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Can You Hang Shelves With Command Hooks

With time people have become inventive and found different ways to hang shelves without hampering the wall structure. Drilling has been the go-to procedure, but not anymore. Many have been trying out adhesive magnets and command hooks to place the shelves. 

Now you might ask, can you hang shelves with command hooks? Will it work?
The answer to it is YES! You can, but there are limits to it. Command strips have their strict weight handling capacity, thus if you exceed the limit, the hooks will come open. 

Let’s delve into the topic further and discuss the actual possibilities of using command hooks to hang shelves. I will try to cover the topic from a broad perspective so that you get your answer. 

Can You Hang Shelves With Command Hooks?

Command strips are not the sturdiest item out there. They are good for hanging small and lightweight objects, but nothing that is too overpowering. Command items are usually good for accommodating products that weigh around three to five-pound. 

Going above this limit can break the adhesive and the items can fall on the ground. Some strips are longer and have better adhesive properties. Such as the Command 16 lb. Hanging Strips These types of command hooks in 4 pairs can withstand 16 lbs of 24×36 inches frame size. 

Can Command Strips Hold Up Floating Shelves?

Not all strips are made to accommodate floating shelves. These hanging shelves can be big and weighty enough for adhesive strips. Floating shelves are generally settled using anchors and not command items. 

In some cases, floating shelves can be friendly to command strips. For example, if you get Command Floating Shelf 21’’ you will also receive 10 strips to secure it to the wall. The 10 strips can stick onto the shelf which is destined to carry a 5lbs load. 

Can You Hang A Wall Shelf With Command Strips?

Command strips are not made for large objects, rather smaller shelving units can be placed without a doubt. Generally, the stronger adhesives on command hooks are made to carry shelving units, but that too within a certain limit of 16 lbs. Exceeding this weight will impair the adhesiveness of the hooks. 

If you plan for a smaller wall shelf, then command hooks/strips can be a life saver, They don’t damage the wall and are easily detachable. 

Can You Hang A Small Shelf With Command Strips?

Yes, you can, small shelves that are made to hold 5-6 pounds of items are best suited for command strips. Command hooks and stips generally hold up to 5 lbs without breaking. Most command strips are made with decent quality materials to accommodate 5-6 pounds. So if your shelf falls within this category then command strips can work for you. 

How To Hang Hexagon Shelves Without Nails

You can be super creative while hanging hexagonal shelves n your wall. You can either nail down the wall to make a successful accommodation or avoid it altogether. Here I will talk about ways you can attach hexagonal shelves without nails.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Hexagonal shelves
  • Drywall anchor
  • Sawtooth hanger
  • Screwdriver and screw
  • Good quality Command strips

Step 2: Use a Sawtooth hanger 

On the hexagonal shelf’s backside, you need to attach the sawtooth hanger to the empty linings. Make sure the hanger attaches directly to the center of the shelf lining.

Step 3: Anchor The Screw-on Your wall

Nails can take a toll on your wall, so I prefer drywall anchors instead. Use screws to insert it into the wall. Then mount the hexagonal shelf that has the sawtooth hanger directly on the protruded screw from the wall. 

Step 4: Repeat The Process For With Other Hexagonal Items

With step 3 you are already done. The shelving should be strong enough to take a decent amount of weight compared to adhesive installations. If you are building a honeycomb setup, use the above procedures to fix the hexagonal units and make your design.

Keep in mind that you can try to use adhesive strips and completely avoid nails and even anchoring’s. These command hooks or straps won’t be able to hold up well and you might have to stick one strip on each side of the hexagon to at least secure it on the wall.

I wouldn’t recommend you to put weight over 16 pounds on such shelves, no matter how many adhesive tapes you’ve used.

How To Hang Wall Shelves Without Drilling 

The best way to hang shelves without drilling is to use adhesive mounting strips. Let’s see the procedure on how it can be done. 

Step 1: What You Require

  • Lightweight shelf
  • Mounting strips
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Step 2: Clean The Surface

Start by cleaning the shelf and the wall with isopropyl alcohol to take out all the dust, grease and debris. 

Step 3: Stick The Stips

Now take the adhesive strips and place them on the backside of the shelf. Give it a 30 seconds press. 

Step 4: Now Place It On To The Wall

Now attach the wooden shelf and secure it on the wall strips. Hold it for 30 seconds and disconnect it again. Then press the wall adhesives to secure it further. See if any strips flake off. IF so, then attach new ones. 

Step 5: Final Touch

After one hour, put the shelf back on the wall. The one-hour gap will let the adhesive work better. Once placed on the wall, the shelf should be ready for use.

Can You Hang A Coat Rack With Command Strips

You can place a coat rack on the wall using mounting adhesives like the FIX PRO Mounting tape. Believe it or not, per roll of this tape can withstand 121 lbs., which is enough for coat racks. 

Another simple way to hang clothing without drilling on the wall is to use Command Cloth Hanger. These signal units can accommodate more than 7 pounds of weight on them. So hang your clothes, and coats without messing around with the wall structure. 

Adhesive Mounting Strips For Shelves

Shelves are better placed when they are set up using screws. Nowadays innovation has given us the ability to mount shelves without damaging the walls. Although the new findings are not as effective as the drilling setup, the adhesive counterparts do a fine job. 

For example, Command Hanging Strips come with two different strength steps that can collectively accommodate 12-16lbs weight. If you are planning to stick a small shelf for mini items, then these mounting strips can be a life saver. Many other brands offer mounting strips for shelving units.  

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to damage the walls and screw holes onto them, then you can opt to use command hooks that are safe to use. Many people ask the question, can you hang shelves with command hooks? I say yes. All you need to keep in mind is how much weight you are dealing with. 

If your items are more than 16 pounds, then mounting strips should not be your pick. For smaller shelves that accommodate small items, command hooks are a viable solution. Check out the article above and see the procedures of hanging a shelf correctly and the dos and don’t with command units. 

Say not too critical instruments, drilling and screwing. Give command hooks a go to make your decorations hassle-free.

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