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How to Hang over the Door Shoe Organizer without Hooks

Show organizer is the most necessary and primary tool in any household. However, some of you might lack the storage or put the organizer in case you have a small space or too many pairs of shoes. Thus, you can always go for a hang-over shoe organizer.

On the other hand, you might not always like the hook system that comes with the door shoe organizers. Hence, let us see how to hang over the door shoe organizer without hooks. They come with various materials such as plastic, mesh, and fabric.

In most cases, these show organizers come with hooks to hang over the door. Personally, I do not prefer the one with hooks. There are several other alternatives. In this article, I will give you those to organize those shoes more stylishly.

Problems with the Hooks

Although I can see where they may be useful in certain scenarios, I do not like the idea. Here are a few reasons why hanging door shoe organizers without a hook is a good idea.

The greatest choice for hanging shoe bags for a few reasons:

  • The hooks may prevent the door from closing properly if there is insufficient space between the door and the door frame.
  • The hooks’ ends will damage the door’s finish with each opening and closing.
  • The higher pockets of the shoe bag may be out of reach for someone as short as me if your doors are taller than typical.
  • You might have complications placing and removing the hooks every time you need adjustments.
  • The hooks are more likely to break than other alternatives in case your show rack becomes too heavy.
  • It might depend on the taste. However, the looks of the hooks hanging on the door of your closet or cabin are not the best. If you are like me and have high aesthetic values, then you will not like the idea of hooks attach to your shoe organizer either.

The Alternative Ideas of the door shoe organizer

The problem has been easily figured out. But you might be wondering, is there any process to hang a door shoe organizer without hooks? Well, I have some easy and fun ideas for that:

The Ribbon Tie

Ribbons never go out of fashion. Regardless of era, generation and theme, you can always utilize your dresses, shoes, and accessories with cute ribbons. But what about your shoe organizer? Well, the ribbon will save your worries in this case as well.

This little hack will let you hang your shoe bag at any level without damaging your door frames. You can use the ribbon fastened to the upper edge of the door and attach it to the show organizer.

What You Will Need

Well, to alternate the hooks, you will need relatively thick ribbons. Make sure to get sturdy ones because the ribbon will have to hold the entire weight of the shoe organizer. Furthermore, the fabric of the ribbon needs to be a little harsh and textured so that you can tie it or fix it with glue more easily.

Additionally, you will need measuring tapes and pencils to measure the length of the ribbon. However, you can skip that part if you have good eyes for measures.

The Binding Processes

  • First, take one end of the ribbon and tie it to the top hole of the shoe bag. Make sure to Triple knot the ribbon and pull it tight to ensure it is securely fastened. To decide how much of the ribbon you need to hang the shoe bag, hold it up to the door and measure the distance.
  • Using the first ribbon as a template, cut the remaining ribbons to the same length and tie them to the remaining holes in the shoe bag’s top.
  • You can use flat-head thumb tacks to fasten the ribbon on the top of the door frame. Even though most thumb tracks have rounded tops, find the fully flat ones for this project.
  • Fold the ribbon in an accordion-fold style. This will ensure the ribbon is secured because the tack runs through numerous layers. Then you can ensure that the ribbon is fastened firmly and won’t tear under the weight of the bags.
  • To secure the ribbon, press the tack through the ribbon layers and hammer it into the door’s upper frame. When you’re done nailing in the tacks, cut off the ribbon’s tail, so it conceals when you close the door.

Using a ribbon and some thumbtacks, you can keep your shoe bags in place until you’re ready to put them away, and the three tiny holes left by the tacks will be hidden in the door’s top edge.

I also use this method to secure holiday wreaths at the front doors each year. It is convenient and seems pretty as well.

Hanging Shoe Organizer with the door

Now, you might wonder why to hang shoe organizers with the door when there are hefty places to do so. Some of us have been going on a shopping spree and got too many pairs of shoes every holiday. And now we do not have enough space for our babies.

If you are not one of us shoe lovers, you might not have enough space in your house or a right corner to safely decorate and organize your shoes. In these cases, a furniture, a closet or a store-room door is a perfect place to hang a shoe organizer.

Most importantly, hanging shoe bags are an excellent space-saving solution. Not to mention, you can use the shoe bags for other purposes, such as: storing socks, belts or small accessories.

Shoe Organizer for the Front Door

The appearance of your front door is crucial. Besides the queries of how to hang over the door shoe organizer without hooks, you might also worry about the aesthetics when it comes to the front door shoe organizer; it is the first place that most visitors see and remember.

I am sure you can imagine the impression you give if your foyer or the area near your front door is untidy and messy, with shoes strewn everywhere. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want to come home from work to a major disaster zone.

An efficient storage system that helps maintain a tidy doorway is a must. Cubbies, boxes, baskets, cupboards, or a shoe rack would be ideal for storing shoes near the front door.

Storage solutions like a padded bench, a wooden ladder, a tray, or a crate are all clever options that can double as decorative elements. Furthermore, I assure you that a well-organized, user-friendly system will accompany your front entrance and porch if you decide on any of these alternatives.

Some Common Places for Hanging Shoe Organizers

We have discussed well enough about the shoe organizing ideas on the door. But what about the other places? We have a lot of options when it comes to saving space and decorating some pretty shoes.

For example, a narrow room or space beside the corridor, the window lane, the backside of the house, useless store-rooms or corners in your home that is useless for other stuff. Now, if you are confused about where to hang your shoe racks beside the doors, you can go for these options:

In Your Dressing Room

Display it with pride by hanging it over a rod or a rack if you have one. To avoid having unpleasant odors seep into your clothing, simply keep it separated from those items. If you keep your shoes clean and regularly organize them, you will have a glamorous celebrity dressing room.

Fix Them on the Wall

A wall might also be used by simply screwing the shoe rack into the wall. In such cases, you can make an inexpensive wall-mounted shoe rack or wall-mounted shelf to hang the shoe organizer or make the shoe rack with mould casing.

However, in this case, you will need various tools such as casing as moulding, measuring equipment, cutting tools and a drilling machine to shape and attach the casing to the wall and so on. You can simply follow the DIY tricks to make this wall rack because it is easy and convenient.

Lastly, some people ask, is there any risk of not hanging the door shoe organizer with hooks? Well, there is not because we have other great options.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is evident that hooks are not the greatest option when it comes to hanging a shoe organizer on the door. You have various other alternatives that ensure the safety of your shoes and shoe holders and enhance the aesthetics.

Furthermore, in case you think about other alternative ideas besides using the doors for shoe organizing, I suggest you go for the wall-mounted shoe racks. This is my second favorite option, where you can utilize the free space in your house and show off your pretty shoes. I hope you have found the answer to how to hang over the door shoe organizer without hooks query. Read the full article, and you will get a thorough idea

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