How High to Hang Floating Shelves?

Consider three-dimensional whenever it relates to the decorative wall. Things might get a little dull, frankly, boring if each division in the house is covered in flat artwork and images. Use a wall shelf to give diversity and dimension to a room. Wall shelves may be both stylish and practical. They may offer an uncomfortable nook new life, and they’re a terrific way to show off your favorite items.

Do you have a hard time deciding how high to put floating shelves on? You’ve come to the right place.

What is Floating Shelves?

A floating shelf has wall fasteners concealed inside the shelf board and no apparent support brackets. This can be maintained by covered rods or bars fastened to the studs. An empty shelf attached to a cleat can be used to create a full floating shelf.

A floating shelf typically features two or more channels that run from the back to the front but may not reach its show, within which sliding fasteners are put and kept in place by bolts driven into the bottom of the shelf.

Floating Shelves in The Bedroom

Floating Shelves in The Bedroom

Shelves must be placed at the line of sight or 3 – 5 feet off the ground. Measure 10 ” from the top of a desk or couch whether you’re installing the shelf above furniture.

Furthermore, wherein a bedroom should Shelve be placed?

Over a dresser.

Add shelves towards the wall just above the cabinet if you’re low on space or drawer space and have room for one.

We are located above nightstands. To keep books, art pieces, or other goods, stack colorful small shelves over a dresser.

Above bed

Should You place a shelf over my bed, for example? A frame is a typical above-bed decoration. It makes no difference what you put on such shelves: a midnight light, novels, or anything else. As far as they are trendy and don’t stick out enough, they are OK. A little shelf provides your bedroom with a minimalist appearance and feel, as well as some extra storage space.

According to general guidelines: Measure 10″ just above the back of the sofa to place shelves above it. Estimate 5-6 feet up from the ground when putting shelving on a hallway wall. Measure up 4-4.5 feet from the floor to put shelves on a dining table or lounge room wall.

Above couch

To place the shelf over a couch, compare favorably 10 inches from the couch’s back. Then make a little sign to designate where the shelf’s lowest point should be.

Floating Shelves in The Kitchen

Floating Shelves in The Kitchen

Floating shelves are indeed a wonderful accent to any kitchen design. The wood hues complement the kitchen design, but the sleek design of the floating shelves offered a contemporary touch. Open kitchen shelves are a lovely way to blend style, utility, and exhibition – but they don’t have to be wood! This style may be achieved in a variety of ways in your house!


If you’re thinking about how high to put hanging kitchen shelves, the first shelf should be around 18 inches from the counter. If you’re constructing the second shelf, make it the same height as the bottom of the hood cover (usually 32 inches from the tabletop).

Embellish Floating Shelves in a Kitchen

Floating shelves are becoming a valuable solution to employing top enclosed cabinets in the kitchen.

Coated wood, tinted wood (rustic or contemporary), or metal are common materials.

Floating shelves are way more reasonable than cabinets. It is one of the explanations that are so widespread. They also help to relieve the stress of a series of similar cabinets. Many people like a kitchen with a mix of higher closets and floating shelves because objects on the shelves may give some color to an otherwise sterile space.

Some folks don’t utilize higher cabinets and instead employ floating shelves above their bottom cabinets.

Floating Shelves in The Nursery

Floating Shelves in The Nursery
Floating Shelves in The Nursery

Nursery shelves can be practical and valuable for in-room management, but they can also bring charm and elegance to a nursery and child’s room. Shelves are a great way to showcase books, plush animals, and other mementos.

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  • Unique Nursery Shelf Ideas Floating Shelves 

Hang the lowest shelf about 15-16 inches from the ground as a general guideline. You’ll be able to sweep any power outlets in the way this way. Your shelves should be around 10 inches apart. If you have a lot of giant books, you can split them out to make room for them. You may also use the shelf to store your larger books.

Floating Shelves Above Toilet

Floating shelves give storage while also making the toilet appear more fascinating. The very first step is to determine the height at which you would like the shelves over your bathroom to be placed. As a general guideline, leave at least 24 inches between the base of the toilet cistern and the bottom of the cabinet. This should offer you enough space to avoid banging your head, but it won’t seem too high.

If you’re making two shelves leave approximately 18 inches between them — it helps to fill the area and keeps everything looking linked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use floating shelves?

Although a floating shelf might be safe when used appropriately, they are frequently overburdened with mass and then become unsafe rapidly. To ensure that floating shelves are stable, figure out just how much weight you’ll be putting on them.

What is the maximum weight capacity of floating shelves?

The flimsiest shelves can only sustain 25 pounds, while the most durable frames can support 100 lbs. and more.

What is the best way to vary floating shelves?

Put shelves of varying lengths at different heights. Place larger shelves over shorter ones to provide complexity. If you have a considerable collection to exhibit, fill the entire wall from floor to ceiling, or stack the walls with proportions


Floating shelves are an excellent choice for a modern minimalist design. They may be utilized to increase storage space, to act as storage above a radiator, or to serve as an accent table in a corridor. So go ahead and do it.

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