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Best Shelves for Video Game Consoles to Organize Your Video Games & Controllers

Gaming is an enormous way to remove tiredness while back from a long day of work. Some people take gaming as their passion while some take it as a profession. So, gaming keeps of significant importance for youth to adults. But, if you’re a gamer professional or non-professional, you should get all the essential furniture to display and secure gaming items like video game consoles.

Although some people find it a tough job to get the best shelves for video game consoles, I don’t think it’s that tough. Going through the right process of research and factors can help you get the best one easily.

But, if you’ve not enough time to research all those things, that’s a different matter and I’m here to help you. In this regard, you may stay here with me and go through my whole article.

Because I’ve listed the 9 best shelves that you can use to organize your video game. These shelves are budget-friendly, well-featured, ultra-modern styled, exclusive designed, and easily installable. Here you go!

Top 9 Best Shelves for Video Game Consoles for Gamers

 Here are top picks to lessen your hassle for video game consoles organizing job. These are multi-functional to be handy for your every day usage. Let’s see what they are-

PERLESMITH AV PSDSK3 Mount Adjustable Height Stylish Unit Materials Sleek Look What to ConsiderCheck Price
WAMPAT Modern Media ConsoleMultifunctional Design Easy Access Assurance for High Quality What to ConsiderCheck Price
Aheaplus Floating Wall Mounted ShelfFloating TV Stand User-Friendly Attractive and Modern Design Easy Maintenance What to ConsiderCheck Price
FITUEYES ConciseFloating TV Stand User-Friendly Attractive and Modern Design Easy Maintenance What to ConsiderCheck Price
Manhattan Comfort Contemporary Closed Game StorageStable Structure Usable for Different Wall Styles Versatile What to ConsiderCheck Price
PERLESMITH Floating AV PSDSK2Saves Place Safe for Children Attachable Cable Management System What to ConsiderCheck Price
AUXSOULPremium Material 12 Colors LED Lights Stylish Design What to ConsiderCheck Price
YouHaveSpaceIdeal for Video Game Consoles Storage Wise Functionality A Great Gear for Esthetic Updates What to ConsiderCheck Price
Atlantic Mitsu5-Tier Storage Space Movable Dividers Modern Design DVD & CD Storage Cabinet What to ConsiderCheck Price

1. PERLESMITH AV PSDSK3 Mount Shelf Best Shelves for Open Game Storage

If you’re extremely concerned about the style and design of the gaming console shelves, go for the Perlesmith AV mount shelf. I can guarantee that you’ll love it!

This stereo cabinet is anywhere installable especially under the TV set of your room since it has wall mounting features. And, you need around 10 minutes only to install it in terms of its easily installable procedures.

Many wall-mounted shelves are on the market that you cannot install on all types of walls. But, what is special about this AV shelf is its creative design for compatibility with drywall, wood, brick, studs, and concrete wall. You don’t have to worry whether the wall in your apartment will be damaged for installing it. Just Cool!

Product Specification

  • Dimension- 11×14×12.7 Inches
  • Weight- 5.94 Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Shape- Rectangular
  • Material- Metal
  • Finish Type- Glossy
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Shelf Type- Glass
  • Number of Racks-2

Things What You Get

 Adjustable Height

Height adjustment is a common issue when you buy a new shelf for video gaming consoles. But, buying the PERLESMITH floating wall-mounted shelf AV mount shelf will ensure all the units are perfectly mounted at your required height. At this point, it will be just trouble-free to store items up to 17.6Ibs with these black tempered glass height adjustable shelves.  

Stylish Unit Materials

The materials of all its rack units are made of tempered glass to offer added security while mounting. Also, it is versatile for using multi-items like DVD players, cable boxes, TV boxes, etc. Besides, you can use this shelf to decorate other decorative items like plants as well.

Sleek Look

Black is always a color of elegance and gravity whereas the AV shelf has a smooth black coating finish. It’ll increase the home’s beauty and automatically make you feel amazing. And, the streamlined design will tremendously satisfy your luxurious demand.

What to Consider

It has come with only 2 racks

Why Do I Recommend It?

To get you the best value in your home comfort while playing video games, this shelf is beyond all questions. The manufacturers understood your necessity and focused on the environment adjustability to meet everyday use purposes. You’ll win once you buy this AV shelf.


  • Compatible with more devices like speakers, gamepads, etc.
  • Bigger size for storage space
  • Built with strengthening materials
  • Cable management technology

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2. WAMPAT Modern Media Console the Best Wood Media Console Table

The players often get stuck to locking some of the video gaming items for extra security so that the items won’t fall off the racks. But, maximum of the shelves’ designs are open. If you need a shelf with a door system, here you go. The Wampat is here to offer exactly what you look for. It has a wonderful sliding door feature to save your gaming consoles from unwanted damage. 

So, the sliding barn doors will let you conceal the storage space for all the tiny items to store organized. Besides, it has got another extraordinary feature for the cable management system. This system goes through cable holes and groove design across the board line of the shelf. So, the unsightly wires will remain hidden at the top of the shelf. Pretty Amazing!

Product Specification

  • Brand- Wampet
  • Dimension- 59.05×15.4×23.6 Inches
  • Weight- 76 Pounds
  • Color- Rustic Brown
  • Material- Wood
  • Mounting Type- Floor Mount

Things What You Get

Multifunctional Design

Since the Wampat shelf has a multi-functional design, you can store not only the video gaming consoles and Blu-ray players but other necessary items. Not only that, this shelf works as a gaming console’s shelf as well as a gorgeous TV stand. So, hanging TV stand for cable boxes/WiFi routers/remote controls/DVD players/game 

Easy Access

You’ll get easy access to all items due to its premium quality wood grain surface. As a result, it is suitable for using any purpose besides video gaming items.

Assurance for High Quality

A high-grade wood frame and premium steel bar will give an assurance of high-quality performance. It will last for a long time.

What to Consider

It is more than 75 pounds which means excessive weight to move at any time.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Who wants to get a shelf that requires a hassling installation process? I don’t like it and hopefully, you too don’t like it. Well, the Wampet has clear instructions to use each of its screws, code, and pins to install perfectly. Also, the manufacturers provided a video guide for top assistance. It’s easy and quick to install.


  • It contains 2 open and 2 closed storage space
  • Thickened and smooth tabletop
  • Perfect gadget for living room
  • Supports TV from 4o to 65 Inches long
  • 3-level removable and adjustable shelf

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3. Aheaplus Floating Wall Mounted Shelf the Best Shelves for Retro Games

You need not invest a big amount to add more functional furnishing to your life. The Aheaplus floating wall-mounted shelf is an example of this. It came on the market as the best shelves for retro games.

The recessed power stripe, cable holes, and unique cable management system made it multi-functional for users. It has included 3 USB ports, and cable holes on the sides and on the top plate to make the way more comfortable and easy.

The built-in charging power outlet, on the other hand, added an additional benefit to charging your devices easily. But, this power outlet system never makes any mess with all those cables.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Aheaplus
  • Dimension- 11×59×9 Inches
  • Weight- 23.5Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Material- Engineerd Wood
  • Style- Modern
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Room Type-Living
  • Shape-Rectangular
  • Number of Shelves-3
  • Size– 59 Inches

Things What You Get

Floating TV Stand

It is a gorgeous floating TV stand that will bring a wonderful look to your room. You will feel amazing having this item in your room.


You can save floor space since this shelf is wall mounted. So, you can understand how useful it will be for you to set other necessary furniture in your room.

Attractive and Modern Design

It has a modern and attractive design to meet the satisfaction level of style-thirsty people. So, this shelf offers you more value for gaming purposes.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Aheaplus shelf is easier and hassle-free compared to other brands’ gadgets.

What to Consider

It has only 1 master rack with 2 smaller ones.

Why Do I Recommend It?

If you want to invest in sturdy construction, invest in the Aheaplus modern shelf. It will ensure sturdiness and offer durability. You must invest in something that provides a longtime service. So, the Aheaplus is right here for you.


  • Made of high glossy veneer finish and premium quality MDF
  • It will deliver superior stability
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Usable with wooden wall, drywall, plastered wall, and solid wall
  • Offer additional tools for easy assembly

See Latest Price On Amazon

4. FITUEYES Concise the Best Wall Mounted Entertainment Media Console

Some of the video consolshelves come with extraordinary features like waterproof. The waterproof feature is always highly acceptable to the users. So, I’m going to introduce you to my 4th top peak with a waterproof feature.

This shelf won’t get wet in an unwanted way. As a result, it will last for a long time. It will also provide the entire superior feature that can give a video console’s shelf a high-quality appearance. You’ll find this best wall mounted entertainment media console available with cable-hole covers and extra supplier storage.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Fitueyes
  • Dimension- 9.8×49.7×9 Inches
  • Weight- 26.3 Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Material- Wood
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Room Type– Living
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Number of Shelves– 2
  • Size– 35 to 55 Inches

Things What You Get  

Stable Structure

The extended last and high-quality MDF construction gave it a stable structure for use with multi items.

Usable for Different Wall Styles

You can use it in different wall styles, for example, wood studs, and concrete walls. So, it’s not that limited to specific types of walls.


This shelf is versatile to fit anywhere in your house. It is suitable to use in the living room, drawing room, kitchen, and even in parlors for commercial functions.

What to Consider

You’ve to install and lock all its pins carefully, or else the shelves can fall off.

Why Do I Recommend It?

It will offer a lot of benefits to save your space. So, your spacing problem will go away if you’re in a spacing shortage. What is more, cleaning it is so easy for anyone and it doesn’t take a long time to clean. Here, you can easily keep it clean with only 5 minutes of time investment.


  • Well-Featured cable management design
  • Well-organized partition
  • Messy cables hiding capacity
  • Trouble-free installation process
  • Height Adjustable Wooden Shelves

See Latest Price On Amazon

5. Manhattan Comfort Contemporary Closed Game Storage

Display your gaming consoles along with a TV set on the Manhattan gaming consoles shelf. It will give a natural look to your interior design. This shelf is stylish as well as multi-functional closed games storage.

The manufacturer included extra hardware to make the drywall assembly easier. I found this outstanding gadget perfect for use in my living room and also in my bedroom. I think you’ll also like this beautiful piece of the shelf.

Besides, the premium quality material is ready to provide a long-lasting style in your house. It is made of high-quality MDF wood to make sure stability.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Manhattan Comfort
  • Dimension- 9.05×62.99×11.81 Inches
  • Weight- 42 Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Material- MDF Wood
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Room Type– Living Room, Bed Room
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Number of Shelves– 3
  • Style– Modern

Things What You Get

Perfect Dimension

This wooden gaming console’s shelf with a TV stand featured a perfect dimension. As a result, you can set it anywhere in your room and meet your home décor theme. It features a variety of cubbies to allow you to organize your remotes, games, magazines, and all other gaming consoles orderly.

Easy Installation

Installing this shelf won’t require any additional tools. And, you can install it all yourself.


The high quality and strong materials gave it a thickened body construction to increase its item holding capacity. Therefore, placing your required items on it will be secured.

What to Consider

It fits only the drywall type home décor.

Why Do I Recommend It?

If you want to pay low for a high-quality gaming console’s shelf, the Manhattan will be your best choice. It has come at the cheapest and most affordable price for all levels of users.


  • Fit for holding up to 60 Inches TV set
  • Made of MDF wood and robust particle board
  • Stylish and flawless design
  • Heavy Load Capacity

See Latest Price On Amazon

6. PERLESMITH Floating AV PSDSK2 the Best Audio Video Shelving Component 

A shelf with a versatile design to fit everywhere like a drawing room, bedroom, office, or theatre is surely high demanded. Well, if you also like a gadget with plenty of space for your house, the Perlesmith AV self is right here for you. It is the best audio-video shelving gear for storing both audio and video gaming items.

Amazingly, this shelving gear is compatible with various devices.

You can use it for-

  • A camera
  • Xbox
  • DVD player
  • Router
  • Remote control
  • Projector, and many more.

However, you need not take help from an expert to assemble its parts and install them. It has come with simple installing methods that you can go through all alone.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Perlesmith
  • Dimension- 13.78×11×12.7 Inches
  • Weight- 7.32 Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Material- Tempered Glass
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Room Type– Living
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Number of Shelves– 2

Things What You Get

Saves Place

This high compatible glass shelf can help you save space in the room since it has come with wall mounted feature. In this regard, using other gadgets in the room will be easier for you.

Safe for Children

Since the Perlesmith AV shelf is wall-mounted, it naturally frees up the table top and keeps all the belonging out of reach from children. As a result, your baby won’t be able to touch any electrical wires or devices that can get him an electrical shock. Using this shelf for video gaming consoles is completely safe for children.

Attachable Cable Management System

Needless to say how disorganized it is to get all the wires altogether. But, the Perlesmith AV shelf won’t get you this disgusting feel. It has an excellent wire management system on its back to keep the wiring secure, tidy, and hidden. You’ll just love it!

What to Consider

No warranty will be available with it.

Why Do I Recommend It?

First of all, all its shelving racks are usable as per your height adjustment requirement. And, you can set them according to your required height so that you won’t get to any other shelf.

Again, this elegant shelf will offer the maximum service at less cost. And, everybody likes saving money and you might not be out of that group.


  • 5MM black tempered glass shelving approach
  • Solid design for all place adjustment
  • Offer the maximum load capacity with 17Ibs
  • Added mounting hardware
  • Cube storage organizer shelf set

See Latest Price On Amazon

7. AUXSOUL the Best TV Stands for Video Game Consoles

A shelf with a large storage capacity is an additional benefit because you can store all the electronic essentials hassle-free. At this point, if you’re in search of a shelf with large storage space for your video game consoles, the Auzsoul will be the best TV stands for video game consoles.

It has 2 big open shelves where you can store and decorate all the items easily. Here you don’t have to use other gear to store your gaming consoles while using this modern floating TV shelf.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Auxsoul
  • Dimension- 70.9×16.5×11.8 Inches
  • Color- Black
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • TV Size- 80 Inches

Things What You Get

Premium Material

This shelf is made of high-quality particle board solid material for sturdiness. So, you can use it for years trouble-free.

12 Colors LED Lights

It has 12 different colors of LED light systems with easy color control. This LED light system is controllable through on/off remote technology.

Stylish Design

If you want the most modern and stylish design for your room, the Auxsoul is for you. It will satisfy your beauty-seeking spirit.

What to Consider

A bit more costly than other shelves

Why Do I Recommend It?

This gear is ideal for the TV set up to 80 inches which can make you feel thrilled. It has come with RGB LED design and suits the LED light system. You can add an elegant charm to your room.


  • Compatible for TV
  • Long last construction
  • Easily installable
  • Safe to use

See Latest Price On Amazon

8. YouHaveSpace the Best Floating Shelves for Game Consoles

Suppose, you have a video gaming shelf with 5 rectangle-shaped racks that are used separately. How would you like to use them? Well, the YouHaveSpace floating shelf for TV components brought such an amazing shelf for video game consoles that you can mount on the wall, not like all other ordinary shelf designs.

You can mount them in a different way like square shape, or rectangular shape. Again you can set them one under another. These are usable vertically as well as horizontally. The choice is all yours!

The parts of this shelf aren’t fixed which will allow you to design those parts according to your room’s beauty. Yet, you have the option to use one or two of its parts in another room. I think you like its versatility.

Product Specification

  • Brand- You Have Space
  • Dimension- 4×32.25×6.25 Inches
  • Weight- 16.52 Pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Style- Modern
  • Material- Alloy Steel
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Shelf Type- Metal

Things What You Get

Ideal for Video Game Consoles Storage

You’ll experience that this meral shelf is ideal as a video game holder and it works as a storage tower for gaming peripherals. It is easy to set the shelf next to your TV or gaming PC. Also, the You Have Space shelf is the best floating shelves for game consoles for a large collection.

Wise Functionality

You already have known how versatile all its shelving is. You can put all types of decorative items on the racks besides video game consoles since it is suitable to set in any position.

A Great Gear for Esthetic Updates

These shelves are alright for using multi-items. Items like gaming books, plants, show-piece, etc are suitable to place on it. Besides, you can use it for storing and decorating your esthetic items that can enhance the room’s elegance.

What to Consider

No drawback or complaint I found about this amazing product.

Why Do I Recommend It?

This metal wall shelf will offer outstanding shelving features with a low budget. So, I don’t find any further questions about purchasing this gaming gear.


  • Readily assembled and requires no extra assembling
  • It has come with included gaming hardware
  • Fit for all space installation
  • Strong Construction
  • Compact Space-Saving Design 

See Latest Price On Amazon

9. Atlantic Mitsu the Best Video Game Console Storage Organizer

The Atlantic Mitsu display shelf is available in a standard size to meet your necessity and you fit this shelf in any style you want. A maximum of the video game console shelves have difficult assembly process instructions.

But, this Atlantic venus media storage cabinet will give clear and trouble-free understanding instructions so that your installation process gets easier.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Atlantic
  • Dimension- 10×11.38×40.5 Inches
  • Weight- 1.9 Pounds
  • Color- Smoke
  • Style- Modern
  • Material- Plastic
  • Finish Type- Smoke
  • Item Depth- 10Inches
  • Mounting Type- Freestanding
  • Shelf Type- Media Shelf

Things What You Get

5-Tier Storage Space

The Atlantic Mitsu has 5-tire design storage racks where you can store plenty of gaming items. The manufacturers have designed this rack with items holding a capacity of 90DVD, 130cd, blue ray discs, VHS tapes, video games, etc. So, having this amazing rack as your video games storing gear will require no extra gaming items holder.

Movable Dividers

Very few shelves come with a divider while the Atlantic Mitsu will offer a movable divider. Can you just imagine how handy this shelf is? You can place and categorize all your CDs, DVDs, and other gaming items with the help of this movable divider. Therefore, getting the necessary items will be less hassled for you.

Modern Design DVD & CD Storage Cabinet

If you have limited space to place your furniture, this adjustable cabinet is a clever gear to choose from. Its wonderful sleek and thin shape is a great solution for small space owners. Besides, it is usable as a corner shelf.

What to Consider

No warranty will be available with this shelf.

Why Do I Recommend It?

You might not want a shelf that won’t be able to reduce your items finding hassle. So, if not so, this shelf is right for you to offer the most orderly display. Besides, it has got a strong construction for long time performance.

Needless to say how brilliantly it will enhance your room’s beauty with its geometric design. So, why shouldn’t you buy this?


  • It has got a clear smoke finish
  • Robust construction with smoke color.
  • You can buy the additional parts separately.
  • The Atlantic Mitsu is expandable.

See Latest Price On Amazon

How to Organize Video Games

Different rooms get different furniture layouts like your bedroom and the drawing room must not have a similar furniture layout. In this sense, you’ve to be creative at organizing your video games. Let’s have some wonderful ideas-

Install Wall mounted/ Floating Shelf

You should install a wall-mounted self if there’s a space shortage in any of your rooms. It will help you keep all the gaming consoles tidy, easy to get, and neat.

Controller Storage Rack for DIY Video Games

If you’re a professional gamer, you can choose controller storage in your room. It will bring a beautiful and modern touch to your game room

Storage Ottoman

The storage ottoman is the right gadget if you don’t like to use all the traditional models of shelves for organizing your video games. The storage ottoman is a wonderful way to place and organize your DVDs, video games, and other necessary belongings making it a super DVD DVR component shelf. This shelf is also an ideal floating shelf for TV components. It is a remote storage system like a basket.

Use a Zippered DVD Case

Another way to save space is to remove the plastic case of your video games. Use a zippered DVD case to store all your video games. It’s a very effective way of organizing video games.

Use Drawer Organizer for Video Games

The drawer organizer works like a useful cabinet and lets you place every single console of your video games perfectly.

How to Make a Case for Video Game Consoles

Making a case for video games is easy if you follow our steps. This method will work for pretty much any size case you can think of. It can work for DVD cases as well as with Nintendo Switch, PSP cases, and others.

Here is what you need to get started with:

  • Home Printer with enough ink
  • Regular printer paper and glossy paper
  • Pair of Scissors 
  • Appropriate empty cases
Steps to Follow the Gaming Case

Now, after collecting all the accessories, you need to follow the steps below to complete your actions.

  1. You need to print the game page that you wish to make a case of. You can download it from the internet. Make sure that the print is coming out at the right size or you will just waste the ink and paper. You can use Photoshop to get a perfect size or any other editorial service. 
  • You need to be sure about the dimensions. Look at the cover project and find the accurate dimensions. Then go to the image and print size to crosscheck the overall sizes. Also, make sure that the left and right printing margins are the same.
  • In case you have a doubt about the size, you can just print the page in black and white to have a test. For that, you need to go to the option colors and then click desaturate, and then print. Then give it a try in your empty case. If all goes okay then you can print it in color.
  • Before print make sure to put the label on the print page.
  • Now take out the glossy paper and put it in the printer.
  • Next change the printer paper setting to match the print sheet. To change the printer is very important.
  • Now when the print is ready, stick that page with the empty case you bought. Cut off the sides that are excess. Slowly press the page to stick it in the empty case. And you are done.

Most Common Questions

How do I store my video game console?

Keep 1 to 2 inches of space between the video game consoles. It regulates minimum air ventilation. Also, you must keep them dust-free.

How do I display games on a shelf?

Well, it depends on your preference and also on the interior design of your room decor. But, I like to display the games upright. Because keeping the gaming collection upright is easy for me to take them out and in at any time.

Where should I store my game consoles?

You should choose a place where the sunlight doesn’t reach directly. Also, you’ve to make sure the place you store them is dry and clean.

How do I show game collections?

You ought to categorize them to show them perfectly. Set them accordingly, for instance

* Blu-ray discs 
* Cable Box
* Xbox One 

Is heat bad for video games?

Of course! Heat can damage any of your electronic gaming accessories. Therefore, you’ve to make sure of a minimum storage temperature for your gaming setup.


Whether you want to arrange your games for display or yourself, you need a perfect storage shelf. And, investing in a gaming console’s shelf isn’t for just a few days’ usages. Since it requires a pretty high amount of money, you should choose the best shelves for video game consoles. And, this is where my article can help you. All the top picks on my list are unique and modern. So, these shelves are well adjustable with any type of home décor and wall type. Most of my top picks are wall mount styled. Hence, you can make your choice whether or not you have a space shortage.

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