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Best Wall Mounted Bookshelves – Top Choice for Booklovers

If you’re a bookworm like me, I can understand your condition so well that how messed up your books can be. All you need is a bookshelf with plenty of spaces at that time. But what if you haven’t enough floor space? It will be a troublesome maneuver, in that case, to try stacking up all your books.

Well, this is where my article comes in handy. Yes, it is wall-mounted bookshelves that I am talking about. I am here to share all the wonderful ideas about the best wall mounted bookshelves to offer you an ideal spacing solution.

You’ll get 7 top and the best bookshelves in my article that are ultra-featured with stylish and elegant appearance.

Having any one of these shelves from my smart list will offer you complete satisfaction in fixing them directly. As a result, your will look radiance light and elegant in your preferred style of wall art.

Also, the bookshelves I have selected for my top list are well-budgeted. So, if you’re in search of a high-quality wall-mounted shelf with a minimum budget, here you are!

Wallniture Minori – The Best Wall Mounted Shelves for Books


  • The Manufacturer of this Shelf is Wallniture
  • The Dimension Is 17x6x5.5 Inches
  • Item Weight Goes with 1.45 pounds

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While you’ve too many books, you cannot pile them up in an organized way. And that messy arrangement will surely spoil the beauty of your shelves. Also, it will be tedious and time-consuming to search for the required book.

Well, the Wallniture Minori Floating Shelves came into the editor’s choice as it will help you overcome that tedious condition with ease. It is equipped to organize your books, magazines, and novels the way you reach them trouble-free.

The custom made hovering system of this shelf will give a clear view of each of your books. So, you need not search for them for a longer period.


  • 2 Ways Assembly

This lightweight floating shelves has come with an easy mounting and well viewed display. And, you can mount it in two ways assembly system (upside & downside) as per your décor taste and room interior.

  • Flexible

The Wallniture shelf is an amazing decorative shelf with a simple design to go through your apartment therapy. From the office to your house kitchen, where not you can use this versatile shelf?

  • Heavy-Duty Accumulation

This floating shelf is constructed with high-quality metal brackets and solid wood. Therefore, it has a heavy-duty capacity to hold bulky items. 

  • Durable

This floating wall mounted shelf will offer you a long-lasting service in terms of its metal brackets and hardware construction. You won’t have any trouble using it for years.


Not any significant drawbacks I found for this versatile and standout bookshelf. 

Expert’s Verdicts

Whatever model or brand you choose for the shelf should offer an easy installation and extra storage space. In this case, the Wallniture bookcase will provide mounting screws, instructions, and anchors manual to make your installation easier. So, you’ll get everything you need with it.

Top 7  best wall mounted bookshelves

Austin Yan Nursery Bookshelves-Best Wall Shelves for NurseryThe Dimension Is 17.36×4.49×4.45 InchesIts Weight Capacity Is 4.4 PoundsAustin Yan Is the Manufacturer of This BookshelfWood and Pine are Its MaterialsIt Has Come in a Rectangular ShapeCheck Price
BAMEOS Floating Shelves-Small Wall Mounted BookshelvesWalls Mounted Installation SystemManufactured by BAMEOS3 Packs SizeItem Dimension is 15.7 x 7.7 x 0.5 inchesItem Weight is 4.4 PoundsCheck Price
Rolanstar 5-Tier Bookshelf – DIY Wall Mounted BookshelvesManufactured by RolanstarIts Dimension Is 10.1×41.3×71.8 InchesIts weight reaches 59.4 pounds Check Price
SONGMICS 9 Cube DIY Storage ShelvesMade of top-quality fabric, plastic and metalSuitable for storing decors, board games, etc It has a dimension of 11.8 x 43.3 x 43.3 inchesIt weighs 3.7 kgCheck Price
JXIN-SMIF Desktop Shelf-Best Wall Mounted Shelves for Heavy BooksThis shelf set is appeared with a Tree-Type shapeThe Dimension is 15.75 x 6.69 x 16.14 inchesWeight is 4.7 PoundsThe Manufacturer is Jxin Mall Check Price
Lydia88 4-Layer Tree Bookshelf- Best Wall Mount Book Rackt is a Floor Mount Type ShelfDimension is 6.6×11.8×20.86 InchesManufactured by Lydia88The Total Weight is 5.77 poundsCheck Price
Hosmat 9-Cube DIY Adjustable Bookcase- Best Modular Wall BookshelvesThis Shelf Is Manufactured by HosmatItem Weight Is ‎5.45 PoundsThe Dimension is ‎10.9×47.4×48.4 InchesShelf Type is Metal brackets Check Price
Homissue 5-Tier Bookcase- Large Wall Mounted BookshelvesThis Bookshelf Is Manufactured by HOMISSUEDimension is 69.88×47.24×12.6 InchesMaximum Weight Is 55.8 PoundsCheck Price

Austin Yan Nursery Bookshelves-Best Wall Shelves for Nursery


  •  The Dimension Is 17.36×4.49×4.45 Inches
  •  Its Weight Capacity Is 4.4 Pounds
  •  Austin Yan Is the Manufacturer of This Bookshelf
  •  Wood and Pine are Its Materials
  •  It Has Come in a Rectangular Shape

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Using a bookshelf for a nursery or kid’s room requires an extraordinary design and style. Because the design of a kid’s bookshelf should be eye catchy so that kids can be attracted to their home decor.

In this case, the Austin Yan will be the best floating shelves to magnetize kid’s interest. Its versatile shelving system will allow you to put your kid’s books, picture frames, toys, and other items.

So, your kids will grow furthermore because of making everything within their reach.


  • Durability

Nobody wants a bookshelf that cannot come in handy for the long term. If you’re looking for a highly durable shelf, this floating shelf has robust construction to guarantee for longer life span.

  • Enhance Kid’s Reading Habit

The display space of its wooden shelves is ready to display the books in front of kids. As a result, the kids get interested to read more books.

  • Perfect Size

It requires a little space to meet your shelving needs. Also, its perfectly sized shapes will allow you to place your kid’s books and other items comfortably. Besides, it requires small spaces to be installed.

  • Easy Installation

Wall-mounted shelves often come in a tricky installation process. But, the Austin Yan wood shelf set will require no tough installation process.

Therefore, taking help from any professional and spending money isn’t required. You can assemble and set it easily within an hour’s of time.


You won’t get any warranty service with these shelves.

Expert’s Verdict

I found its quality construction and stylish design are perfect for kids to store books. It will bring you complete satisfaction while see your child being attentive because of their well-displayed living rooms with Austin Yan’s bookshelf.

BAMEOS Floating Shelves-Small Wall Mounted Bookshelves


  • Walls Mounted Installation System
  • Manufactured by BAMEOS
  • 3 Packs Size
  • Item Dimension is 15.7 x 7.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight is 4.4 Pounds

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The elegance of your home furniture indicates your choice and personality. If you’re extremely choosy about the beauty and interior of your home, and looking for small size shelves for just the right amount of books, here you go.

The BAMEOS Floating Shelves will be your right choice allow you display your books to bring a stylish look.

These sturdy and floating wall shelves came with a minimalist design to offer you two ways of usage. You can use it for books as well as decorative items.

Furthermore, its two types of assembling features will make your home décor chic, smart, and also comfortable. It’s highly suitable to use anywhere from balcony to bathroom.


  • Safe to Use

Its container store and wall-mounted shelving system made it safe and user-friendly. You have the option to customize its installation process to make your life safer.

  • Multi-Functional

As I mentioned above, these wall-mounted hanging shelves came in handy in multi-functional versatility and organized display. You can use these shelves the way you want like DVD shelves, spice rack shelves, and many more, besides your book shelving. It is prefect for heavy as well as lightweight items.

  • Robust Material

The carbonized pine wood finishes brought a strong texture and stylish look to each of its shelves. It is made with robust material to ensure its quality and item holding capacity. So, you can store items with up to 40Ib.

  • Flexibility

You enjoy its flexibility to use for different wall types, for instance, drywall anchors and concrete wall, etc.


This shelf isn’t plaster-board applicable. So you cannot choose this floating shelf if you have a plasterboard wall.

Expert’s Verdict

Maintaining this amazing shelf set will be easier due to its stable structure. Besides, it will unlock the limitation of your user-area. You can place it anywhere you wish, for example, reading room, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. It will save your space.

Rolanstar 5-Tier Bookshelf – DIY Wall Mounted Bookshelves


  • Manufactured by Rolanstar
  • Its Dimension Is 10.1×41.3×71.8 Inches
  • Its weight reaches 59.4 pounds 

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Maximum of the users like to have an open-styled bookshelf to get easy stock up with highest weight capacity. In this regard, the Rolanstar 5-Tier Bookshelf will be a right fit for your preference.

This bookcase will allow you to pile up your books and other decorative items like photo frames, small plants, etc. with ease.

And, its highly durable MDF and strong steel tube frame made it long-lasting. However, this shelf has come with a retro-industrial rustic finish so that it can match any of you home décors and spaces. You can hang it on wall for not only to save space but to increase your wall art.

You’ll find it ideal for your living room, office, bedroom, hall room, and bedroom in terms of its vintage and high-end design. Pretty Amazing!


  • 5-Tire Huge space

You’ll experience of having ample stores to make your decorations precisely. Because it has come with its 2 metal supports and 5 long shelves.

As a result, you can easily put your books, frames, vases, framed photos, plants, etc on its shelves.

  • Environment Friendly

The application of reliable raw materials made it 100% environmentally friendly. So, this bookshelf will be perfect to use for kids and older members of your family. 

  • Anti-Scratched

In terms of its medium-density fiberboard, this bookshelf will be available with an extraordinary anti-scratched feature.

Therefore, you’ve no risk to get any unwanted scratch on the shelf that can make it look unattractive.

  • Quick Installation

An anti-topping and mounting hardware are available on this shelf that will offer you a 20-minute quick installation.

Also, it has come with all the easy procedures to tighten and adjust the position for a perfect installation. 


This bookshelf will be a bit bulky for your fit on the wall. 

Expert’s Verdict

The manufacturers focused on its perfect packaging system so that it won’t get damaged at its shipping time.

Thus, you can be completely free of tension until it reaches you and will get it well-packed.

JXIN-SMIF Desktop Shelf-Best Wall Mounted Shelves for Heavy Books


  • This shelf set is appeared with a Tree-Type shape
  • The Dimension is 15.75 x 6.69 x 16.14 inches
  • Weight is 4.7 Pounds
  • The Manufacturer is Jxin Mall 

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If you’re looking for a wall mounted bookshelf with excellent heavy-duty aptitude, the JXIN-SMIF desktop books shelf is right for you. It is considered the best wall-mounted shelves for heavy books and smart display.

Most floating shelves have frail construction. But, JXIN-SMIF hanging shelves came in a different mode. Its amazing particle board and the sturdy construction made it well capable to carry all types of heavy books and decorative items.

Besides, you’ll experience this bookcase with excellent craftsmanship for high temper and scratch resistance quality. This shelf is just all about the value of your money


  • Elegant Design

It has a beautiful, stylish, and elegant design that can magnetize anybody to define your personality and choice.

Also, it has got an ideal size to be suitable for any place of your house like the desk, countertop, table, etc.

  • Plenty of Rooms

The JXIN-SMIF Desktop Shelf has 4 big size compartments in it to meet your storing requirement. So, you won’t feel stuck while placing lots of items.

  • Suitable for All Purpose

It has got such a precise design that can be fit for all types of usages. So, purchasing the JXIN-SMIF Desktop Shelf will offer you all-purpose benefits.

Its cardboard mounting hardware made it enough strong to use everywhere like in your office, bedroom, drawing room, bathroom, even in your kitchen.


The bottom edge of this bookcase can go scratched unless you use it with care.

Expert’s Verdict

The shelving design of this customizable bookshelf has all in one solution, for example, you can use it for heavy as well as lightweight books and items.

Besides, its versatile design keeps you no limit on your use purpose. So, why shouldn’t you buy this amazing bookshelf to enhance your home elegance?

Lydia88 4-Layer Tree Bookshelf- Best Wall Mount Book Rack


  • It is a Floor Mount Type Shelf
  • Dimension is 6.6×11.8×20.86 Inches
  • Manufactured by Lydia88
  • The Total Weight is 5.77 pounds

Check Price

Looking for paulownia wood shelves that comes handier for wall mounting and is also budget-friendly? Check out the Lydia88 4-Layer Tree bookshelf.

It is the best wall mount book rack I have ever experienced. This customizable s-shaped bookshelf came in high-quality material of wood fiber.

Therefore, you’ll get a smooth and stylish look to your house interior. It is stable and light to allow you move easily to where you need.

Displaying and storing books, documents, magazines, and newspapers in an organized way will be easier because of its tree-shape design.

Its compact size, on the other hand made it ideal to place on countertop, desk and table. However, you will be able to use it for the long term.                                                                                        


  • Multi-functional Design

Its multi-functional design will allow you use either all its shelves or some of them according to your necessity. It’s easy to customize anytime.

  • Unique Design

The unique design of this tree-shaped shelf can be well-suited for your home as well as office. Besides, its massive storage will assist you store everything on it and keep your table tidy.

  • Required No Additional Tool to Assemble

It won’t require you any additional tools while assembling all its parts. It has come with a handy instruction manual to get you help while installing.


This shelf you can particularly use for books as the design is tree-shaped. In this case, you cannot use it for displaying different decorative show-pieces. But, you can use the small bottom part to put the show-piece items. 

Expert’s Verdict

If you ask me to recommend a container store bookshelf for an attractive interior purpose, I would like to recommend the Lydia88 4-Layer Tree Bookshelf. Its modern and stylish appearance can simply show your brilliant choice.

Hosmat 9-Cube DIY Adjustable Bookcase- Best Modular Wall Bookshelves


  • This Shelf Is Manufactured by Hosmat
  • Item Weight Is ‎5.45 Pounds
  • The Dimension is ‎10.9×47.4×48.4 Inches
  • Shelf Type is Metal brackets 

Check Price

Short space at home? Check out the Hosmat 9-Cube DIY bookshelf and it will provide you with a multi-purpose using experience. This bookshelf is ready to use for kids, the closet r, study room and also for your office purpose.

It has got a robust construction of ABS connector and PP panel for excellent stability and maximum weight capacity. Therefore, it will be right fit for you to use for years without any repairing.


  • Large Storage Capacity

Each of its shelves will provide plenty of room to put all your belongings with comfort. So, it will meet your everyday storage needs effortlessly.

  • Storage Flexibility

This wonderful folding shelf has a modular shape that will let you create the storage cabinet according to your taste and necessity as same as a mini-house. Incredible!

  • Lightweight

I found it is tremendously lightweight to carry, assemble, and install. Also, this floating shelf will take not much time while install, in terms of its easy installing process. It will take only around 30 minutes for its entire installation process.


It is costly compared to other shelves.

Expert’s Verdict

This floating bookcase is foldable and will come in handy during your cleaning time. You can separate its parts and clean it with water easily. Also, its modern design will match any of your home décor schemes. So, having this stylish shelf will be a great value for your money.

Homissue 5-Tier Bookcase- Large Wall Mounted Bookshelves


  • This Bookshelf Is Manufactured by HOMISSUE
  • Dimension is 69.88×47.24×12.6 Inches
  • Maximum Weight Is 55.8 Pounds

Check Price

Do you want a sturdy, and multi-purpose wall-mounted bookshelf? Do you want a high quality bookshelf with low budget? Here you are!

The Homissue large wall-mounted bookshelves are exactly what you want. It will offer you ample storage space through its 5-tire shelving attribute with minimum budget.

Moreover, it will last for a long time because of its strong construction. And, its sturdy metal brackets brought an additional elegance to its look.


  • Easy Installation

The modern design will allow you to install this shelf easily and quickly. You don’t need to be an expert in installing this shelf.

What’s more, you’ll get all the necessary instructions and hardware is given in an easy language so that you can understand well.  

  • High Loading Capacity

It has a high loading weight capacity in terms of its quality steel body construction with a thick board. So, you can put up to 70Ibs weight items on its shelves in total. 

  • Extraordinary Features

The Homissue bookcase has come with all the amazing features like an anti-tipping kit for safety, high-grade MDF shelves, anti-slip foot stuffing adjustment, etc. As a result, your bookshelf will match any style of your home décor.


This shelf will be a bit heavier than the other models of shelves.

Expert’s Verdicts

There are lots of reasons that make you decide on the Homissue bookshelf. First of all, you’ll get it available in three different sizes where, 3-tire, 4-tire, and 5 –tires are available.

Again, its multi-functional shelves, stable structure, and industrial style will offer you another good reason to purchase it.


How to build wall shelves for books?

Needless to say how useful a bookshelf can be for your home storage. If you want to customize and enhance your remaining bookshelf storage all yourself, here are some essential tips.

Going through the following tips below, you’ll be able to build wall shelves for books. Let’s see how-

  • Step-1: Choose the Wood Type

Not all types of wood are perfect to build your wall shelves for books. You’ve to recognize the type of wood depending on your bookshelf style or design. But, I prefer to choose solid wood boards and paulownia wood to get a good shelf texture.

Also, you can choose sawn lumber to design your bookshelf. If you don’t like to use softwood boards, you’ve another amazing and inexpensive option that’s plywood.

The plywood is inexpensive as well as a strong material for wall bookshelf building. However, here is a quick and short checklist that is perfect for wall mounted bookshelf building-

  1. Teak
  2. Brich
  3. Walnut
  4. Mahogany
  5. Cherry

You are free to use any of these types of wood to bring beauty and gravity to your home interior design.  Also, you can gain the best finish and durability while building bookshelf using any of these wood types.

  • Step-2: Measure and Cut the Wood Piece

Take a proper measurement for two shelves or three shelves (accordingto your needs) before you cut pieces into different pieces. Measure the height, depth, and width of the wall you want to build on. Now, cut two legs depending on the size and shape of your engineered wood bookshelf.

  • Step-3: Put Together The Supports to The Legs

This time you need to attach the supports to the bottom of the legs. You can use glue to get a quick and easy attachment. Attach the supports in 4 corners of the shelf also.

  • Step-4: Assemble the Boxes

In step number 4, you’ll have to assemble the boxes according to their size and shapes while finished attaching legs. Drill the pilot holes for the top of the bookcase.

Now, you’ve to slide the bottom cases to get full support. Here, you can use screws and glue to get good assembles.

  • Step-5: Level the Bookshelf

After assembling the boxes, the next important step is to level the bookshelf perfectly. In that case, use different sizes of levels, for instance, use a thin piece of level if you want to raise one side. Vice Versa!

  • Step-6: Scribe and Fit the Shelf

And, now you’re in the very last step. It’s now shelf fitting time where you’ve to use a level to tighten and adjust the bookshelf legs properly against the wall. Go through a 6D nail here. And, you are done!

How to Arrange Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves are tremendously stylish, but must arrange them precisely according to the design and your home interior. Or else, the gravity of floating shelves can be spoiled.

Let’s explore some of the innovative ideas to arrange floating shelves-

  • Use the Bracket’s Top

To arrange or place your floating shelves properly, place them on the bracket’s top to ensure the center position. Once you can make sure the center position, your shelves will be safe from toppling or sliding. 

  • Above The TV

You can place the shelves above the TV to increase your home beauty. The floating shelves above the TV look elegant. 

  • Arrange According to the Shelving Style

Before going to arrange your shelves, focus on the number of the tire. If your shelves are 3, 4, or 5 tires, place them in a separate place to bring a different look. And, use these different tires for different items. 

  • Choose The Tiny Corners

There are always some corners that come with a small space. Use those corners to arrange your bookshelf and it will prevent the tedious look of your room.

Common FAQ’s About Best Wall Mounted Bookshelves

Can I Hang a Bookshelf on the Wall?

Yes, you can! If you haven’t enough floor space, you can easily hang your shelf on the wall. The wall-mounted shelves are becoming more popular nowadays due to their space-saving attribute. And, these shelves come with a bigger commitment to fit each corner of your house like countertop, bathroom, balcony, etc.

Are Floating Shelves Strong Enough for Books?

Well, the floating shelves are not strong but strongest to clutch even a library of books. So, you’ve no option to be confused with the floating shelves books holding capacity.

Can floating shelves hold a lot of weight?

Yes, they can. Floating shelves are as capable as the floor-standing shelves or wall studs. So, you can use a floating shelf for heavy loads with confidence.

Are floating shelves durable?

Floating shelves usually come in robust body construction. In that case, these are highly durable.

How high should shelves be in the nursery?

The standard height for nursery shelves is from 6″ to 10″.

Final Notes

I don’t think, still, you are confused about best bookshelves depending on features, performance, durability, and budget. Because I already have introduced the best wall mounted bookshelves that brought you a big solution for all these.

These bookshelves will be the absolute furniture in terms of your room’s interior setting. My selected wall-mounted shelves will also ease your storage problem hassle-free. 

You’ll be able to organize your books through your creativity now. Just all you require is to determine your home interior, the size of your book collection, your style preference, and budget.

And, depending on all these requirements, you can choose which one would be the best fit for you. Go On!

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