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Stone Fireplace with Floating Shelves – Gives Your Living Space A Modern Update

What attributes characterize a great living space? Obviously, a pleasant room setting, comfortable furniture, a cozy atmosphere, a visually appealing layout, and a cozy atmosphere. The entire family will assemble around the fireplace to spend quality time together.

What improves it further? A piece that can fulfill the centerpiece and save space while also being aesthetically pleasing, is known as a floating shelf. If your living room is small, placing a stone fireplace with floating shelves as the room’s focal point would be lovely. Because the shelves can serve as excellent storage without taking up floor space, they can save even more room. Let’s dig in to learn more.

Fireplace Floating Shelves Ideas

In addition to serving as a natural centerpiece in any room, fireplaces are the definition of homeliness and warmth. A fireplace is enhanced by adding storage around it because it frames it. The proper fireplace storage can help create a clean and serene aesthetic, just like the right frame makes a painting look better. This makes curling up by a cozy fire even cozier.

Let’s look at some floating shelves concepts to make your living room aesthetically pleasing.

French Farmhouse Fireplace Storage

In this enchanting living room, storage is added around the fireplace using a mix of tallboy wardrobes and floating shelves. The woodsy roof beams and fireplace mantel are echoed in the floating wood shelves, which also subtly highlight the subdued olive-green shiplap walls. The room as a whole exudes a luxurious earthy escape due to the profusion of green, stone, and wood tones.

Hide, Display, or Do Both?

Deciding whether you want something to hide clutter, display accessories, or both are important when choosing the right storage for a fireplace. By combining a striking, industrial modern fireplace with floating shelves with a simple cabinet to conceal miscellaneous items. Adding even more coziness to the space is a plush chair strewn with pillows and a knit throw blanket.

Floating Shelves Around the Fireplace

Shaker cabinet doors covered in cozy wood on the storage surrounding this fireplace keep things simple. When each shelf is decorated with a unique vignette, staggered shelves add just the right amount of additional intrigue. The eye can easily move around this arrangement thanks to its clear lines, repeated colors, and simplicity.

Symmetric Country Living

It’s a fantastic idea to place floating shelves on fireplace wall in the middle of a room. The symmetrical arrangement in this house raises the shelves all the way to the ceiling, giving the room a tall and spacious appearance. The simple round mirror and shiplap over the fireplace instill calm by giving the eye a place to rest because there are numerous shelves decorated with different accessories.

Low built-in shelves with fireplace in this cozy and traditional living room.

With its earthy tones, this living room’s elegance gives off a cozy, inviting vibe.

To make sure everyone seated there would feel comfortable, seating has been arranged around the fireplace. An elegant dark brown leather ottoman completes the light brown sofa, dark chair, and light brown armchair.

The focal point of this space is the fireplace. It is a tile fireplace from Pratt & Larson Tile that features a mosaic with a unique color combination. Built-in white shelves all around complete it.

The shelves’ tops are between 54 and 58″ high. There isn’t a drawer there because those are actually bookcases. About 10 to 12 inches deep are the shelves. It appears as though the bookcases were recessed because of the way the firebox enters the space. They aren’t actually enclosed into the wall.

Built-In Storage in a Luxe Hampton Home

In this opulent space with subdued coastal influences, white dominates, and the storage area around the fireplace is no exception. Since the shelving is also painted white, it blends in and provides the ideal white space for showcasing priceless items. A metallic chandelier gleams from the ceiling to complete the elegant look, and fresh white florals add a dreamy touch.

Blend and match

In this living room, the storage options are mixed and matched to avoid using the same type of storage on both sides of the fireplace. A fireplace in the center of the space, encircled by honey-brown brick, radiates coziness and stands out against the space’s sleek white shiplap walls.

The fireplace’s off-to-the-left shelves are also white and decorated with cozy brown accents to match the rest of the room. An inviting bench with storage drawers hidden beneath it is waiting to become your new reading nook on the right side of the fireplace.

How to Decorate Your Floating Shelves Around Fireplace?

Asking a carpenter to build your custom cabinetry is advised if you intend to build your own built-in shelves. As a result, you can order the shelves according to your preferences.

The enjoyable part now follows the floating shelf installation. Your floating shelves can be embellished to make them more aesthetically pleasing. These are the actions you ought to take:

  • Gather all of your decorative items. You don’t have to purchase new ones. It’s not difficult to find accessories or decorations for your home. By giving them a fresh coat of paint or combining them with other items, you can give them new life.
  • Add your books. It is obvious that floating shelves + books. If you’re a voracious reader, there’s no need to fill the shelves to the brim with your entire book collection. Just add a few of your books, particularly those with distinctive and vibrant colors. Your accessories can benefit from the texture, color, and height that books can bring.
  • Greenery should also be added. It won’t hurt to add a few green accents to your room. Real plants, fake plants, or even a combination of the two are all acceptable. Remember to take the plants off the shelf before watering them. Especially if the shelf is made of wood, avoid watering directly on it.
  • Recall combining various textures and objects. Books, vases, pots, picture frames, boxes, and other decorative items should be arranged on one shelf to create a variety of heights, objects, and textures. Your shelves shouldn’t be entirely comprised of books or only frames. Verify that you have a bit of everything.
  • There’s no need to fill the room with family heirlooms; just add some statement décor. Instead, make an effort to include some significant décor or statement pieces, something unique that includes a small aspect of you.


How wide should a fireplace mantel shelf be?

Ans : In general, the mantle should be 3 to 6 inches wider on each side than the firebox of the fireplace. Although you have the option of going wider, it’s ideal to keep the mantel’s width in proportion to the size of the room and the fireplace.

How do you hang a fireplace mantel shelf?

Ans : If you’re unsure of how to set up a mantel, follow these simple instructions:
·         Get rid of the old mantel
·         Drill holes for lag shields, then insert lag bolts into the brick to provide additional support.
·         For the wood mantel, carefully measure and drill corresponding holes.
·         Utilizing wood glue as additional support, carefully push the wooden mantel into position.
·         Before using, caulk the seam and give it time to dry.

How do you space a floating shelf on a fireplace?

Ans : The standard distance between shelves is 12 inches, but increasing that to 15 or 18 inches improves the sense of visibility and accessibility. Where there is the most variation is in length.

Can floating shelves hold a lot of weight?

Ans : Depending on where you hang it and how big it is, your floating shelf can support a certain amount of weight. The strongest shelves can support up to 100 pounds or more, while the flimsiest shelves can only support 25 pounds.

Why do my floating shelves sag?

Ans : These kinds of shelves only ever fall short because the hardware wears out over time. Things seriously go sideways and slide off your shelf once it begins to sag. At the very worst, your shelf might simply come crashing down. When you have little weight support, the hardware may also restrict what you can put on the shelf.


We have concluded our list of the top styles for floating shelves near a fireplace. We sincerely hope that you were able to discover a few excitements that will motivate your own creation. The last piece of advice we have is to try to keep the decor clutter-free. This will enable you to create a unified, stylish, but still intentional look.

Don’t forget to take into account the overall vibe you want to convey when choosing a color because it can be a significant factor. Overall, letting your own personality shine through is the best way to decorate floating shelves and improve the area around your fireplace. This will assist you in making a beautiful home that feels special and likes your own.

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