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Best Shelves for Blu-Rays- Maximize Your Storage Space for Optical Technologies

Everyone has his important and favorite piles of optical storage technologies like blu-rays, CDs, and DVDs for years. This optical storage delivers reliable blu ray media storage for the long term. But this storage system is pretty vulnerable which can cause data loss. Therefore, the storage place for these optical discs is important to focus on.

But, where and how you are storing your blu-rays discs? Is that place where you’re placing them safe and perfect? Well, shelves can be a great solution to store the blu-rays discs in that case. Many reputed brands launched unique models of shelves and these are specially designed for Blu-ray discs. So, I’ve come up with the 6 best shelves for blu-rays.

Using any of my top picks will save your discs from unwanted damages like scratches or breakages on the surface of the discs. Also, these high-end shelves on my list are dust-resistant to save the discs from retrieval or data reading. Storing the blu-rays discs, CDs, and DVDs on these shelves will keep them away from moisture for long-term usages utility. Don’t Miss Out on My Top Picks!

7. Best Shelves for Blu-Rays

Thousands of shelves and cabinets are there on the market for blu-rays media storage. But, the given 6 are surely different gadgets in terms of their high-quality features. Let’s explore the detail to find out your best fit-

Atlantic OskarAtlantic OskarSmooth Espresso Finish Wide Range of Storing Space 4 Fixed and 12 Adjustable Shelves Things to ConsiderCheck Price
Way BasicWay BasicDurable zBoard Paperboard Tool-Free Assembly Procedure Heavy Duty-Load Things to ConsiderCheck Price
SauderSauderStraightforward Construction Clear Instructions Huge Storage Space Things to ConsiderCheck Price
Prepac Large Spinning TowerPrepac Large Spinning TowerCARB-Compliant High-End Instruction Booklet Organized Shipping Process Things to ConsiderCheck Price
 Atlin Designs Atlin DesignsDynamic Configuration Brush Nickel Handles Key-Locking Technology Things to ConsiderCheck Price
Prepac Espresso GrandePrepac Espresso GrandeDurable Large Capacity Customizable Things to ConsiderCheck Price
Venture Horizon Revolving 1600 GrandeVenture Horizon Revolving 1600 GrandeEasy Maintenance Extra Large Media Capacity 4 Gorgeous Colors are Available Things to ConsiderCheck Price

1. Atlantic Oskar the Best Adjustable Media Cabinet

Whether or not the cabinet frame is strong and durable is important to know. The Atlantic Oskar is the ultimate high capacity and durable shelf with multi-media storage traits. It has a high capacity to meet all sorts of media storage necessities. Fully adjustable the Atlantic Venus media storage cabinet is renowned as the best adjustable media cabinet. It is customizable for any storage configuration.

It is a wide base multi-functional shelf with stability to bear heavy loads. The developed backing of the shelf unit is more durable and thicker than the regular shelf. Between the top and the bottom of the shelf, a groove and tongue-type seam is available for easily nail-down purposes. What’s more, you can use it as the Oskar adjustable wood media storage shelf bookcase.

Product Specification

  • Brand– Atlantic Inc
  • Dimension– 25.13×7.25×54 inches
  • Weight– 32.8 Pounds
  • Color-Espresso


Smooth Espresso Finish

The gorgeous look of the Atlantic Oskar shelf has got a smooth espresso finish. This espresso finish is suitable to suit any room décor from the bedroom to the office or den. It will not only offer a space solution but will enhance your house’s gravity.

Wide Range of Storing Space

What if you can store 464 CDs, 276video games, and 228 DVDs, on one shelf? Incredible, right? Well, the Atlantic Oskar shelf will offer this amazing wide range of storage facilities. Having this shelf will require no additional racks.

4 Fixed and 12 Adjustable Shelves

It is featured with 4 fixed and 12 adjustable shelves to make sure plenty of storage space. The high capacity of storage gave it value in all the ways

Things to Consider

No warranty is available with it

Why Would You Like This?

You have several blu-rays discs and you need to store them without making your living space messy and untidy. The Atlantic Oskar shelf for the blu-rays disc is your great solution. The slender lines and impressive height make you feel light in the design of your decoration with even a hefty collection. No more shelves can be compared with this gadget for blu-rays.


  • Wood-grain textured surface
  • Optimal Multimedia Storage Capacity
  • Easy Assembling Process
  • Versatile functionality
  • Easy-to-clean laminated surface
  • Low-Maintenance

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2. Way Basic Best Media Storage Rack Shelf Organizer

Storing and displaying your movie or music consoles in a stylish look requires you to be creative. But, if you’re like me understand a little about creativity, the Way Basic Media Shelf can help you 100 on 100. The stackable blu-rays racks have already come with a creative design where you don’t need to be creative anyway.

You can use its flexible shelving options and max out the storage capacity as per your necessity. It helps get an everlasting impression on all your costly collections of video games, movies, music, etc.

This versatile shelf is also usable for showcasing and lovely items like books, plants, dolls, trading cards, currencies, in an organized and fashionable way. So, the shelving decoration will look more attractive and classy.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Ways
  • Material- Recycled Paperboard
  • Dimension- 6.8×18.1×9.4 inches
  • Weight- 3.3 Pounds
  • Color- Balck
  • Shelf Type- Cubby Shelf
  • Finish Type- Blue
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Assemble Required- No
  • Warranty- No


Durable zBoard Paperboard

The Way Basic Storage rack is made of the robust zBoard recycled paperboard to deliver durable service. It is completely environment-friendly furniture to use for everyone.

Tool-Free Assembly Procedure

Many shelves require different tools to assemble and install which seems a bit hassling. But the Way Basic shelf came with a fully tool-free installation process. It’s easy and quick to assemble this shelf.

All you need to do is to peel the 3M gum strips and place them together along with pins (easy-align). You can make the shelving units securely and nicely.

Heavy Duty-Load

The maximum duty load is 30 Ibs of load to allow you to store lots of items at a time. So, storing items up to 30 Ibs will give you loading freedom.

Things to Consider

You’ve to use it left side down as instructed and you cannot change this setting.

Why Would You Like This?

Ways is the most versatile shelving system on the present market that offers versatility and allows you to create all unique designs. This shelf looks so attractive and chic with versatile functionality which made it the best media storage rack shelf organizer. Once you use this shelf you’ll become a big fan of it.


  • 62% lighter compared to particle board
  • It offers a 100% guarantee of its recycling feature.
  • Formaldehyde, toxin, and VOC free
  • No additional impact on landfills

Check Price On Amazon

3. Sauder Best Cherry Media Storage Tower

This multi-media storage tower is one of the best cherry media storage towers of the top brand Sauder. It features a vast array of all unique styles and loading capacities. If you like to have such an amazing gadget for blu-rays storage, you’ll find this item lovely for everyday use.

The extended base of this gadget included a wall anchor bracket kit to deliver additional support and stability.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Sauder
  • Material- Engineered Wood
  • Dimension- 32.44 ×9.41×45.35 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Room Type– Office
  • Weight- 35.6 Pounds
  • Color-Cinnamon Cherry
  • Style- Transitional
  • Finish Type- Cinnamon Cherry
  • Mounting Type- Floor Mount
  • Warranty- 5 Years


Straightforward Construction

The Souder is a well-finished sturdy product and it holds a lot of pre-teen novels and paperbacks. This heavy constructional shelf is much larger than just to use for blu-ray, CDs, and DVDs. So, it’s alright to use it for another decorative purpose.

Clear Instructions

It has come with clear manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore, assembling or installing this shelf will take only a little time. The instructions are given in a complete booklet. So, you’ll get every info you need about installation.

Huge Storage Space

It has come with 7 large shelving units which are more than you need. So, having this wonderful shelf will solve your limited storage problem with ease.

Things to Consider

The backside of the shelf tower is a bit little flimsy

Why Would You Like This?

This ideal piece of furniture will fit anywhere according to your demands, for instance, in-home or office settings.  The hue of the shelf finish allows it to be placed beside any of the accompaniment finished furniture. This trendy shelf is an outstanding gadget for collectible display purposes as well besides the CD, DVD, or blu-rays storage, etc in terms of its luxury features.


  • It doesn’t get any toxic fabric application
  • Strong body construction with engineered wood
  • Large storage capacity of 280 DVDs and 426 CDs
  • Adjustable Height

Check Price On Amazon

4. Prepac Large Spinning Tower the Best DVD Storage

A shelf with horizontal storage accommodation is featured for easy storing. This way, the Prepac locking media storage cabinet is one of the best DVD storage. It offers easy storing and re-filling of your collection. Organizing the shelving units with various items takes very less time in terms of its wide spacing feature.

This storage shelf of Prepac has come with a high capacity to put different items. The 225 Ibs capacity of this shelf will allow you to use your storage space as you need. Besides, it can hold 1040 CDs, 832 Blu-rays discs, 476 DVDs, 280 VHS, and many more. It works fine as also the industrial open display shelf organizer unit. 

It has a fully adjustable base and top that are made of MDF profile to enlarge stability. When you’re concerned about the repairmen cost, Prepac will offer a 5-year of manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Prepac
  • Material- MDF Wood
  • Dimension- 18.75×18.75×65 inches
  • Shape– Cubic
  • Room Type– Living
  • Weight- 34.4 Pounds
  • Color-Espresso
  • Style- 4sided
  • Finish Type- Espresso
  • Mounting Type- Floor Mount
  • Warranty- 5 Years



This shelf is constructed of CARB compliant with a sturdy laminated wood to deliver high-end performance. It is well capable to hold multi-products with various weight levels.

High-End Instruction Booklet

Often the users get into a trap at the shelf assemble and installation time due to instruction lacking. But, the Prepac has got an entire booklet to guide you through its assembling process.

Organized Shipping Process

There’s no tension of fragile shipment when it is about Prepac. Your product will reach well-packed and it will be alright after getting it out of the packaging box. The product reaches the users as same as they order.

Things to Consider

It is a heavy-weight shelf that you cannot move anytime you want.

Why Would You Like This?

Nobody likes a gadget that requires all the hassling procedures to assemble and install afterward. So, if you too like easy assembling of your shelf, the Prepac will be your favorite gadget. What’s more, it has got a stylish design to suit every room’s décor.


  • Adjustable shelving units
  • Space Saving footprint as additional features
  • A great library wall tower
  • Quality Solid Lock-System cabinet

Check Price On Amazon

5. Atlin Designs the Best DVD Storage Cabinet

If you want to get a storage shelf with a wonderful combination of home décor fashion and practical storage, the Atlin will be the best DVD storage cabinet for you. It has come in three different sizes to help you manage your huge CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays collection. It’s a stand-alone wall mount shelf for easily accessible storage.

It comes up with a huge storage capacity to hold 702 CDs, 658 Blu-rays discs, 448 DVDs, 357 Video games, 266 videos, and many more. It has been carrying such an incredibly large storage space that is completely incredible.

The measurement of quality comes in handy especially when you’ve limited space. This wall-mounted gadget is easily moveable on the wall at any adjustable height. Therefore, meeting the room interior requirements with the Atlin is pretty trouble-free.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Atlin
  • Material- Engineered Wood
  • Dimension- 14.5×24×64 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Room Type– Living
  • Weight- 104.5 Pounds
  • Style- Contemporary
  • Finish Type- Brushed
  • Mounting Type- Wall Mount
  • Item Wash Type- Hand Wash


Dynamic Configuration

The dynamic configuration of this shelf lets you keep track of your consistently growing number of multimedia collections. You can conveniently organize and store all your blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs, video games, arrow video in its adjustable shelving units.

Brush Nickel Handles

The entire shelf design is outstanding and elegant with all the exceptionally designed shelving parts like doors. The door of the Atlin has got solid brush nickel gorgeous handles that made it more convenient as well as stylish. You can move the doors at 180° movement.

Key-Locking Technology

Locking technology is an additional advantage of the Atlin shelf as it will make sure security and safety of the collection. It will relieve you from items losing in terms of the key locking feature.

Things to Consider

The total weight is 105 pounds which is way too heavy to think even.

Why Would You Like This?

The construction of Atlin is from the expertly-crafted engineered wood as well as laminate finish. As a result, the Atlin came up with long durability. Also, it will surely highlight your living space with the media organization.


  • Hing-Point Mounted Offset Door
  • Largest Capacity to hold multiple items
  • Stylish design
  • Easy Installation
  • 64″ Tall dimension

Check Price ON Amazon

6. Prepac Espresso Grande the Best Media Storage Furniture with Shaker Doors

The Espresso Grande shelf is the best media storage furniture to store multimedia collections orderly and neatly. With the practical function and traditional style, this cabinet-styled blu-rays shelf can complement any room design. It will add value in terms of its locking system shaker doors and the wide range of storage space.

All the shelves of this cabinet are well-featured and adjustable to customize according to your necessity. The lock of the door is up in the cabinet that the curious kids can never reach. The shaker doors with 180° movement featured the shelf more convenient and easily reachable.

Product Specification

  • Brand- Prepac
  • Material- Wood
  • Dimension- 14.5×24×64 inches
  • Shape– Rectangular
  • Room Type– Living
  • Weight- 30.2 Pounds



The high-end MDF backer and non-toxic composite wood body construction featured the Espresso Grande storage shelf as long-lasting. It will serve for years without any repairing hassle

Large Capacity

With a large capacity, this blu-ray espresso media tower storage can store 266 VHS, 448 DVDs, 658 blu-rays, and 702 CDs. Still, it will keep some space for your next growing media collection.


The availability of 6 fixed and 17 adjustable shelving units allow you to store the different size of a media collection. As a result, customizing the shelf works fine to store the items according to their size. All the items are easily reachable.

Things to Consider

Take more wall space and are a bit more expensive than regular shelves.

Why Would You Like This?

A plethora of books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays discs, and all other media collections require a large storing space for better organizing purposes. The Espresso Grande cabinet for all sorts of media collections is an obvious solution. The horizontal storage design is fit for filling, re-filling, and storing a constant large growing collection.

However, the base of the shelf body construction and also its top is built with an MDF profile to provide extended stability with any loading storage.


  • Included CARB construction
  • Elegant and stylish handles on both sides
  • Large storage space including on door sides
  • Readily available booklet for easy assemble

Check ON Price Amazon

7. Venture Horizon Revolving 1600 Grande-Black the Best Media Storage Cabinet

If you want to brighten up any of your rooms, I have got the best media storage cabinet solution right here. You can choose the Revolving 1600 Grande-Black Media Storage Cabinet. It doesn’t require you to strain your neck while storing or organizing the media collection as it can rotate a full 360-degree rotating storage display

With the Revolving 1600 Grande-Black cabinet, CDs, Blu-rays, DVDs, and other items are simple to organize according to their category, size, and weight.

The swivel plate is made of robust fiberglass to enhance the item holding capacity of 400 Ibs which stands at the equivalent weight of 2000 blu-rays. Can you even imagine how strong and large the storage space it has?

Product Specification

  • Brand- Venture Horizon
  • Material- Oak
  • Color-BlackFinish
  • Room Type– Living
  • Weight- 125 Pounds


Easy Maintenance

This shelf is easy to clean with a slightly wet piece of cloth. It requires no extra tools or procedures to maintain. You can clean it as same as the other furniture cleaning procedure at your home.

Extra Large Media Capacity

This huge collection media storage cabinet can bear up to 400Ibs weight. You may never have to look for any other cabinet to store your remaining and also upcoming media collections. Because the Revolving all alone can allow you to store 1600 CDs, 840 blu-rays, 756 DVDs, and many more.

4 Gorgeous Colors are Available

All models of this cabinet are available in 4 beautiful colors black, oak, cherry, and walnut. Choose your favorite one!

Things to Consider

Heavy weighted

Why Would You Like This?

It spins so smoothly and is strain-resistant. The laminated wood composites with MDF made this model super strong and durable. Most amazingly, it is available in 4 different models and sizes. So, choosing the right one will be trouble-free as per your requirements.


  • Slim Design for less space requirement
  • Locking System is available
  • A huge library wall tower
  • Extended Stability

Check ON Price Amazon

How to Store Blu-Ray Discs

A poor storing organization method can damage the Blu-rays discs. So, the management strategy for blu-rays discs should be well organized so that the discs remain safe from data loss. Here are some of the best ways how you can store them-

Replace Old Discs

Usually, the old blu-rays discs get scratches on the surface and caused data loss. And, you cannot use them the way you want. In that case, I recommend you buy new discs and take away the older discs. It will make the storing purpose handier and hassle-free.

Use the Blu-rays Discs Once at Time

You should not use the same discs twice at a time. Use them once and keep them clean. To avoid data loss, you can keep multiple copies of the important discs.

Store the Discs in a Dry and Cold Place

Make sure the storage place is dry and cold to prevent moisture. Moisture can damage the blu-rays discs before their expiration.

Handle Carefully while Storing

The blu-rays discs aren’t scratch-resistant to use on the Blu-ray player. The surface of the discs is too vulnerable and gets scratched so easily. You should trim your nails before touching the discs. Besides, make sure you’re not holding the discs be the edge of the discs, not on the surface directly.

Avoid Using Same Cover for Multiple Discs

If you put multiple discs on the same cover, surely the discs will get scratched and damaged. So, use a separate cover and box for separate blu-rays discs.

However, following these 4 ways, you can store the blu-rays discs with ease.

How to Organize Your Movie Collection

You must put the media collection in an organized way if your movie collection is extremely large. It will help you get the required movie discs hassle-free. Here are some significant tips to organize them orderly.

Focus on Genre or Movie Title

If you organize your movie collection considering the title or genre, you’ll get easily whatever movie you want to watch. Arrange them alphabetically in two methods. First, separate them by genre and then by the title.


Organizing the movie collection according to genre means you’ve to separate them accreting to the movie type. For example,

  • Action Comedies
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Chick Flicks
  • Video Games 
  • Kids
  • Documentaries
  • Historical
  • Television, etc.

If you want to organize them according to the movie title, organize them alphabetically. It is a quick way to find your favorite movie in a minute.

Use Shelves

Shelving organization is the nicest way to get the movies trouble-free. Shelves offer easy access and also keep them dust-free. Place the CD, and DVD in the first phase which is with boxes. But, don’t forget to keep them displaying the title in front. Level the shelving units alphabetically for quick reach like A-L, P-T, etc.

Use Box

Keeping the media collection in a box is another significant way to place them in an organized way. If you put the CD, or DVD in a box, it will also be organized, dust-free, and easily accessible. And, it takes no time to find which movie you’re looking for.


How do you store Blu-Rays?

To store blue rays, you require a high-quality shelf or cabinet that will keep them safe and moisture free. You should put them in a dry place.

How do I store DVDs on a shelf?

If you keep the DVDs along with their plastic cases, they will take a huge place. To save up to 70% storage space, you should remove the plastic case while storing.

How do I view a Blu-ray collection?

Store all the blu-rays separately according to their categories. It will give a quick and easy view while looking for a specific disc.

How should I organize my DVD collection?

Organizing the DVD collection according to title and genre is an ideal way.

What is Blu-ray storage?

Well, the Blu-rays are digital optical storage discs that are capable to store high-definition 4/ 5 hours long video with HD TV 720 & 1080p. It will offer high-resolution pictures that you won’t get from a general CD or DVD.


As you’re a blu-rays user and struggling to store blu-rays in a perfect place, the solution is given right above. The reason I’ve chosen these 6 shelves for my top list is their unique features with large media storage capacity. Also, these shelves are designed economically to save space. And, these won’t require a high budget. 

Having any of these best shelves for blu rays can offer the best performance and help you to organize them in an orderly way than before. This shelving system will relieve you from data loss tension, I believe. Thanks for Reading!

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