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Best Shelves For Board Games – Categorize Your Games Perfectly

I’ve been to houses and seen people run out of storage solutions and display their game collection on shelves meant for other utilities. What bugs me the most is that larger games are being stacked forcefully on orthodox drawers and tables. To be honest this improper cluttering is not what your tabletop games deserve.

To accommodate the board games properly, you must have a specially designed shelving unit tailor-made for storing such items. So, to make things easier for you I am here to diminish your board game storage problems by mentioning the best shelves for board games.

Today I will discuss some of the finest board game shelves that are suitable for smaller games to even large ones. Without any delay, let’s delve into the best of the best. 

1. Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet – Best Overall Product

Are your board games sitting on top of your study table or maybe compressed on board game boxes? Well, then your board game storage idea needs some uplift. No matter if they are classic games like Cluedo, boggle, Catan or modern board games like splendor, Azul, etc, they deserve enough space and a good shelving unit. 

The Atlantic Oskar storage cabinet is one stellar solution that can be put into your room without making a mess. It is way better than a regular table. Let’s check out what advantages it brings to you. 

Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet


  • It is made of wood composite and steel
  • Works for storing board games and multimedia
  • It measures 25.13 x 7.25 x 54 in
  • The weight is 32.8 lbs

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  • Stable And Durable

This shelf is crafted with high-grade sturdy wood that is destined to last for ages. It has a base extension that provides this item with the needed stability when all your board games are stacked on.

  • Multi-Purpose Storage

The Atlantic cabinet is not limited to board games only, in fact, it is made to make space for DVDs, blu rays, CDs and such. 

  • Adjustable Shelves

What makes it a winner is the adjustable option. There are 4 fixed parts and 12 adjustable shelves to fit games of different shapes and sizes. 

  • Drawbacks

Not the most sturdy item out there, but ok. Some customers have complained about it breaking too soon. The assembly can be a little tiring and time consuming as well.

Expert’s Verdict

I love the fact that this product is specifically designed for board games and multimedia item storage. The slim profile and espresso color finish somewhat catch my eyes and the adjustable shelving puts the icing on the cake. 

Top 6 Best Shelves For Board Games List

Way Basics Media Storage RackMade of recycled materialsSuitable for DVD and board game storageIt measures 6.8”x18.1 x 9.4”It weighs 3.3 poundsCheck Price
Way Basics Eco Stackable RackMade of recycled paper woodSuited for CDs, DVDs and game collectionInterior dimension of 6×5.4×16.5 inchesIt weighs 2.9 poundsCheck Price
Prepac Wall Storage CabinetMade with composite woodBest for board games, books, DVDsIt measures 9.5×73.5×63.7 inchesThe weight is 35 poundsCheck Price
Venture Horizon Revolving Media TowerMade of wood composite MDFFor DVDs and board games Dimension of 24x24x63 inchesThe weight is 125 lbsCheck Price
Skywin Game Storage OrganizerMade of ABS plasticSuited for PS5 gamesIt has a dimension of 15.39×5.55×3.78 inIt weighs 2.25 lbsCheck Price

2. Way Basics Media Storage Rack – Best Board Game Storage Shelves

Many gamers don’t like the bigger racks, they prefer something compact. For this reason, I’ve been on the hunt for something smaller yet functional so that you can take out the games at any time and start playing without any fuss.

The Way Basics storage rack is one of my picks for you. It is something that can be used as a single rectangular box for storage or piled on top of one another for a bigger setup.

Way Basics Media Storage Rack


  • Made of recycled materials
  • Suitable for DVD and board game storage
  • It measures 6.8”x18.1 x 9.4”
  • It weighs 3.3 pounds

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  • Eco-Friendly Material

Unlike other shelves, this board is special. It has high quality recycled materials such as VOC free xBoard paperboard. If you are a nature-friendly person, then you would like this item.

  • Easy To Assemble

Wouldn’t have to stress yourself with this unit. It is very easy to set up, with adhesive strips and pins. No need for screws and bolts, making it a trouble-free shelf right out of the box.

  • Durable

The paperboard is not to be overlooked. It is made to last long and support weight up to 30 pounds without any hassle.

  • Excellent DVD Storage

Apart from board games, this can be used for keeping your cd collection as well. This unit can hold up to 30 DVDs.

  • Drawbacks

A tad bit high on the price compared to refined larger products. Placing it vertically won’t hold up well, to be honest. 

Expert’s Verdict

For the size it comes, I love this shelf. It has an eco-friendly construction plus it is rugged. Good for storing CDs, DVDs and small board games. If stacked one above the other, you can extract more space for your games. 

3. SONGMICS 9 Cube DIY Storage Shelves – Best Board Game Shelve

If you are looking for a versatile organizer for your essential belongings, then get something that has a free-standing design and can be placed in different places like your bedroom, kid’s room or even your closet. 

I present you the Songmics fabric cabinet. It is a wonderful storage option for your books, decors, CDs and not to mention board games. Let’s delve into the advantages of this wonderful product.

SONGMICS 9 Cube DIY Storage Shelves


  • Made of top-quality fabric, plastic and metal
  • Suitable for storing decors, board games, etc
  • It has a dimension of 11.8 x 43.3 x 43.3 inches
  • It weighs 3.7 kg

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  • Multi-Purpose Storage Option

It can beplaced inside a closet or put in a free-standing position inside your room. This shelf can be used as a rack for your decorative items, it can be used as a bookshelf and also as a board game organizer.

  • Various Arrangements

This unit is very unique, you can use each cube shape box separately or arrange it to your liking. Make patterns that complement your room.

  • Stable Design

Made of high-quality non-woven fabric that is assembled using plastic connectors and metal tubes. This shelf is extremely durable and provides stability in ranging conditions. Each separate cube can support up to 11 pounds. Overall 99 lbs when assembled together.

  • Easy To Install

The connectors and tubing are easy on the hands and can be put up without the help of any other person. You can assemble the whole unit in no time. Make sure the connectors and tubings are locked properly.

  • Drawbacks

The only disadvantage is that it cannot bear excessively heavy objects. Placing too much load can make the bars pop out of position.

Expert’s Verdict

I love the fact that it can be arranged according to your preference and complement your living space. It is a good shelf that can save you a lot of money. It is sturdy and is ideal for light to medium-weight objects. Storing board games is certainly a cakewalk.

4. Way Basics Eco Stackable Rack – Best Shelves For Retro Games

Just another Way Basics shelf in our list of high-quality products. If you are a fan of simplified game shelves then this item has to be among your picks. Way Basics never ceases to amaze me with its eye-catching shelves. 

This Eco stackable rack is something you don’t want to miss out on if you need space for your multimedia items like CDs, DVDs and not to mention your game boards. What makes this product so special that I’ve listed it here? Read below to know more.

Way Basics Eco Stackable Rack


  • Made of recycled paper wood
  • Suited for CDs, DVDs and game collection
  • Interior dimension of 6×5.4×16.5 inches
  • It weighs 2.9 pounds

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  • Can Be Used As CD Rack

With a spacious interior, it is an excellent resting place for your CDs. Some might say it’s old school but it’s not. Flaunt your old and new collection of movies and music to your friends and make them awestruck. 

  • Strong Shelf

This item is extremely durable. A single unit can hold up to 30 lbs. If you plan more weight to be stacked up, then just attach the shelf with another same variant and you will be surprised. 

  • Easy To Put Up

Unlike most wooden shelves, this one doesn’t require much assembly. You just need to peel the sticker and use the adhesive tape to erect the frame.

  • No VOC

This is made with eco-friendly wood that has no volatile organic compound. So if you care about the environment, you will love this product.

  • Drawbacks

For a huge game collection, this shelf might not be enough. You can always stack one shelf over the other but that’s gonna cost you more. 

Expert’s Verdict

Apart from being a bit small, I would say it is a pretty decent and strong shelf for most games. Although if you have a huge pile of game boards, then you better go for bigger boxes. 

5. Prepac Wall Storage Cabinet – Best Storage Cabinets For Board Games

Storing board games can be complicated. You don’t want to ruin the precious board by placing it somewhere where it doesn’t belong. If you are serious about it, then get yourself a cabinet custom made for board game storage.

Check out the Prepac Cabinet if you want to pile up a huge collection. This cabinet is colossal in comparison to what I’ve been talking about previously. Let’s take a look at the advantages it has to offer.

Prepac Wall Storage Cabinet


  • Made with composite wood
  • Best for board games, books, DVDs
  • It measures 9.5×73.5×63.7 inches
  • The weight is 35 pounds

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  • Spacious

The Prepac wall mount cabinet is huge. The size is something that can accommodate numerous games, books and other things. 

  • Hardwearing And Stable

It is crafted with laminated wood that is very durable and will last for ages. It is strong and has a large storage capacity. The bottom is extended to provide stability to the whole unit. 

  • Adjustable Shelf

The good thing about it is that the shelves are adjustable which gives you the upper hand in organizing better. It has a total of 32 shelves.

  • Multi Storage

You are not limited to board games with this one. You can grab different media and place them on the Prepac shelf. For serious gamers, this shelf can come in as a valuable item.

  • Drawbacks

The MDF board could be a little better. The quality of this product might not be the best of the lot. It is a little flimsy and can break if it takes any hit.

Expert’s Verdict

I love the fact that it gives ample space for media storage. You can also slide in your favorite board games and this won’t disappoint you. The assembly is pretty easy for such a big shelf. It is big and stable, but the wood quality is not my favorite, to be honest.

6. Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower – Best Revolving Media Tower

Now, this is what I call style and elegance. The Venture horizon media tower is one of a kind shelving unit that can expand your storage space. The specialty of this item is that it can rotate to 360 degrees, allowing you to reach your essentials faster than before. 

When set up inside a recreational room, this revolving media tower will certainly shine light upon your house. It has great height and length to store a large number of media and board games. 

Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower


  • Made of wood composite MDF
  • For DVDs and board games
  • Dimension of 24x24x63 inches
  • The weight is 125 lbs

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  • Various Colorways

Unlike the monotonous shelves, this item offers different colors such as white, oak, black, and cherry tone. 

  • 360 Rotation

Yes, it rotates. It has a 360-degree revolving fiberglass pivot that makes it turn in seconds. Pick your favorite game from the stacked pile without stressing out. Just turn the shelf and grab your preferred game.

  • Big Capacity

The number of CDs, and DVS it can hold, certainly makes it a winner. It has a capacity for over 1500 CDs, 700 plus DVDs and much more. 

  • Drawbacks

The swivel can get stuck at times while having to endure the weight of 1500 plus CDs. If you utilize the full load capacity then you can end up with a non-swivelling deck. 

Expert’s Verdict

It is a good shelf for large collections of media like CDs, DVDs and cassettes. This can be a fine choice for board game players too. It is tall and has a decent sideways length for better spacing. Although it is a rotating shelf, the pivot can malfunction at times if you put too much weight on it. 

7. Skywin Game Storage Organizer – Best Shelves For Video Games

The Skywin organizer is a sleek looking shelf for gamers out there. It can be used to display all your precious games. Don’t let your favorite game be too far from your reach. Skywin came up with this exceptional tower-like stand for storing video games. 

If you are into PS5 then this one should be your ultimate pick for storing the discs. If you are into board games, this can also be of great help in organizing them. Let us check out the specs and benefits.

Skywin Game Storage Organizer


  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Suited for PS5 games
  • It has a dimension of 15.39×5.55×3.78 in
  • It weighs 2.25 lbs

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  • Compatibility

Don’t worry about the console. This shelf can accommodate games from the PS4 series, PS5, Nintendo Switch, etc. The spacings on this unit also let you store small board games. 

  • Solid Build Quality

Made of top quality ABS plastic, this item is very rugged and durable. Don’t worry about your shelves deteriorating too soon, because this won’t go down that easily.

  • Quick Setup

The assembly of this unit is fairly easy. You don’t have to stress yourself about it, just watch and follow the instructions provided and you will get it standing in a minute.

  •  Fits In Different Places

This product can be placed right beside your Playstation control to make things easier for you. Reach the disc you need in a flash with this versatile item. 

  • Drawbacks

I don’t see this as a board game storage unit. Although it can take in smaller boards at will, which can be a positive for some people. For me, I don’t see it as an ideal choice for large board games.

Expert’s Verdict

Only if you are looking at a shelf that is tailor made for Playstation game discs, then this is for you. You can also pack smaller board games, but don’t go with the large ones. If you have many games to showcase, then you better opt for a bigger casing. 

How To Store Your Board Games – Get a Clear Idea

Before you store the game pieces on a shelf you will have to keep a few basic things in check, such as 

  • How Much Space Do you Have On The Shelf

Get to know the space inside the shelf. It is important because, with the amount of room you have on the unit, you can either put the board games separately or use a box to store the collection. 

  • Should You Stack The Games Horizontally Or Vertically

You must know how to deal with the available space. Not all shelves will be able to keep the games in one particular posture because the game sizes vary. If you have wider horizontal space on the shelf, you can place the large board games flat on that space. 

Vertical placement is another stylish way to fill the shelves. Seek the position where the board games can be placed vertically. The sideways fitting can give a CD/DVD storage like vibe to it. 

  • Managing Small Card Games

If you have a big rack, then the larger pieces will easily fit vertically or horizontally as you prefer. How about the smaller items? I do things a bit differently to store small goods. 

Either I place all the small games on one shelf, separated from the bigger ones or I place the pieces in a box and stack the whole unit on a spacious deck. 

How To Display Board Games – Methods of Display

You will be surprised to know that the possibilities of organizing board games can be limitless. You can always go for creative takes while you keep your games on display. Here are some display ideas for you.

  • Storage Bench

Having a storage bench can save you a lot of space and most importantly you won’t have to hoard on top of the furniture. Storage benches come in different sizes, so pick something that has enough depth and side room for your collection.

  • Kallax Shelves

This is one of the most used variations of shelves for keeping board games. Ikea has some of the finest kallax units. With Ikea, you can never go wrong. Kallax storage has a lot of headroom and wide space for your categorization needs. 

  • Wire Shelves

Kallax can be a little overwhelming for some people, it can be expensive and does take a little too much floor space. In this case, a wire shelf can be a cheaper option and kinda handy to store your board games. Remember, this might not be as striking as a dedicated board game shelf, but it certainly does the job. 

  • Over Door Shoe Organizer

People with numerous small games/card games can utilize hanging shoe organizers like never before. You might be wondering why keep games next to shoes? Well, this might not be the conventional way, but sure saves you a lot of space. This is certainly a creative way to manage your collections. 

  • Coffee Table

Don’t worry, I am not gonna hamper your drinking endeavor with this idea. This can be a suitable option if you want to store a few game units, only if you purchase a coffee table with removable compartments and storage area add-ons.  

Some Common Questions about Best Shelves For Board Games

How Can I Organize My Board Games Without A Box?

A Mesh zipper pouch can be a lifesaver if you don’t have boxed casings for board games. For smaller collections, pack them in the mesh bag and store it anywhere you find convenient. It is going to save a lot of space for you.  

How Do You Categorize Board Games?

You can either categorize games according to their types. For example, games of displacement, race games, chase games, etc can be put in separate compartments. You can also categorize the games on a shelf by their colourways but it can be a tad bit difficult. 
What I do is, set them in place according to their size variation. The little ones go to the smaller shelf or are packed together in a box and the game boards are kept on larger shelves

Do You Keep Board Game Boxes?

It’s not going to harm you if you keep the boxes. You can sell the unused games, but the boxes can be one of your new board game storage solutions.

Wrapping Up

If you have been looking for ways to store board games, then there is nothing better than getting a shelf. Without one, you could end up with wasted space. A great solution is to go for the best board game shelves. Shelving units will let your collection sit like never before. 

I’ve already talked about 7 awesome products that are gaining a lot of popularity amongst game enthusiasts and you better not miss out on that. Amongst the best shelves for board games, you can go for the Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet without a doubt. It has ample space and dimensions to suit any kind of small to big to large compilation.  Don’t forget to check out the other reviewed items. Get something that suits your needs and fits within your allocated space. Don’t sit back, time to flaunt your game collection.

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