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How To Hang Floating Shelves On Drywall?

Have you learned the procedure of hanging floating shelves? If the answer is no, you still don’t have any idea about the fuss about it. Besides, there are many ways to hang floating shelves. But, hanging shelves on drywall has the most advantages. This is why drywall anchors for floating shelves are highly popular.

The procedure of hanging floating shelves on drywall is literally the dream of most DIYers. Additionally, you won’t have to use any tool to do that. Nevertheless, if you face any rogue challenge, you can use a small hammer to push the pins into the wall. Now, we will discuss how to hang floating shelves on drywall. Let’s check out the process.

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7 Important Steps for How To Hang Floating Shelves On Drywall

How To Hang Floating Shelves On Drywall

When you visit the market, you’ll find several shelves made for drywall only. Before the line of action, you’ll need some general equipment. 

  • A shelf
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling machine
  • Digital detector

Now, check out how to organize the floating shelves on drywall – 

Step 1 – Check The Wall Thoroughly

This is undoubtedly your first assignment. You need to check the construction of the wall thoroughly. Henceforth, the setting up of the whole thing largely depends on the masonry of the wall of your house. The fixing will rely on the wall. 

There is no wall-plug needed for this. For drywall, you have to use worm-style fixing. Consequently, this is why you have to use drywall anchor plugs

Step 2 – Clean Up The Wall

Now, you’re fully ready, right? Wait! You still need to clean up the wall. Check whether the wall consists of cables and pipes. If yes, then do the cleansing. Before drilling a hole, take a digital detector and check the area with it. 

Why do you have to do it? If the wall has any kind of hurdle, you can’t perform the DIY job smoothly. Hence, the holes will be uneven and ultimately ruin the wall! If you don’t know whether there is any pipe or digital cable underneath the wall, take the help of a digital detector.

These detectors are super professional. They can signal you about pipes or cables. So, let’s check and decide which place is fully secured to drill and or add anchor plugs. 

Clean Up The Wall

Step 3 – Start Marking

So, you’re now ready to start the job since you’re sure that there are no more obstacles, right? Hmm. You have to start fixing options. Hence, hold the shelf bracket at the height you feel most flexible. Keeping the shelf straight is hugely important.

You have to hold the shelf straight at any cost. Otherwise, it won’t mount in a linear position since the fixing won’t fit perfectly. After placing the shelf in the proper position, you’ve to mark the positions. 

Consequently, you can use a marker or pencil to mark the fixing hole positions. After marking, double-check it the second time. In addition, please use a hammer to make a small gouge in the central place of every mark you’ve made. As a result, there won’t be any chance that the screwdriver will slip. 

Step 4 – Fasten The Wall Fixings

We think the prep has been done! It’s time to do the actual job! Time to attach the drywall fixing. One thing you’ve to remember before drilling. The thing is you can’t add the shelf on drywall. Other walls have such tasks.

However, things are pretty different for drywalls. Before installing the shelf, it is necessary to add wall plugs. Anchor plugs are the thing you need since we’re working on drywall. Moreover, we’ve already been told that these are known as worm-style fixing.

The wall will be in perfect condition with this one. Since we are using drywall anchor plugs, cover each dot in Sellotape to stop the plaster fracturing and fasten the wall fixing productively. In addition, this is how to hang shelves on plaster walls without studs. 

Step 5 – Connecting The Floating Shelf Brackets

So, you’re fixed and stabling the anchor plugs? Very good! Now, get ready to through the bracket to the wall and force it to do the job. Since the holes are drilled, you can easily screw on the wall shelf bracket. Hence, you have to hold it tight and take it to the perfect place. 

Connecting The Floating Shelf Brackets

Step 6 – Slip The Shelf Onto The Bracket

The mounting task is complete. When the base is fixed fully, slide the shelf onto the bracket. Furthermore, you won’t face any hassle during the sliding process. 

Step 7 – Sealed The Shelf To The Bracket

And, here’s the final part. The shelf is now set on the bracket. There are fixings in the under part of the shelf. Therefore, you can ensure that it won’t slide off the bracket. It will help you during work. You won’t have to tense about sliding at all. 

Now, you will see some holes. Hence, you have to inject screws into these holes. After that, screw upwards steadily to make it well-balanced. Then, check whether it is moving or not. If not, you are done. 


Is a Floating Shelf Capable Of Holding a TV?

Of course. A single floating shelf is capable of holding a TV. But, it’s essential to measure the right type and size of the shelf. Otherwise, things could go wrong for sure.

Are Floating Shelves Strong Enough?

Although you won’t see the support of floating shelves in naked eyes, they’re powerful enough. But, their strength mainly lies in how they are attached to the wall. 

Where Will I Find Floating Shelves?

You can find this product at different retailers. They’re fully available on Walmart, Amazon. Moreover, you can order and purchase them from a furniture shop. 

Final Words

Nowadays, the use of floating shelves has increased so much. They are also quite economical and easy to install. Besides, if you want to enhance the space, you will need the help of floating shelves. However, we recommend you to take help from somebody during installation. This is how you’ll get the best results. So, what’s your take on our article? Please share it with your friends and family if you find it useful. Thanks for reading! 

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