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How to Remove Floating Shelves? – Step by Step Instructions

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy rearranging things about your house. After all, simply changing things around might make them appear brand new! Some goods, on the other hand, are easier to transfer than others. Floating shelves are popular right now, this is the article of how to remove floating shelves?

Without any apparent brackets or screws, a floating shelf is mounted to the wall. Internal brackets or a French cleat are the most common ways to attach a floating shelf. To remove a floating shelf, first remove any visible screws, after which the shelf may normally be lifted or slid off of the bracket system. The brackets may be removed from the wall once the shelf has been removed.

Best Ways to Hang Floating Shelves on Drywall

In this step we are talking about some easiest way to hang floating shelves.

Best Ways to Hang Floating Shelves on Drywall

Floating Shelves With Brackets and Screws:

When a floating shelf like this is mounted to the wall, it has no obvious means of support. To put it another way, it appears to be floating against the wall. A flat panel that is fastened to the wall is frequently included with a floating shelf bracket. Pegs with a depth of about the same as the shelf protrude at a perpendicular or 90-degree angle.

The back of the shelf will include holes for the pegs. The rear panel of the shelf is attached to the wall before the shelf is put onto the pegs. To hold the shelf to the pegs, a set screw is usually utilized on either the top or bottom of the shelf.

French Cleat for Floating Shelf:

A French cleat is a type of wall attachment for a floating shelf. There is a screwed-to-the-wall board or metal strip. The mounting plate’s top is slanted upward and away from the wall. On the rear of the shelf, there will be a component with a similar angle. Like a puzzle, the two parts fit together.

How to install shelf cleats? To install the shelf, simply place it on the angled piece and it will stay in place. Lift the shelf away from the cleat to remove it from the wall.

French Cleat for Floating Shelf:

Using Strong Glue for Wood to Wall:

Whether you use a floating shelf bracket or a floating shelf with French cleat, your shelf may be attached to the wall in numerous ways! The shelf might have clung to the wall with a layer of paint if it was put on top of wet or sticky paint or painted around at some time. This is a process of hang shelves without putting holes in the wall.

For added security, an enterprising homeowner may use adhesive to affix a floating shelf to the wall. This will make removing the shelf more difficult, and will almost certainly need drywall repair or a strategically placed piece of artwork to hide the damage!

Suggestion for using gorilla glue shelf to wall

Using Strong Glue for Wood to Wall

How to Remove Floating Shelf: Step-by-Step Instructions

The following materials are required:

  • Drill using a screwdriver bit or a screwdriver.
  • Knife for everyday use (optional).
  • Needle-nose pliers are a kind of plier that has a needle.

Look at the Shelves:

Take a hard look at your floating shelf before you leap in! Are there any exterior screws visible? Just by looking at it, can you identify how it’s fastened to the wall? Is there any evidence of adhesive or paint that has become stuck? Take note of these hints!

Remove Floating Wall Shelf Screw:

This step you can find following this two-question answer “How to remove floating shelf bolts” and “How to remove floating shelf brackets” If any exterior screws are visible, gently remove them. Small, circular stickers that match the shelf’s finish are included with certain shelves. Screws are hidden under these stickers. Remove the stickers first, followed by the screws.

Remove Floating Wall Shelf Screw

Remove Adhesive from wall:

If the shelf is glued to the wall with paint, run a utility knife or a similar blade around the shelf’s edges. This will loosen the paint and make it simpler to remove the shelf without causing damage to the wall.

Lifting Up or Getting Out:

This is the decisive time! If your shelf is fastened with a French cleat, you’ll need to raise it up to remove it. To remove the shelf from a typical bracket and screw installation, push it forward.

Removing Floating Shelf Brackets:

Your bookcase has dislodged itself from the wall! You must now deal with the hardware that kept it running. Remove the screws from the bracket until all of the screws holding the bracket to the wall have been removed.

Removing Floating Shelf Brackets

Drywall anchors should be removed:

Drywall anchors strengthen drywall holes so that items like floating shelves may be securely affixed to the wall. Drywall anchors should be used to hang floating shelves. Examine the holes created by the screws. Remove the drywall anchors from the wall using the needle-nose pliers.

Some common FAQ about How to Remove Floating Shelves :

How to remove floating shelves off the wall?

Drywall anchors should be used to hang floating shelves. Examine the holes created by the screws. Remove the drywall anchors from the wall using the needle-nose pliers.

The following materials are required:

·        Take a look at the shelf.
·        Any external screws on the shelf should be removed.
·        Paint should be loosened.
·        It’s either up or out.
·        Brackets must be removed.
·        Drywall anchors must be removed.    

What is the maximum weight that a floating shelf can support?

Floating shelves may typically support 15 to 30 pounds. However, it is entirely dependent on the shelf itself, and much more so on the installation. Larger, deeper shelves can usually support greater weight.

Your shelf may withstand substantially greater weight if your mounting method is put directly into a stud. Otherwise, wall anchors will likely be required to provide additional support.

Some of the smaller floating shelves are primarily meant to be ornamental and can only hold roughly 5 pounds. When you buy floating shelves, the weight restriction is usually specified in the instructions. However, this is only true if you follow the instructions and properly install the shelves.

How to take shelves off the wall?

You must first understand how floating shelves are installed in order to remove them. Some floating shelves attach to a wall using a French cleat, while others attach to a metal rod or bracket. You may also need to remove a safety screw holding the shelf in place before removing the shelf and the mounting system in some cases.

What gives? I removed the set screw, but my shelf still won’t move.

Unfortunately, some homeowners go a little over away with their floating shelves and make them especially safe. They add this extra support by gluing the back of the shelf to the wall before sliding it into position.
Liquid nails or a similar glue will offer further sturdiness, but it will also make removing floating shelves more difficult. To cut under the shelf, you’ll need to use a little hacksaw or something thin. It’s possible you’ll need a tiny crowbar to get it out

Of course, you want to be as cautious as possible to prevent causing too much harm. If glue is involved, though, you may expect to perform a lot of work.


Here is the ending of how to remove floating shelves. Adding visual appeal and storage to your area with floating shelves is a great idea! It should be simple to shift them about now that you know how to remove them to suit your space and personal preferences. To complete the task, all you need are a few tools and some time.

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