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How To Organize a Pantry With Wire Shelves – [Tips and Ideas]

So, your home has a pantry room? Oh! You’re so lucky then! It’s always been a great feeling to own a pantry room! The pantry room usually owns multiple rows of wire shelving for food storage. Hence, everybody loves an organized pantry room. Wire shelving is a quite luxurious thing. You can put in order of your pantry with wire shelves so gorgeously. Moreover, you’ve to learn how to do it.

This article will discuss how to organize a pantry with wire shelves. Consequently, we think our discussion will be helpful for you. Let’s go – 

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Wire Shelving

A wire shelving is a place where you can keep various things like – boxes, cans, containers, etc. It is mainly used for industrial purposes. However, things have been changed now. You can use them for residential ambitions too. 

Further, wire shelving is also known as wire decking or ventilated shelving. It is assisted by metal elements and is aimed to be load-bearing. Moreover, it has been used for a wide range of home applications. You can easily find wire shelving covers at home improvement stores. Nevertheless, they are super expensive.

If you want to purchase something cheaper, then foam board cover in contact paper could be a superior option. But, the problem is that they are not durable enough. You can use thin plywood in such a case. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and capable of organizing pantry with a simple touch. Wire Shelving for the pantry is such an astonishing idea to get a posh look in your space. 

How to Clean Up the Pantry

How to Clean Up the Pantry

Before organizing a pantry with wire shelves, you have to clean it up. It’s pretty impossible to assemble it uniquely while everything is still in the space. Besides, you have to get rid of unnecessary things as soon as possible. 

  • Firstly, you have to remove everything from the pantry steadily. 
  • Now, sweep the floor with a cleaner and wipe down the shelves.
  • Put aside the matching products dump the expiry foods.

How To Get a Well Organized Pantry?

There is a variety of ways to organize a pantry with wire shelves. But, all of them are suitable or going to help you so much. Here, we will talk about the 6 attractive and superior ways. Let’s check the 6 ways of wire shelving organizer ideas – 

How To Get a Well Organized Pantry?

1. Start From Zero

We’ve already notified you. This is essential in wire shelf pantry organization. Take every single issue of your pantry. Additionally, you have to clear it up. You have to implement and systemize a perfect system. In addition, if you fail, things will undoubtedly go wrong.

One important thing is that you can have many baskets and containers lining the shelves as you wish. However, if they aren’t right-sized, you won’t get any benefit at all. 

2. Estimate The Space

Before buying the tons of organizing equipment, measure the height and width of the shelves. You’ll have to note down the possibilities of the problems you might face while using exact tools in your place. Additionally, you will get the chance to increase the range of the place in this way.

3. Sort Out Everything

Ouch! Now, we guess you’ve managed to take out everything from the pantry. It’s time to put them in order. So, sorting them into various categories is the best thing. Here, you can see out some categories to get you started – 

  • Canned goods
  • Various dry foods
  • Breakfast fruits
  • Spices
  • Baking elements
  • Beverages
  • Snacks

4. Think Thoroughly What You Have To Store

Do you possess a considerable amount of cans? If yes, then it’s pretty much inevitable that you will need tons of can storage. Or, do you have a lot of food or snacks? Think thoroughly about what you need to store. 

5. Buy the Containers

This is such an exciting part. You have to select what kinds of containers will be suited for you. 

6. Return Every Item to the Pantry in the New Position

When you put everything in the pantry, better try to group like items simultaneously. You can find any items much more conveniently. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep things without a hassle in the right place. 

How to Organize a Pantry with Wire Shelves

Now, we will see how to organize a pantry with wire shelves. Let’s check it out – 

How to Organize a Pantry with Wire Shelves


This is such a perfectionist! You’ll definitely like the plexiglass. Hence, plexiglass can effectively keep things from sliding down. You can buy some sheets from the local store and put them on the shelves. In addition, this is how you’ll get a flat ground to place cans on without them. You won’t have to tense about falling over. Plexiglass is lightweight and you can use them efficiently. Besides, all you need is to put some small sheets on every shelf. Then, you will be able to put your choosable things without risk of toppling over. 


While organizing a pantry with wire shelves, do you have a very tight budget? Then, you can try with baskets. You can use baskets while ordering inside your food pantry. Besides, it’s a perfect way to keep cans and boxes comprised. 


You can also use boxes to organize a pantry. Hence, you can use shoe boxes for that. Moreover, you can also use photo boxes for that. We can assure you both options will do the job perfectly. It’s not a hard job to manage boxes at all. The reason is almost everybody has a massive collection of boxes in their homes. Additionally, it is also a very affordable option indeed. Another advantage is that you can label the boxes with tags or stickers. You can also use a marker pen to write on the boxes. The only problem is boxes come without handles. So, you could find it tough to carry them. 

Shelf Liners

There are many pantries where oil usually drips onto other food containers. You can successfully prevent that by using ventilated shelf liners. Hence, you can install these liners to prevent different items from falling through the slits. These shelf liners contain permanent creases and cuts.  All in all, these shelf liners are a fast and very economical solution.

Bins and Containers

People generally use bins to carry clothes. Using plastic bins or containers will get a sturdier solution to organize a pantry with wire shelves. Besides, they are portable and make things easier for you. If you want to use bins in the folding closet, you could use linen closet storage collection or canvas fabric bins to keep towels or sheets on shelves. On the other hand, it would be best to use plastic bins with robust handles. Those pantry bins can deliver a superior storage system. You can also watch everything you store from these bins. 

Hanging Shelves

Perhaps, you could see white wire shelves in the laundry closet. The shelf is generally much higher to store laundry detergents and supplies. Additionally, you can use a shelf liner on the big shelf. Further, you can use a hanging shelf too. A hanging shelf can assist you in adding more storage in the pantry. 

Things You Should Look For In Pantry Organizers

Before organizing a pantry, you have to look out some certain things. Let’s check those – 

Things You Should Look For In Pantry Organizers


Yes, it’s undeniable that purchasing matte black canisters is really appealing. However, it would be best to stick up with clear and crystalline bins. But, a question can raise your mind – why I would use a transparent one? 

Hmm. The main reason is that you can conveniently see supplies still in stock. In addition, your space will also look glossier with the transparent side. 

Assembling Capability

Since the pantry is a congested area, spaces aren’t available there. As a result, you have to look up every inch of a pantry. During shopping for food storage containers, think thoroughly about how you’ll correctly fit them. Generally, square or rectangular containers assemble pretty conveniently. They will also help you to fit more products on the same shelf. 


The pantry organizer should be functional in a compatible way. Additionally, it should be family-friendly. If you have kids in your house, better look for large open bins or containers. On the other side, you can purchase containers with a locking system. This system is suitable for teens or tweens. So, check out the functionality in the right way. Otherwise, you could regret it after purchasing. 


Now, you have some simple solutions on how to get an organized pantry with wire shelves. These are straightforward and practical solutions indeed. Hence, wire shelving is excellent for pantry storage. The reason is that shelving can be adjusted to the height of the items you need to store.

Furthermore, you’ll have an organized pantry and have a good feeling after organizing it with wire shelves. Anyway, what’s your opinion of our article? Do you find it helpful? You can share your vision and opinion in the comment box below. Our best wishes to you! Happy Organizing! 

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