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How To Hang Wire Shelves Without Brackets?

Imagine having excessive clothing and no room in your closet? Well, You can easily make way for your clothes by installing a wire shelf. I prefer a bracketless design because it has a seamless appearance and is also striking compared to the ones with attached brackets.  

Such shelves are also suitable for kitchen use, garage storage, supply closets, etc. It is a versatile tool that gives you the upper hand when it comes to conserving all the essentials. So, how to hang wire shelves without brackets? Don’t worry, this article will give you a clear picture of how it is done constructively.

What Is A Shelf Without Brackets?

What Is A Shelf Without Brackets

You have probably seen shelves with supports that flare underneath. The ones that don’t have those extensive elements are bracketless shelves. It is also known as floating shelves. You will find different variants such as the wired ones and the solid ones. The appearance is as such that it floats on the wall rather than being supported by external brackets. 

How To Hang Wire Shelves Without Brackets – Step By Step

A supporting frame floating on the wall end might make some people suspicious about how it is being placed and how it is keeping shape? To ease up the confusion, let me tell you that these shelves do have internal support to have them cemented in place. All you need to do is understand the mechanism and how to attach it properly. 

Let’s check out the step by step guide below 

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Tools

Installing a shelf is not a cakewalk. It won’t get attached automatically, rather need help from various contraptions and intricate measurements. For a bracketless shelf, you will need pieces of equipment like 

  • Stud finder
  • Measuring tape
  • Leveler
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil

Step 2: Know About The Installation Surface

Once you’ve gathered all the items, then you must start by scouring the area where you will put up the shelves. Look for the wall type, if it is concrete then you might need competent screws and drills to make the perfect hole. If you have drywall, then anchor screws and studs will work.

Step 3: Take Measurements

The wire shelves will have stud holes and to utilize them, you will have to locate the stud grooves. In this case, a stud finder (stud sensor) will help you pick the desired place. Once you know the locations, simply mark them with pencils. 

Get the leveler and line it up to mark the straight guidelines of the shelves. If you’ve noted the lines and holes on the wall, you are almost done lining up the shelf, now you have to move on to the main installation which desires a little effort.

Step 4: Time To Install

With all the markings in place, you will now have to perform the critical task, which I call it drilling. It does require a bit of experience, if not, you are prone to damaging the wall. Use a strong drill that can penetrate the concrete wall to a good length. If you have drywall, make sure you are gentle with it. You don’t want to crack the surface with excessive to and fro of the rotating drill. 

[Instructions]– How to Properly Install Shelves into Concrete Walls

Drill into the place where you’ve pencil marked the holes. Finding a stud can be difficult. If you fail to do so, then use an anchor and screw it in. Wire shelves use plastic fasteners that resemble hooks. Some wire shelves will have built-in fasteners that will go directly to the holes you drilled. If not, then start screwing the plastic anchor and then screw the metal fasteners for a solid hold. 

Now that the fasteners are installed, place the shelf and let it hang. The hook-like slots will hold the shelves in place. Not all shelves will be able to sit perfectly. Some wire shelves have support ends that go well with fasteners and can be hung at will. Some wired units are fragile and will need support (a rigid bar placed at 45 degrees). 

Know More About Anchors

Know More About Anchors

There is no denying that wire shelves have anchors to hold them into a fixed place. Anchors are the backbone of the shelves because they keep the shelves in place by pulling their overall weight. These come in different strengths. Medium-Heavy anchors are ideal for most shelving needs. If you plan to put heavier objects on the shelves, then toggle bolts with hanging clips can work magic. 


Can You Use a Wire Shelf On DryWall?

Yes, you can. Wire shelves can be installed on drywall. You will need some necessary equipment and mastery to make it work perfectly. You can follow the procedure I mentioned above. 

How To Hang Shelves Without Damaging Walls?

Whenever you use screws and drill machines there is a chance of damage. You can avoid the mishap by getting a shelf that can be worked with adhesives. Placing adhesive tapes on the wall and attaching the shelf can keep you away from hampering the wall.

How To Hang A Shelf Without Nails?

The best way to avoid nails is to use adhesive strips. You will get Velcro mounting strips, scotch fasteners and command strips that should be prime choices. Start by cleaning the shelf surface and wall surface with isopropyl alcohol. Once dry, place the strips on the shelf surface and hold it for 30 seconds. Then place the other strip end on the wall for 30 seconds. Now place both ends together and give it a tight press. 
Go for trial and error by detaching and attaching it again. See if any strips break out. If so, then have it replaced. Before the final setup, give the adhesives 1 hour to set and then place two sticking ends together to complete the process.

How To Remove A Floating Shelf With No Screws?

If there is no screwing option, then the shelf probably works using french cleats. Try to raise the shelf upwards and it should easily move away from the opposite groove. 

Why Does A Shelf Tip Over?

It could be because you are placing extra heavy items on the shelf. Surpassing its load capacity will take a toll on its rigidity. Another case could be flimsy anchors. Like we said anchors are the backbone, you must have hardwearing ones screwed into the wall to accommodate the weight of the shelf. 

Final Words

Bracketless wire shelves are very handy storage units with an uncomplicated design. If you have gone through this article on how to hang wire shelves without brackets, I can assure you that you will be able to place the shelf without much fuss. It does need a bit of work though. You must have the eye set along with skills to measure and drill your ways to secure the holding. Just follow the steps we mentioned and you will be putting up a floating shelf in no time.

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