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Why Are Ladders So Expensive – 8 Top Reasons!

No matter whether you’re working on a construction site or for home purposes, a ladder is always a high-demanding tool. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and styles so that you can choose it as per your working requirements.

But, it’s a common thought when you think about ladders why are ladders so expensive?

Several reasons are available there for a ladder to be expensive, for instance, it comes in handy considering your space limitation. Also, you can choose ladder types and shapes depending on your requirements which cause you to pay high. 

However, you can explore the real reasons behind a ladder’s expensiveness in this article. I’ll share the top 8 reasons that make a ladder to be highly expensive. Let’s see what they are!

What is Ladder?

Ladders are the most used gadget to meet your personal as well as professional needs. It is the only tool that can help you climb a place that is much high than where you stand on foot.

Although ladders are widely used tools to everyone, it comes at a costly price compared to other useful tools like a power drill or hammer. But, still, the demand for ladders is in the peak stage of user demand. And, it is only for the inevitable versatility.

What Are Ladders Made of?

The materials of a ladder differ considering the different types. Three main types of materials are available for the ladder. 

And, these are fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Let’s see in detail about these materials. Depending on the materials, the ladder’s price and its use advantages also vary.

Fiber Glass

A ladder made of fiberglass will be the best option if you require a long-lasting ladder. Fiberglass is the sturdiest material which will save your ladder from unwanted braking or splinting.


  • It’s considered the ideal ladder for electricians when they have to work through all types of electrical components. It’s because the ladder that’s made of fiberglass will never conduct electricity. Therefore, you can work with enthusiasm and free of fear while it’s a fiberglass ladder.
  • Another significant reason for choosing a fiberglass ladder is its heat or cold resistant feature. It won’t retain excessive heat or cold that can cause you problems working in harsh weather.


  • One thing you’ve to consider while buying a fiberglass ladder is its price. A fiberglass ladder is so expensive than other types.
  • Another thing to regard is its weight. It comes with a heavy weight which can make you trouble to move it to your convenience place.


As same as the fiberglass ladder, the wood ladder also is non-conductive to electricity. Therefore, you can choose a wood ladder if you’ve to use it every day with electrical components.


  • The wooden ladders are inexpensive.
  • It won’t retain excessive heat so you cannot touch it whenever you need it. And, you can move during your summertime work.
  • Also, this ladder will be more lightweight for easy moving than fiberglass.


  • It’s not that durable to use for a long time.


The metal ladder can be a good option if you’ve to work outside in extreme weather most of the time. It’s because the metal ladder won’t corrode in too hot or too cold weather.              


  • When you need a lightweight ladder to move easily from one place to another, you require a metal ladder.
  • The ladder made of metal is also very affordable as well as corrosion resistant.


  • The metal ladder isn’t a good choice if you’ve to conduct your job including electricity in a continuous process.

Why Ladders Prices are Varying

There are several reasons behind the ladder’s high price. The ladder is an extremely useful tool with a variety of features and materials. Based on that, it costs high in many cases. Here are the 8 best reasons that make a ladder to be expensive.

1. Ladder has Many Parts to Assemble

A ladder gets many different parts, for instance, supports, rails, and rungs. Each of these parts requires a separate assembly. Rungs come in different pieces of wood and you’ve to connect them to the rails to ensure the ladder’s stability.

Rails, on the other hand, are the sides to hold all the rungs and support the ladder legs to keep the things upright.

Here, each of these parts requires a specific set of tools and plenty of time to assemble them together. So, it’s a significant reason for a ladder to be expensive.

2. Heavy-Duty Weight

Ladders come in heavyweight, for example, if you buy a 75Ibs ladder it means half of the car’s weight. Its heavy weight is another reason for its high price. If you buy a ladder for your household purpose, you might use it once a year.

In that case, using a ladder only one time a year indicates around $75 just to store the ladders for the whole year.

3. Folding Features

The ladder is the most notorious tool that creates hassle while transporting or storing. It takes too much space to put aside. At this point, the ladders that offer a folding feature are definitely so much handy and cost high.

4. The Safety Design

Using a ladder is sensitive as you’ve to climb up the ladder. So, in all the renowned brands, the manufacturers test several times whether or not the parts of ladders are alright to use.

They test the parts of the ladders so that the parts won’t break and fall by accident. So, this product testing increases the cost of a ladder more than the other ordinary tool.

5. Expensive to Maintain

It’s pretty expensive to maintain a ladder and you’ve to maintain it on a regular basis. If live in a snowy area it tends to stick snow to every part of your ladder and it requires a high price to maintain. 

So here, you’re not just spending to buy a ladder but to pay for its maintenance as well. Therefore, regular maintenance is another reason for a ladder to be expensive.

6. Materials   

In maximum cases, you’ve to buy a ladder that has robust construction while you’re meeting heavy-duty tasks.  And, ladders with such heavy-duty materials make it costly to buy. 

Almost all types of materials for ladder-like, aluminum are too pricy to afford for general users.

7. Durability

Once you buy a ladder, you can use it for years which means a ladder comes with high durability. So, its durable feature is another important reason among the manufacturers to make their products expensive.

8. Convenient Design

Ladders come with a convenient design so that you can choose them according to your job purpose. If some of the ladders are designed with a flat surface on their top, some have a 2-folding system, and many more. So, these convenient designs of the ladders make them expensive in most of cases.

Different Types of Ladders & Their Uses  

Different types of ladders are available on the market. Understanding the different types of ladders will allow you to choose the right one according to your purpose. 

Not all types are necessary and useful for all types of DIY or manufacturing projects. At this point, I’ll introduce you to the 8 most common types of ladders. Here they are-

Step Ladder

This type of ladder is mostly used in an industrial areas. But, the design of this ladder made it usable to almost all places and purposes. In a word, if you want to get self-support, you can use the step ladder.

Straight Ladders

Straight ladder is the most common ladder that you find in almost all houses. It is also called a single ladder because this ladder isn’t self-supporting. It comes with a type of anchor on its top.

Steps Stool

It is another kind of ladder with low height and you can use it for low height purpose.

Platform Ladder

It is the safest ladder with a platform on its top. It has a design with two sides and you can use it while you need to use two of your hands at a time.   

Extension Ladders

This type of ladder you can extend while working at a high height. This ladder is as same as the straight ladder. The difference is that you cannot extend the straight ladder but the extension ladder.

Folding Ladder

The name of this ladder contains the value of its features. You can either use this ladder as same as an extension ladder while reaching a high height or as a ladder with a platform on its top. It will give you multi-facility.

Multi-Purpose Ladder

If you want your ladder to offer multi-facility, the multi-purpose ladder is right for you. You can extend it in different shapes according to your necessity.

Double Front Ladder

This ladder has outstanding features which will allow two persons to use it at a time. You can set it on any flat surface. This type of ladder is easily portable.

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Ladder?

Although it seems the ladders are so much expensive, there are some places where you can buy comparatively cheap ladders from. And, this part of my article will help you reach those places.

Not always, you can say the ladders are expensive because the prices of ladders vary from store to store. Many reliable and popular shop offers high-quality ladders at a low price to grab their customer’s attention. 

In that case, you’ve to research who’s offering such an opportunity. But, if you have a time shortage for researching the reputed store to shop ladders, here you go!


And, finally, if you don’t feel reliable visiting any unknown site, the world’s largest selling market Amazon is right here to support your necessity.


Walmart is the most popular site for ladder purchasing for you. You can buy your ladder at even $14 in this site. This site will offer all the elegant designs and styles of ladders at a reasonable price.


Many reputed websites are available for selling ladders online and equal is one of them. You can buy differently styled designs of ladders from that website.

If you want a vast shopping mall online with thousands of options to choose your required ladder, visit here. It’s a UK-based renowned website where you’ll get a plethora of options to make your choice.

No matter whether you require a ladder for home, professional, or industrial purposes, this UK-based site will come in handy to fulfill your requirements.

Some Suggested Cheap Ladder for All-Purpose Use

The ladder is the most essential and handy tool for DIY projects for homeowners and professionals. But, different projects require different ladder types. And, buying a ladder for only one purpose is a complete waste of money.

In this case, you can use an all-purpose ladder that is fit for almost all types of DIY projects. Since ladders come in different shapes and sizes considering your job type, it’s tricky to select an all purpose ladder. Here are 5 best cheap and all-purpose ladders, check them out –

  1. Werner 5906 6′ Fiberglass Step Multi-Purpose Ladder
  2. FAKRO LMS 66866 All-Purpose Attic Ladder
  3. Louisville FS4006 Ladder
  4. Rubbermaid Two-Step Step Stool Folding All-purpose Ladder
  5. Cosco Three Step Platform Ladder

These 5 ladders will offer you less price but high quality that you can use for all most all of your purpose.

Note: [ If you’re interested in learning how to prevent ladder damage to gutters? ]


Ladders seem a bit bulkier than all other tools for home improvement projects. Also, in construction and industrial sites, the ladder is one of the most essential tools.

But, the problem happens with the cost of ladders. Ladders are so expensive and most all users arise the question that why are ladders so expensive. So, to answer your question, I’ve sat to write this article. Hopefully, you’ve got your answer.   

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