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Best Food Storage Shelves – Build On Your Pantry Space

Many people use plastic bins and snack pouches to store their baking supplies and other food items. This particular way of storage can come short in so many ways that you can’t imagine. First up, food supplies are heavy and need to be arranged to perfection if you want easy access to them.

Kitchen cabinets can be a lifesaver but what if your kitchen lacks such creation? Your kitchen organization can go haywire without the proper storing place. This is where the best food storage shelves come into play. The shelving system is not your regular kitchen counter, rather they have better space for your bulk foods.

In this write-up, I’ve scoured some of the finest kitchen pantry shelves for you. These stackable storing units provide easy reach and spacious accommodation for your food items. Without further ado, let’s jump into the superior pick.  

Top 8 Best Food Storage Shelves – Organize your pantry for maximum food storage

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Shelving UnitBetter Storage Capacity Supports Weight Without Issues Adjustable Height DurabilityCheck Price
Honey Can Do SHF01442 Shelving UnitEasy To Set Up Adjustable Racks Decent Weight Capacity Suitable For Different PlacesCheck Price
SINGAYE Adjustable Storage ShelfMulti-Purpose Use Easy To Install And Adjustable Quality Materials Load CapacityCheck Price
Smart Design Pantry OrganizerWall Mountable And Easy To Assemble Wide Range Of Use Secure Fitting Smart DesignCheck Price
ALVORGO Shelving Storage UnitEasy Installation Top Tier Materials Weight Capacity Anti Rust DesignCheck Price
YOHKOH Wire ShelvingTop Quality Materials Anti Rust Design Adjustable Height Wide Range Of Use  Check Price
Simple Trending Can Rack OrganizerMaterials Used Organize Better Stack One Over Other Multiple ApplicationCheck Price
Function Home Store Pantry StorageElegant Design Number Of Compartments Adjustable Feature Built In Handles And Adhesive TapesCheck Price

1. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Shelving Unit (Best Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit)

How about a versatile wire rack that can be used as a kitchen pantry as well as put in garage and office space? Well, you don’t have to look far away, because the Amazon Basics 5 shelf can alleviate your storage dilemma. 

This is one heavy-duty item that has a good load capacity. So I would suggest you utilize its strength to preserve your canned goods, snacks, spices, vegetables, etc. Let’s see what else it has to offer. 

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Shelving Unit (Best Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Unit)


  • Made by Amazon Basics
  • It measures 36x14x42 inches
  • Works with floor mounting system
  • Made with alloy steel
  • It has 5 adjustable shelves


Better Storage Capacity

With four middle layers and a top-shelf, it is very spacious and has an advantage over countertops. The 5 shelves are stacked in such a way that you can use them in your kitchen, garage space and office and it will still look good.

Supports Weight Without Issues

Believe it or not, this shelf can tackle heavy weights and it won’t break. A single rack can handle up to 350 lbs, meaning 5 of them can carry 1750 lbs with ease. Ideal for stacking foods and other small items.

Adjustable Height

The good news is that this shelf can look mammoth as well as it can be compressed to a smaller unit. This is because the metal posts can be adjusted manually. Each post can be moved in 1-inch increments. So if you need height, this shelf can transform itself.

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Shelving Unit

This unit is made with hard-wearing steel, which makes the shelf sturdy and unbreakable. The steel platings are given a black chrome finish to make them stand out in terms of looks.


The chrome paint chips off easily and you can be left with bare metal. Another thing is that I won’t suggest you put large heavier objects like a microwave or anything.

Expert’s Verdict

I love the fact that this is a great food organizer. It is very easy to install and does not require critical tools. This shelf can accommodate loads of more than 1700 lbs in total, which is decent enough for kitchen use. The adjustable height and wire design are something you don’t want to miss out on. 

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2. Honey Can Do SHF01442 Shelving Unit For Basement food storage shelves

Having pantry shelves in your kitchen setup can make your cooking place more striking and more importantly allow more storage for your food. Many people have asked me about the best food pantry shelves in the market and I’ve recommended the Honey Can Do shelving unit to numerous people. 

It is a wonderful thing to have a solid unit in your kitchen and this particular product in one high-quality storage rack. It is adjustable and is made with top-notch materials to accommodate foods, kitchen utensils, etc.

Honey Can Do SHF01442 Shelving Unit For Basement food storage shelves


  • Made by Honey Can Do
  • It measures 14x46x72 inches
  • Has a free-standing design
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Consists 5 adjustable shelves


  • Easy To Set Up

Unlike other shelves, this product is easy to install. It doesn’t need any external tools to lock and handle the pieces. Just get it out of the box, place the fittings according to the manual and you are good to go.

  • Adjustable Racks

The 5 counters on this shelving system can be adjusted manually. You can easily tweak the height as per your requirement. 

Honey Can Do SHF01442 Shelving Unit
  • Decent Weight Capacity

Believe it or not, each shelf can accommodate 200 lbs of weight without breaking. Overall it can tackle a weight limit of 2000 lbs. This is more than good for food items, pant pails, etc. 

  • Suitable For Different Places

It is not limited to kitchen storage. You can take this sleek-looking shelf and place it in your garage. It can easily hold on to your garage tools. Overall you can use it in residential spaces and commercial places too. 


Installation directions are just diagrams and not written instructions. The plastic clips that come with it might not fit in some cases. 

Expert’s Verdict

There is no doubt that this kitchen shelf is here to deliver the goods and make your life easier. You can easily store sugar, pasta, tea, rice bags, beans and fruits on its sturdy counters. The outlook of this shelf is gorgeous, so it can easily fit into any kitchen and even garage. This product is such a wonderful thing to have.

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3. SINGAYE Adjustable Storage Shelf (Best Metal Storage Rack Wire Shelving Unit)

Where do you keep all the cereal, fruit and dry beans in your kitchen? Many will prefer the cupboards to store such food items. Not everyone has cupboards in their kitchen and they have to rely on shelves instead. 

What better than the Singaye adjustable storage rack? There are tons of shelf manufacturers out there in the market, but none make sturdy shelves like Singaye. This particular unit is a stylish metal shelf with a good max weight capacity. 

SINGAYE Adjustable Storage Shelf (Best Metal Storage Rack Wire Shelving Unit)


  • Made by SINGAYE
  • It measures 14×23.6×59.1 inches
  • Free-standing shelf
  • Consists metal frame and steel wire
  • 5-tier shelf with adjustable height


  • Multi-Purpose Use

This item can be placed in your living room, kitchen and garage without much fuss. This is made to store foods, store suitcases, books, crafts, etc. 

Multi-Purpose Use
  • Easy To Install And Adjustable

It comes with pin tunes, making the installation a cakewalk. Just follow the instructions and this product will be in working condition in seconds. The height is fully adjustable and you can set it to your preference.

  • Quality Materials

This shelf is made with high-quality carbon steel that will last for years to come. There is no chance of it bending anytime soon. 

  • Load Capacity

Each rack has a weight capacity of 133 pounds. In total, it can lift weights up to 660 pounds without deteriorating. Ideal for food supplies and other household items.


The metal poles on this shelf could be better in terms of quality. There are some complaints about them not being rigid enough, thus popping out of position.

Expert’s Verdict

If you are looking for a little shelf with commendable load capacity, then this is it. Each rack can hold more than 100 lbs, adequate enough for jars, fruits, etc. This is one versatile piece that can also enhance the beauty of your living room. You can stack your small luggage bags, crafts and other essentials without any hassle. 

Arranging the spices can be tricky when you have a small kitchen. In that case, you can use the Smart Design spice rack to make things easier. It is a well-known shelf that has been acknowledged by home chefs and professionals. 

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4. Smart Design Pantry Organizer (Best Dry Food Storage Shelves)

Made of alloy steel, this rack has the option to be mounted on the wall. You can save floor space and still have your spices organized in one place. What else does this item offer? Let’s figure it out. 

Smart Design Pantry Organizer (Best Dry Food Storage Shelves)


  • Made by Smart Design
  • It measures 59×19.5×7.5 inches
  • Wall mount hanging shelf
  • Comprises 6 baskets
  • Made of steel


  • Wall Mountable And Easy To Assemble

You don’t have to set it up using complicated tools. Just attach the pieces as instructed in the manual and it will be fine. There is a wall countable hook that can fit doors and walls. There are rigid hooks and attachments to make the installation safer. 

  • Wide Range Of Use

This product can adorn your kitchen, your garage area, your laundry and even your craft room. This shelf can accommodate all kinds of spice jars, containers, garage tools, detergent bottles, etc.

  • Secure Fitting

If you are worried about the stability of this product, then don’t be. It is very stable and will fit on 99%of the doors out there. The attachments that come with it are hard-wearing materials that will give this shelf a solid formation. 

  • Smart Design

I’ve seen hanging shelves that are unpleasant and take unnecessary space, but not this one. It is one sleek shelving system that is striking and has decent spacing for your foods.

Smart Design Pantry Organizer


Not for heavy objects. It can carry jars and containers, but make sure you don’t overwhelm it with large items. The attachments tend to come off and the rack might fall off when loaded excessively.

Expert’s Verdict

I have to give it a thumbs up for its portability and ability to mount on walls and doors. It saves a lot of space in the kitchen area and does have 6 storing baskets, enough for spices and other goods. It is easy to install and works well with smaller items. It does come apart with excessive weight, but for storing spices I can’t complain much.

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5. ALVORGO Shelving Storage Unit (Vegetable Can Storage Racks)

In many cases, I’ve seen cupboards fill up with food items and lack of space in the cabinet leaving people hoarding goods. Why take a chance and ruin the food? Get an Alvorgo shelving system instead. 

ALVORGO is a manufacturer of top-quality shelves and I present to you this heavy-duty organizer. This can be used in the kitchen and store all kinds of foods and kitchenware without any extra addition.

ALVORGO Shelving Storage Unit (Vegetable Can Storage Racks)


  • Crafted by ALVORGO
  • It measures 13.4×15.9×23.2 inches
  • Has a floor mount design
  • 5 tier rack
  • Made with high-grade metal


  • Easy Installation

Say no to critical setups. This shelf can be put up in seconds by following the manual. There are no extra tools needed for securing the shape.

  • Top Tier Materials

Made with solid metal and wire mesh, nothing can beat its sturdiness. It is strong and stable at the same time. The bottom feet won’t let it slip and slide anytime soon. 

ALVORGO Shelving Storage Unit
  • Weight Capacity

Each tier can hold up to 55lbs of weight. Overall it can withstand 275 lbs. You can even try to put a microwave on one shelf and food items and jars on the others.

  • Anti Rust Design

This unit can make your kitchen, living room and even garage look eye-catching. The black coating is there to make sure it is rust-proof and lasts for a longer period. 


The width of this product seems to be a little small compared to other items. The installation is easy as there is a manual, but setting it up requires a little mastery and patience.

Expert’s Verdict

I love the fact that it has adjustable height. You can make the shelf as long as you want. Increase the pole height in 3 cm increments to suffice your need. The durable material is what I commend most. If you purchase this item, you will undoubtedly get a rugged and long-lasting food storage shelf.

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6. YOHKOH Wire Shelving (Best Kitchen Storage Shelves)

The ideal way to create space for your foods is to have a shelf in your kitchen. Get something that can hold rice bowls, jars, packed foods, cans, etc. For that, you need a spacious shelving system and I have the right one just for you. 

Yohkoh wire shelf is something you don’t want to miss out on. It is an adjustable 5-rack system that can better the aesthetics of your indoor space. Not only in the kitchen, but this can also be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, garages, etc.

YOHKOH Wire Shelving (Best Kitchen Storage Shelves)


  • Crafted by Yohkoh
  • The size is 16.6×11.8xx48 inches
  • Has adjustable feet
  • 5 tier shelf
  • Made with high-quality metal


  • Top Quality Materials

This item is made of a high-strength steel tube and has a wired base for improved stability. When put up, this product can accommodate a weight of up to 500 lbs. 

  • Anti Rust Design

The materials are coated with an anti-rust formula, which helps to withstand water and corrosion at will. It works best in kitchen space. You can place it in your bathroom as well.

  • Adjustable Height

This food storage shelf has adjustable feet that can be utilized on uneven surfaces. The side panels are adjustable too, so you can fix them to a preferred height. 

  • Wide Range Of Use

Not just for kitchen use, this sleek and portable shelf can be used in garages, rooms, balconies, bathrooms and many other places. Just keep your essentials on top of the shelves and it should not budge. 

YOHKOH Wire Shelving


Setting the clips on the groove can be a little tiring, but not impossible. The installation does not require extra tools, but it does take a little skill to fit the attachments.

Expert’s Verdict

It comes at a reasonable price and I can assure you that you are not going to get a better option than this one within its price range. It is sturdy and has a decent weight handling capacity. It fits well in any kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. What else do you need?

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7. Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer (Food Storage Rack Pantry)

Storing cans on regular shelves has the risk of getting them damaged. You might not have a refrigerator at all times, so how are you gonna arrange the soda cans? The best way to go about it is to purchase a can rack. 

A Simple Trending organizer is one such item that can give you ample space for storing goods. It can be placed on the floor or top of the table counter. This rack is made with the best quality materials for durability and longevity.

Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer (Food Storage Rack Pantry)


  • Made by Simple Trending
  • The size is 13×17.38×13.75 inches
  • Floor mount design
  • 6 adjustable partition
  • Made of chrome metal


  • Materials Used

It is made with the highest quality metal and chrome plating. The design is sleek and functional in carrying cans and other foods. There are rubber pads on the bottom to resist sliding.

  • Organize Better

This product has 6 separate plastic partitions for more storage. You can put in different sizes of cans and this shelf can take them all without any hassle.

  • Stack One Over Other

It has 4 connectors made of metal, which can be utilized to stack one rack over the other. This gives you more space to work with. 

  • Multiple Application

This rack can adjust to the size you desire. Simply attach/detach the racks and get your desired height. It can work as a solo storage unit or placed along with other tools in your kitchen pantry.


The size of this product is small and this is not a spacious rack. You have to remember this is tailored to store cans. So placing large items is not recommended.

Expert’s Verdict

I’ve never been so satisfied with a can storage system. This product is topnotch and sturdy enough to hold as many as 36 varieties of cans and jars. For keeping ovens and other food items, I would suggest you look elsewhere, but for what it is made of, there is nothing better than this.

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8. Function Home Store Pantry Storage (Food Storage Shelves With Doors)

You might have tons of ideas for your kitchen shelving unit, but they might not be functional. I would suggest you look for the best shelving system if you want adequate storage space.

One item I’ve come up with is the Function Home pantry storage shelf. It is one of the most eye-catching shelves I’ve seen. It is a cupboard with adjustable racks inside it. The door option is what you will like the most. 

Function Home Store Pantry Storage (Food Storage Shelves With Doors)


  • Made by Function Home
  • The size is 12×23.2×41 inches
  • Free standing design
  • 16 different partitions
  • Made with engineered wood


  • Elegant Design

This shelving system certainly stands out from the others in terms of looks. The clean white cupboard-like shelf is worth the hype. It can be easily pleased along with your furniture to enhance the visual aesthetics.

  • Number Of Compartments

It has 4 middle compartments for storing big goods like jars, cups, etc. Then there are 12 side partitions for all kinds of small items like biscuits, coffee, milk packaging, etc.

Function Home Store Pantry Storage
  • Adjustable Feature

You can pick out the wooden pieces and make this shelf appear like a plane cabinet if you wish. The wood partitions are adjustable and can be moved up or down according to your needs.

  • Built In Handles And Adhesive Tapes

The front handle on this shelf gives you control over everything. Open it up in seconds and start prepping your food. The attachment does not include any critical tools. Just use the adhesive tapes to secure it along a wall. 


The door side shelves are a little small in comparison to other standing shelves. Another issue with this item is the peeling white paint over time.

Expert’s Verdict

If you are looking for something elegant and luxurious, then this is it. It is a super product for indoor use. This shelf will make your room look more promising and will aid you with food storage. There are ample compartments inside the shelf to accommodate numerous goods. Stop wasting your time and buy one for yourself.

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How To Build Food Storage Shelves

You can either purchase ready-made food storage shelves or opt to make one. Remember that crafting a handmade shelf needs skill and patience. If you are willing to build one, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Gather The Equipment

You will need 

  • Lumbar
  • Wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • Safety goggles
  • Jigsaw
  • Carpentry pencil
  • Tape for measurement
  • Drill bits and drill machine

Step 2: Building The Sides

To start up you need to create the sides for the rack. Use 2×2 lumber with 1×3 supports. Use a plain surface for the best results. Lock the legs on the support with wood screws. 

Step 3: Lock The Sides With Aprons

Always use pilot holes before screw insertion, to prevent splitting of wood. Once the sides are made, lock them with aprons. Then insert the nails on the leg braces.

Step 4: Creating The Shelves

With the support all done and dusted. Now you need to put a gap between the 1×3 support and secure the 1×2 frame firmly. 

Step 5: Glue the Edges

For best support and stability, always glue the edges. Use ¼’’bit and router to fine-tune the exposed edges. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Use wood filler to fill up the excessive holes. Dry out the wood and then sand the surface with a 120 grit paper to take off the dust and debris. You are done. 

How To Organize Cans In A Deep Pantry

Organizing a deep pantry is not as easy as it looks. The more the space, the more critical it becomes to organize things. I like to follow some rules when I am storing canned goods in a deep pantry. Here it goes.

Lower Shelves Are For Heavier Items

Having a deep pantry, your first abiding rule should be this. Storing heavier items on lower shelves gives you control over the shelf and utilizes the overall space. Heavy items overhead can cause injuries so it’s better to pick them up from a lowered position. 

Rarely Used Items Should Be Stored Higher

Things that you use rarely must be stored up high. Items like a cookie-cutter and straws that you use occasionally should be placed on the higher shelves. Avoid glass items at these paces, you might injure yourself as they can fall and break easily.

Arrange Items According To Height

The best way to keep everything in a count is to arrange them according to height. Start with smaller things and gradually go for bigger items. Doing so, you won’t be losing any item in between one another. This arrangement gives you better reach and therefore you don’t have to knock over items to reach one. 

Use Appliances On Deeper Shelves

Coffee machines, kettles, toasters and other small appliances are best suited for the deeper storage area. This helps to free out spaces for other essential items. 

Keep in mind that overstacking and hoarding are a big no-no when dealing with deep shelves. Be minimalistic, be unique!


Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy Storage Shelves?

It’s cheaper to make your own storage shelf than to purchase one. For example, a readymade garage shelf can cost 60 to 70 dollars per foot, whereas making one can be as limited to 25 dollars.

How Do You Organize Food Storage Shelves?

There is no solid rule behind how to organize your food items. You can follow some basic rules though. Like, store heavier items in the lower deck. Arrange the unused items on a higher deck and lastly, you can arrange the food items according to their length and size. This should give you better reach.

How Do You Make Rotating Storage?

The making of the storage shelf is given above. Simply follow that step-by-step technique to build the shelving system. Then you have to make your own wooden lazy susan attachment to work as the main base. 
Start by making a solid base, then attach the lazy susan you purchased using bolts. You can also check out the Shepherd Bearing Lazy Susan. Once you are done with the base and lazy susan attachment, you can place the shelf on top of it and secure it carefully. The shelf should rotate from now on. 

Final Words

Managing space in the kitchen for canned goods, packed foods, vegetables, etc can be intimidating. With a lack of storage ideas, you can end up messing up your cooking place. Let’s not do this. I recommend you to be thoughtful and add external shelves rather than dumping things in buckets and containers. 

When I say shelves, you better get something that is made for food storage. The best food storage shelves might help you succeed. If you’ve gone through my selections, my recommendation would be to go for Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Shelving Unit or the Honey Can Do SHF01442 Shelving Unit

These are durable and spacious shelves that can accommodate food and other belongings without any hassle. Don’t forget to look at the other reviewed items. Grab something that complements your dwelling space. It’s time to add to your storage space.

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