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Cable Box Shelf Ideas – Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling

It’s always so disgusting to see lots of cables around. Even if you manage to organize them sophisticatedly, they will eventually get tangled and messy. For this reason, you need cable box shelf ideas. Here, we will discuss it. 

Now, we will talk about 8 cable box shelf ideas for a neat and clean space. Let’s check them out – 

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8 Unique Cable Box Shelf Ideas

Adhesive Hooks and Cable Ties

Both of these options are certainly one of the most advanced ways to tie up the unwanted cables and wires to use in your furniture. Besides, you can use this space without investing too much in any primary tools. You need to use some adhesive hooks and cable ties to fasten the wires and take them out of your sight. 

Adhesive Hooks and Cable Ties


This is another unique way to keep wires and cables out of sight. You will find clips in different sizes available on the market. Moreover, they are made of a variety of materials like metals and plastics. People mostly use them due to their economic rates. They are also easy to install. 

Further, larger cables are available to hold several wires at once. It is totally perfect for your TV and wireless routers. 


Toilet Paper Rolls

Sounds funny, right? Well. Don’t take it as fun! Toilet paper rolls are very productive to tie up the cables. Hence, you have to write what kind of cable it carries on each one. Thus, the label will assist you in saving space and time. 

Running Cables Through the Wall

Do you want a wall-mounted TV? But, you’re not interested in the bunch of cables? Then, you have to do some tasks – 

You can buy wall mount cable organizing kits for safety and security reasons. Hence, these devices can successfully obscure anything you wish. Before beginning the procedure, turn off the circuit breakers. Install the wall mount TV box shelf to check where the TV cables are hanging.

Running Cables Through the Wall

Further, place, level, and measure where the outlet will reach the bottom place of the wall. Repeat it behind the TV and make sure that the screen hides it. 

Plug Hub Desk

Do you want to keep out of sight all the cables? Then, you can choose the plug hub. This is a superior solution to hiding the cables. Besides, it’s an under-desk cord management solution. It contains three cords on the top and internal three-cord anchors. 

DIY Cable Organizer

Plastic hangers make superb cable holders. Even plastic buckets can successfully prevent extension cords. 

Use a Box

Using a charging box is a fantastic way to keep all the cables in one place. Moreover, you can productively hide the tangle of cables that comes while you are using an extension lead. You can even build your box by yourself. 

You need a shoebox, craft knife, and sticky back plastic to build the box. Hence, you should start by cutting out a hole in the endpoint of the box. You can also use the sticky back plastic to cover the box in a suitable design for the current kit. 

After that, plug the extension cable inside, plug the instrument, and joint it to the leads through the holes. 

Use the Brain!

So, you don’t have any other way to hide your cables? Ok, then use the brain and be creative. You can turn the whole thing into an eye-popping feature that can match your decor. 

For instance, you can use gaudy type electrical tape to create a stylish look by wrapping them around the cables. Perhaps, colorful ropes can also do the job astonishingly. 

Cable box shelf ideas

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Cable Box Shelf Ideas

It is conclusive that most cable box shelf ideas are almost the same. However, we’ve noticed that there are also significant differences. Here are some crucial criteria we will discuss with you. Let’s check – 


The materials of the cable box shelf ideas vary. Different manufacturers produce products with different components. Therefore, you need to consider where and how to use these cable box shelf ideas to discover whether one material is better than another. 


Like the other products, cable box shelf ideas come in various sizes. Hence, you need to think thoroughly about whether you need a larger-sized cable box shelf or a smaller one. If you have to handle many cables or wires, you should go for a larger one. 

On the other hand, if you need to regulate a small number of cables, a small-sized cable box shelf would be enough. From our point of view, we will recommend you read the product reviews on Amazon to check out the size of the unit they brought. 


The durability of the cable box shelf ideas is mainly conditional. Yes, it’s true! Consequently, the long-lasting capability of the cable box shelf will depend upon the materials and quality of the manufacturing procedure. 

So, you should check the components and quality quite clearly. In addition, the type of cable box shelf ideas you buy could have a significant impact on the overall durability of the product. 


If you have to store your cable box shelf ideas, it will be the best decision to check the size of the product. You should ensure that the size will be appropriate for storage. Further, you need to consider the climate in which your cable box shelf ideas will be kept. 


Price and Reviews

Before purchasing the product, you have to check the price and amazon reviews closely. This is how you will get an in-depth knowledge of the cost and your budget. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings are the best criteria while selecting cable box shelf ideas. The truth is you won’t know how the product will perform. Therefore, you need an idea and you’ll get it through the customer reviews and ratings.


Before purchasing a product, always look for a warranty. Otherwise, it is good to move on to another one. 

Final Words

When it comes to tidying up personal or official space, you must need cable box shelf ideas. Otherwise, it will be all messy and you could feel utterly disgusted. To help you with this one, we’ve developed some splendid ideas. 

So, what’s your opinion on our article? Is it helpful? Please share your opinion in the box below. 

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