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Best Shelves for Living Room – Perfect Shelves for Room

Are you worried about running out of space in the living room? Or are you thinking of increasing the living space? In both cases, we have come up with a brilliant solution for you.

Since a messy or dull place looks unattractive for any room, it also prevents concentration from work. So you need to find a way to make your living room look great or create more space. And you should think about versatile gadgets like shelves to make this task easier. 

Nowadays, many shelves in the market have come up with storage shelves their top features to make the look of a house even more extreme. But, finding your best in so many products can be difficult for you. Thus, to make your picking choice easier, today I have brought this article where you can find the 6 best shelves for living room.

Also, about this article, I can assure you that you are going to get your best on my list. So, let’s not waste your time anymore, and let’s read the best-listed items to make the most of your living space.

Top 7 Best Shelves for Living Room -Best Shelves for Living Room that Will Fit Any Budget

Don’t stop on my editor’s choice section. Here is the main section where I’m gonna cover the best-organized shelves products. Let’s jump onto this:

EACHPAI Corner Floating ShelveEasy to Assemble Retro Style Having Variable Functions Strong MaterialCheck Price
Giftgarden the Best Floating ShelveClassic ledge design 3 Versatile Size Sets Multi-purpose Usages Items included    Check Price
YGEOMER Floating  Living Room ShelveUnique design Huge storage Lightweight Simple requirementCheck Price
Greenco the Decorative wall ShelveElegant Design Multi-Functional Shelves 2 Ways Mounting System Institutive AssemblyCheck Price
AMADA the Best Floating ShelveSeparate Shelving Sturdy Gadget Various Usages  Check Price
 BAYKA Floating ShelveVarious Using Purpose Multi-Color Availability 2 Displays Fit to Use AnywhereCheck Price
BAMEOS Floating ShelfEasy Installation Modern and Well Suited Design Strong and Huge Storage Capacity Easy MaintenanceCheck Price

1. EACHPAI the Best Shelves for Living Room

When balancing photo frames, vases, clocks, and more you must have an organized space where you can keep them safe. Yes, for this you need a strong shelf, which can provide variable features and ample space. 

Well, here I am talking about EACHPAI which has come up with the perfect combination of floating and corner shelves in many places. Its remarkable design and abundant storage capacity have made it a favorite of many. 

So, whenever you want to hold your belongings, you need to install this shelf and use it freely which will give your room a creative look.

Product Specifications                                                 

  • Brand- EACHPAI
  • Dimension- 11.4″ x 16″ x 0.6″
  • Weight- 5.06 pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Style- 4-Shelves
  • Mounting Type- Wall 
  • Material- Paulownia Wood 
  • Finish Type- Black
  • Shape- L-Shape


Easy to Assemble

No need to worry about the installation process of hanging selves. For this, you just need to follow the instructions provided with this unit. In addition, you will find detailed installation guides and tools along with this package.

Retro Style

Each shelf comes with its design and shape which makes its look even more unique. And, the best L-shaped curved design and the unique handcraft gave this ECHPAI a retro style. 

Using it, you can not only keep your favorite things on a nice shelf but also can make your room more beautiful and organized by increasing storage space.

Having Variable Functions

EACHPAI comes with a 4 piece shelf that makes your dull corner more decorative. Generally, it is suitable for use in any angle area. As a result, you can mount it in the living room, bedroom, your office, and many other places. 

At the same time, this powerful shelf will be completely reliable and stable for keeping your favorite things.

Strong Material

The high-quality Paulownia wood components are very light which makes them easy to use in a lot of places. It ensures durability with the included items such as metal brackets, screws, and drywall anchors.


This product didn’t come with a screw gun.

Expert’s Verdict

You will find this shelf is not only the best shelf for living room but also a versatile unit to further enhance the space of your dull room.

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2. Giftgarden the Best Floating Shelves for Living room

If you are looking for a pair of simple shelving that gives a safe and classic look then consider this Giftgarden floating shelf. Yes, it comes with a variety of unique features compared to other products that makes it the best floating shelves for living room. 

From simple installation to providing adequate storage to store your belongings, this is the best solution for your living room and many more. Moreover, these right wall-mounted Giftgarden hanging shelves work quite well and also save a decent weight according to your needs.

Product Specifications                                                 

  • Brand: Giftgarden
  • Dimensions: 2.6″D x 15.7″W x 4.8″H
  • Weight: 3.69 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Styles: 3 shelves
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Finish type: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular


Classic ledge design

The Giftgarden shelf has a variety of ledge designs as a combination of color and appearance. It is perfect for arranging the items needed for your living room or open display. 

However, you should always consider design, attractive color, and smooth appearance to create a storage space with the things you need. And to get this unique opportunity you can take the help of this floating shelf.

3 Versatile Size Sets

This amazing shelf has provided with 3 sets of specifications that can help you set the tires anywhere. Such sizes as large, medium, and small can also determine your creative space. Cool!

Multi-purpose Usages

The most notable feature of this shelf is that you can use it in different places like your living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, storage room, display wall, nursery, office, etc. 

You heard it right, even because of its quality wood you can put anything in it. For example, you can keep accessories in the bathroom or you can keep magazines, photo frames, prizes, jars, bottles, small plants, books, and many more.

Items included

The manufacturers of this Giftgarden product provide many items with these selves. They provide a general guide to make your installation easier, as well as provide expansion plugs, screws, and levelers to help you when you need them.


The screw may seem unsuitable due to its thin appearance

Expert verdict

It would be a great solution for you to keep in many places. It is one of the best floating storage shelves that has come up with a good look to enhance the beauty of your home.

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3. YGEOMER Floating  Living Room Shelves and Cabinets

The second shelf on my list is another floating shelf YGEOMER which is capable of using versatile work. This rustic floating shelf can be an ideal choice for you for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. 

Also, with their variable quality, it never disappoints you to look good or organize things.

Product Specification 

  • Brand: YGEOMER 
  • Dimensions: 4.3×16.5×6.1 Inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs 
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Retro
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Wood
  • Furniture Finish: Black
  • Shape: Triangular


Unique design

The YGEOMER shelves has a creating and magical look through its unique design. The quality of its wood material and the matte surface of the metal make it look even more incomparable.

This is because the surface metals on these triangular-shaped shelves are usually installed on the top or bottom of the shelf.

Huge storage

It came with 4 numbers of tires where you can store many of your items. Thanks to its open display system you can set it anywhere you need. If you want to keep it in your kitchen, you can keep a lot of dishes or kitchen utensils.

Also, you can store a variety of flower pots, photo frames, trophies, books, and much more in your living or office room.


Although this shelf can hold a variety of items, it also comes with a lightweight quality. Its lightweight design will impress you to use for a long time.

The total weight of this outstanding shelf, which comes in three sizes, large, medium, and small, is only 40 lbs.

Simple requirement

It is not like other shelves that require a lot of things to maintain safety for a long time. Basically, all you need to do is keep the shelf clean while using it. This will only be needed for its sustainable lifetime.


This shelf will be unsuitable for storing large items.

Expert’s verdict

If you want your shelf to be extremely durable for storing things on the shelf then the YGEOMER Closet Shelf will be your perfect choice. Also, you can help increase your room storage without compromising on any style,

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4. Greenco the Decorative wall Shelves Living Room

Here I’m going to in detail another decorative shelf called Greencno Intersecting Shelf. These shelves are available in unique colors with their versatile dimensions. 

Due to its unique design and storage, you can set it up all over the living room as well. Moreover, since its ranking quality is better than other shelves, you can consider it in your list of favorites.

Product Specification

  • Brand: Greenco
  • Dimensions: 12.5″D x 25.5″W x 17.75″H
  • Weight: 7.58 Pounds
  • Style: Intersection shelves
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Espresso
  • Shape: Cubical


Elegant Design

This beautiful floating shelf is an ideal product for anyone who wants to use it in their home, or workplace. Its elegant design and dimensions are such that it will take a creative look in any room and increase your home gravity.

Multi-Functional Shelves

It is a box shape shelf that comes with a multifunctional shelving system. These shelves have a design to use for decorative items, books, plants, etc. So, using multi items with one shelf will be a huge benefit for you.

2 Ways Mounting System

This shelf has got its shape in two different ways where one is vertical and another is horizontal. Therefore, it suits all types of room interiors while you can either set it horizontally or vertically.

These 2 ways of mounting systems will bring two different looks to your room and also save your space.

Institutive Assembly

It has come with an incredible square shape with an intersecting shelves design. Therefore, assembling your items on its shelves will be easier as well as well decorated.


This shelf isn’t that suitable for using foot or cloth wear.

Expert’s Verdict

The low-density fiberboard of this shelf will be completely environmentally friendly for you and your family members. So, using it for a long time won’t be health risk of any type.

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5. AMADA the Best Floating Shelves for Living Room 

Using an ordinarily designed shelf won’t bring a different look to your room. In this case, everyone wants something different and stylish. Well, if you want your room shelf with an elegant design, the AMADA floating shelves will be the cool shelves for living room.          

It didn’t come with any average design like 4 or 5 shelves wall/floor mounting shelf. This shelf is completely different from its three separate shelves. If you set one shelf on top, you can fix another one on the bottom or side to bring an amazing look.

It will give you the liberty to mount it anywhere in your room. So, if you’ve required the shelf design, you shouldn’t miss the AMADA shelves.

Product Specification

  • Brand: AMADA
  • Dimensions: 3.86×15.75×3.97
  • Weight: 2.75 Pounds
  • Style: Modern
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Shape: Semicircular


Separate Shelving

Since the AMADA shelf has separate shelving, it will be a perfect gadget to use in several spots. If you use one of its shelves in your drawing room, you can take another one in another room as per your requirements. Again, you can set them all together. Just Incredible!

Sturdy Gadget

The Amada shelves are the sturdiest shelves taht made of wood MDF. It is strong enough to carry heavy-duty items. So, you don’t have to be worried about the item’s weight when it comes with a heavy weight.

Various Usages

It will allow you to explore endless shelving procedures. You can choose it to use for photo frames, books, decorative items, plants, etc.

Also, this amazing shelf can be the best fit for your kitchen.  Even, it is usable in the bathroom for roll paper and tiny bottles.


It is a three shelves shelf while you’ll get only the first one with wide spacing.

Expert’s Verdict

If you want a shelf that will offer a high performance, you should decide on the AMADA Floating Shelves. Not only that, this shelf will never make you disappointed while installing or assembling. It has come with the easiest installing procedure.

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6. BAYKA for best floating shelves in living room

You need a shelf with different shelving styles and sizes means you require the BAYKA floating shelves that will be perfect for you. It has three different length boards to help you plan a vintage layout. It will provide additional storage space to get an amazing interior look to your house.

The stable welded frame can easily bear the heavy weight. It can hold up to 4Ibs items weight which will let you choose any heavy-weight items to put on it. The rustic sturdier wood construction of this shelf will make it long-lasting.

Product Specification

  • Brand: BAYKA
  • Dimensions: 17x7x3.5 Inches
  • Weight: 3  Pounds
  • Style: Art Deco
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Paulownia Wood
  • Finish Type: Wood
  • Shape: L-Shape


Various Using Purpose

You can use this amazing shelf for a different purpose. Most amazingly, it is suitable for pets. So, if you choose to use one of its shelves for your cat, it will be just wonderful.

Multi-Color Availability

It came in 5 different natural colors, black, grey-white, weathered grey, carbonized black, yellow, and natural wood color. So, making your choice is unlimited with the BAYKA floating shelves.

2 Displays

You can either set its board on the bracket’s top or the bracket’s bottom. As a result, you can bring two different display look to your home interior. So, choose your choice!

Fit to Use Anywhere

Needless to say, how precise this home gadget is. It is because you can use it in any of your rooms from the bedroom to the bathroom. Also, it will be a perfect fit for office purposes.


It has a bit tricky assemble process as far I tasted.

Expert’s Verdicts

All its shelves are available with power-coded art so that the shelves won’t be rusted or paint fainted. So, you never feel it is older or odd-looking that can lessen your home’s beauty.

Besides, the fumigation technology will prevent pets and moisture from getting a fresh and new look in this shelf all the time.

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7. BAMEOS Floating Shelf For large wall shelves for living room

Say goodbye to your ordinary and traditional shelves and take the most amazing and modern-designed BAMEOS floating shelf. It will offer you a stylish design, and well features at a minimum price. So, you can afford it even if your budget is low.

The BAMEOS floating shelf has got an anti-slipping design so that it won’t slip away after installation. You can be free of tension whether or not your shelf will fall or slip away.

Product Specification

  • Brand: BAMEOS
  • Dimensions: 1.5×23.6×5.7 Inches
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Finish Type: Balck
  • Shape: Rectangular


Easy Installation

The installation process of this shelf is as easy as it should be for a beginner. If it’s your first time installing such a shelf, still it will take only around 15 minutes. Can you imagine?

Modern and Well Suited Design

The black finish shelves with a flat design made it wonderful to fit in any wall style or home interior.

Whether you require enhancing floor spacing or home beauty, this shelf will meet your requirements with ease.

Strong and Huge Storage Capacity

The BAMEOS floating shelf has got a strong body construction to hold heavy-weight items. Also, it will offer you huge storage space. So, you can put various items on it.

Easy Maintenance

You’ll find it easy to maintain the BAMEOS shelf because it won’t require you any extra process to clean and maintain.

All you need is a piece of wet cloth, towels, or wipe papers. Just wipe the shelves with a wet cloth and maintain it easily.


I didn’t find any significant complaint against this shelf.

Expert’s Verdicts

Some of the low-quality shelves are available with flimsy shelf surface. As a result, these shelving surfaces start spreading odor after using some days. But in the case of BAMEOS, the shelves are coated with odorless and safety surface coating.

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How to Decorate Shelves in the Living Room?

I’ve decorated more than a thousand shelves over the last years for my professionalism. If you want me to share my thought with you, go through the given ideas. You’ll get the best ideas for floating shelves in living room decoration from this section of my article-

Start from Top

Always start placing your items from the top of the shelf. It will help you put all the most used items first. Put what you don’t need so much. To get an attractive look, keep some space empty on either end side of the shelf. It will bring an outstanding look.

Measure Your Height

It’s a good idea to put or decorate the living room shelves according to your height.  Wonder how? Well, If the first shelf is tough to touch with your height, put decorative items there than necessary items. And, I suggest you to avoid to put the items that your need often on the first shelf.

Measure Your Item’s Height

Not all the items are the same in length and height. In the case of taller items, you must make sure the shelves installation in the right place. Keep enough places on top of the wall so that the taller items like snake plants can display nicely.

Prioritize Your Shelf Design

Some shelves are completely designed for aesthetic items. And, if you use those shelves for bath, study, or kitchen, it won’t suit. In that case, you have to select what you display on the shelves according to its style and design.

Don’t Put Over Weight Items

You shouldn’t use your shelves for overweight items. It can damage its shape and bring a horrible look to your home décor.

How to Decorate A Wall with Shelves?

Shelf styling or designing will help you increase your interior design skill with high reward but low risk. So, if you want to increase your interior skill, be with me. I will give you some of the precise ideas how to decorate your wall with shelves.

Shelf Mounting System

Shelf mounting system should be your priority while decorating your wall. Not all the room comes with a same spacing. Considering that matter, you’ve to choose the shelf mounting system tactfully.

If you’ve limited space, choose wall-mounting shelves. It will save your space but take an outstanding look to your wall.

Set the Shelf in the Right Corner

Space, where you set the shelf is important. Select the spot where it’s well visible. Don’t choose the wall space where it looks congested. A congested corner will get your room an odd look with the shelf.

Set According to the Shelf Style

There are different shaped shelf available on the market like, tree- shape, L-shape, U-shape, rectangular shape, etc. If you buy a tree shape shelf, then set it in a corner where you have limited space.

If it’s U or L-shape, set it in your living room or drawing-room. It will bring an amazing look to your house.

Floor Mounting Shelf

Depending on the design and space of your room, you choose floor mounting shelf. Floor mounting shelf is the perfect fit to decorate wall with decorative items.

Most Common Questions

What do I display on shelves in a living room?

Well, you can display anything you want in your living room shelves. It depends on what you necessitate. But I like to put things on my living room shelves like plants, candle holders, iron, books, decorative items, etc.

How do you put shelves in a living room?

I would like to put my shelf on top of my bed. It is easy to get the things I need.

What are the strongest floating shelves?

The shelves that I’ve selected for my top list are the strongest ones. Still, if you ask me to specify, the BAMEOS floating shelf seems the strongest shelf.

How deep should shelves be in the living room?

Keep your shelf around 12 inches deep. Remember, too deep a shelf will be oversized and you cannot use it according to your need. So, keep the size standard.

How do I decorate open shelves in a living room?

Living room shelves are required for everyday usable items. So, it will be better if you use them for what you need from morning to night.


Everyone requires more home storage which requires a well-planned furniture selection. And, if you talk about your home storage, it directly indicates a well-designed shelf.

Well, if you were troubling to get enough storage with your remaining shelf, here is my top list of the best living room shelves.

I think you’ve got an idea about their features, durability, cost, and mounting system from the detail on top. So, choose the best ideas for floating shelves in living room for your living room from my list.

These shelves have got all the outstanding designs to go with home interior designs of any kind. Also, you can remove your vintage look from your living room. So, why late?

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