles without making a hole. Moreover, these strips come in precut into a variety of sizes. As a result, they will perfectly fit over any tile exterior. 

However, there’s a condition. Before purchasing a set of strips, see out their weight capacity. This is how you will ensure that they support your shelf in the best possible way. Hence, this is a fascinating option on how to hang shelves without nails. 

Take Some Decorative Tape

Once upon a time finding decorative tape was so hard at all. Now, things have changed so much. There is a sea of options available on the market. Hence, these tapes can effectively hold your product in place. 

Take Some Decorative Tape

Hang Your Things On Clothespins

So, you have no intention to hang up a shelf in the wall? Well, that’s not a problem! You can take a clothesline and tie it on hooks on any side of your wall in such a case. Do you want to show off multiple images or any other things? Then, you can select this process. 

Using Hooks and Clips

Hooks and clips are the most simplistic ways of affixing shelves to tiles. All you need to fasten the hooks or clips on the backside of the shelf. You’re done! Now, you can hook them up to the wall. 

Further, if you live in a messy or congested place, this is the best system to attach shelves to tiles. 

Using Hooks and Clips

Use Magnetic Paint

Do you want to save your walls from any harm? Then, go for magnetic paint. You should manage multiple gallons of magnetic paint for the walls and magnets. After that, glue for the components you want to hang. 

But, there’s a piece of friendly advice from us. You have to use several coats of paint to enhance the productiveness. Consequently, there are a few brands that give primers to increase utility. 

Fastening Shelf Brackets

Shelf brackets are so helpful. It assists you in safely and securely joining shelves to tiles. Hence, screw these brackets to the backsides of the shelves. Then, attach them to the wall. This is the way how to hang shelves without nails through this procedure. 

Using Screwless Pegboard

Although people use them less, pegboards are a constructive product for installing shelves on tiles. These pegboards are made of wood and metal. Moreover, you don’t need to drill holes in the wall. 

You need to cut the pegboard pieces according to the size place them against the wall. After that, push these pegs via the slides and connect them to the wall. 

Use a Wire Display

Mostly, we use a wire shelf for closet storage. Nevertheless, there are a variety of ways that can use wire shelves as displays. First, consider the size of the walls and shelves, you will get the chance to lean a couple of shelves against the wall. 

And, you can hang your products from them after learning. You can spray-paint the wire shelves to match the decor’s existing part. Besides, you can hang small-sized wire shelves from adhesive hooks. This is how you can hang a large number of products. 

You also need small spaces for that. Indeed, a great deal. 

Using Welder

Welder is the very most straightforward method to hang shelves. But, you need to know what kind of welder you have to buy. If you plan to fasten bookshelves on the wall, you must purchase a caster with rubber feet. Rubber feet don’t operate through the door. 

However, they can supply adequate traction to keep stability. On the other side, you should purchase plastic casters while hanging the lighter gadgets. 

Buy a Free Standing Shelf

Sometimes, an adhesive-mounted shelf fails to supply sufficient spaces. In such a case, we recommend you purchase a free-standing shelving system. A storage rack will be an excellent option for that. 

Using Wooden Floorboard

A wooden floorboard is a superior option to hang shelves without nails. Here, we are telling the procedure of how to do it. 

  • Cut the board according to your needs.
  • Use fasteners to clutch them in tight opposite the wall.
  • Use hammer lightly on the tiles; otherwise, the tiles could break. 
  • Keep applying the high pressure slowly and steadily since it is necessary to harden the board significantly.
Using Wooden Floorboard

Use Metals

Most people want to abandon holes while drilling. But, it’s not an easy job. You can use decals or metal for decoration works in such a case. You will get different sizes of decals available on the market. Therefore, you can decorate it according to your wishes. 

At some stage, people tend to remove them from the wall. For this reason, they use a special adhesive. As a result, the walls don’t get damaged. This is such a super option, without a doubt. 

Use a Hanger

A hanger is a good option on how to hang shelves without nails. So, why will you ignore it? Therefore, you should buy some adjustable hangers. It’s a simple task the adjust the height. All you need to do is move the knob according to the need. 

An adjustable hanger is a perfect device to do it when it comes to a quick solution. 

Use Cloggy Glue

Cloggy glues are a top-rated product when it comes to the issue of how to hang wall shelves without drilling. It’s not a big issue where you want to fix the application. Hence, the adhesive stick makes it super easy for you. 

You will get the best output from it when you put it over smooth surfaces like glass or ceramic tiles. Nevertheless, stay cautious while you apply the glues. The reason is it dries fast. It’s a problem with this application. 

When you buy adhesive glues, we suggest you purchase a high amount of glues. You might need to use them frequently due to their drying nature. Although it’s a bit of a problem, still, fixative glues are one of the fascinating options for how to hang shelves without putting holes in the wall. 

Use Cables

You could use cables on the matter of how to hang shelves on plaster walls without studs. But, how can you do it? No rocket science! All you need to do is cut some cable lengths based on how high you want the shelf to go.

After that, connect all the cable ends to the down part of the shelf and tie the finished parts carefully. Now, tightly stretched the cords over the place and fasten them. 

Use Velcro Clips

Velcro clips are also a good option for hanging shelves without nails. Cut off the flog and then tuck it around the backend of the shelf. Now, fasten the knots of both ends and secure the whole thing perfectly. Strip away the protective layer and cling the clip to the backend of the shelf.

Set down the velcro clips along the edge of the wall and pull them vigorously. Now, crack the clip shut. You’re good to go! 

Velcro strips are the more brilliant way how to hang shelves without damaging walls. 

Use Grips

Most homeowners tend to neglect grips. But, it’s a wrongful approach. They are superb when it comes to how to hang shelves on plaster walls without studs. 

While using grips, slide the grip underneath the shelf. After that, lift it until the shelf hangs linearly. After completing the task, lock the grips by fastening the bolts. 


How to hang shelves with command strips?

It will be a foolish decision to hang a shelf with command strips. The truth is these applications are manufactured for hanging shelves with an object like a towel, hairdryers, etc. Besides, the command strips are capable of pulling down on the strip.
It will eventually pull down and away. A superb way to attach a broken glass.

What is the most powerful no nails adhesive? 

No nails have launched “Ultra Power” adhesive. According to research, this is the most powerful adhesive from the. Additionally, this product has been researched and prepared by one of the biggest beauty care products research companies “Henkel Beauty Care Research & Development”.
This sturdy sealer is fully capable of sealing, filling each component on all surfaces, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Is it good to use alcohol on control strips? 

Control strips are made to use on smooth surfaces. Therefore, it’s not good to use them on more complex surfaces like concrete, brick walls, woods, etc. Tapes work superbly on clean and flat surfaces. So, you should polish the wall with isopropyl alcohol.
This is how you’ll get the assurance that the tape will cling well to the wall.

How can I enhance the appearance of command hooks?

Firstly, remove the layer from the container and keep them in a suitable place where you can reach them easily. Strategically placed hooks assist you in holding containers vertically from the lower side of your storage door. After that, hang them in safe and sound mode against the wall. 

What is the meaning of Gripfill?

Evo stick Gripfill is a filled rubber incense gluey. This application is generally made to fasten a magnitude of sturdier components together. Besides, it is a valuable product. You can use it for various tasks like home extensions, vehicles, etc.
The product possesses superior strength. Hence, you can use it conveniently when it comes to the matter of how to hang shelves without nails.

What is Pink grip?

The pink grip is an exclusive gummy with incredible adhesive strength. Additionally, the pink grip is used for indoor or outdoor uses. It also contains superior gap-filling components. The pink grip has an excellent nip-off capability.
As a result, it can productively resist disorganized stringing.

How can I hang free-floating shelves?

Here is the method you can use to hang free-floating shelves. Let’s check – 
Use a stud finder and then find the studs in the wall
Now, use a drilling machine to drill where you want to hang your shelf
Fasten the cincture in the hole
Use a proper measurement to put the second bracket
After that, you need to install the second bracket using a drilling machine and connect it tightly.

How can I get rid of the lack of shelves? 

Slide the LACK shelf cautiously off its inner bracket and set it down. Then, lift it a bit and while detaching it from the bracket. You will see that gravity is slowly eradicating the end of the bracket. Further, you have to lift the shelves in this way. 

Final Thought

We are at the end of our discussion. These are our guidelines on how to hang shelves without nails. Additionally, we think all of our instructions will be helpful for you and you will be able to learn how to hang shelves without putting holes in the wall. 

All the materials we’ve recommended above will be available in online stores and nearest shops. So, you don’t have to worry about finding those components. Moreover, share these guidelines with your friends and family members. They can use the help too. Thanks for reading. Until next time, bye! 

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