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Best Anchors For Floating Shelves – Make your Shelves Float Against the Wall

Decor owners know the importance of a wall. It is a place where most people showcase their artwork by hanging or putting the adornments on shelves. When talking about shelves, it is critical to put them up on a wall. 

You will need to find studs, then use a drill screw and bolts to attach the shelf into place. What if you can’t locate a wall stud? You can always pick alternatives like wall anchors. Anchors give a rigid foundation for the screws to settle into the wall. 

Today, I will talk about the best anchors for floating shelves to make things easier for you. Let’s continue.

Editor Choice – WETNFIX Anchors

  • Manufactured by WETNFIX
  • It measures 2.36’’ x 0.04’’ x 2.36’’
  • The weight is 0.75 ounces
  • Suitable for curtain rails, roll holders, shelves, etc

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Wall anchors can go bad at any time if you don’t purchase something good. I’ve seen many people with broken bits and damaged walls. Even the drywall surface needs to be looked after carefully. If not, then you might end up with unwanted cracks.

Say no to thuds and bolts with the one and only WETNFIX. It is the ideal solution for people looking to anchor any surface, then this is it. 


  • Multi-Purpose Use

Not only can you mount shelves with the help of this anchor, but you can also put other items like hooks, towel rails, etc. 

  • Easy Assembly

It is super convenient to use. You can get it ready in just 3 minutes. Follow the guide for perfect assembly.

  • Goes With Different Surfaces

This anchor is very versatile and will easily fix problems on drywall, wood, masonry, ceramic and such. 

  • Great Fix

This anchor has to be in your repair kit no matter what. You can end up with deformed anchor holes at any time, this is when the WETNFIX comes in handy. It can cover all the damages in no time.


Some complaints about the anchors coming loose and thus shelves can sag at times. 

Expert’s Verdict

If you are looking for a repairing solution with decent holding power, give this item a try. If any holes on the wall are damaged, you can have them fixed with this product in your hand. Insert the WETNFIX and give your shelves and frames the stability they deserve.

Top 9 Best Anchors For Floating Shelves List – Choose your Reliable Floating Shelves

ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Luomorgo Floating Shelf BracketsMade by LuomorgoBracket dimension is 3 x 0.55 x 2.8 inchesEach bracket support 110 lbsCustom made for floating objectsCheck Price
Joroamp Floating Shelf BracketsManufactured by JoroampBracket dimension is 12 x 3.2 x 1.6 inchesEach bracket support 40 poundsIdeal bracket for shelvingCheck Price
Antrader Floating Shelf BracketsMade by AntraderBracket dimension is 3.94×1.57×0.59 inchesTotal item weight of 14.8 lbsConstructed for floating itemsCheck Price
MHMYDZ Solid Steel BracketCrafted by MHMYDZEach bracket dimension is 8″ x ½”Packed dimension of 3.99 lbsWorks greek on floating shelvesCheck Price
FuWinet Floating Shelf BracketsFuwinet is the manufacturing companyPackage dimension of 7.6 x 4.41 x 1.06 inItem weight of 14 ouncesDesigned for floating unitsCheck Price
Evald Floating Shelf BracketMade by EvaldPackage dimension 6.38 x 5.59 x 1.65 inchesIt weighs 1.6 pounds in totalCrafted to embrace floating shelvesCheck Price
Smartsails Shelf BracketsMade by SmartsailsItem dimension is ‎0.04 (diameter) x 7 inches (length)Overall weight 1.25 poundsBest suited for floating shelvesCheck Price
Swpeet Assorted Toggle BoltMade by SwpeetPackage dimension is ‎7.6” x 4.88” x 1.89”Overall weight of 14.1 ouncesBest for holding up shelves on drywallCheck Price
Ansoon Zinc Self Drilling AnchorsManufactured by AnsoonIt measures 0.5’’x1.2’’The weight is 6.7 ounces with a screw kitSuitable for holding up shelves, curtain rails, etcCheck Price

2. Ansoon Zinc Self Drilling Anchors – Best Drywall Anchors For Shelves

Threaded drywall anchors are a thing when it comes to securing shelves and holders on a wall. To cover up a pre-drilled hole, or to make place for new screws, the Ansoon anchors can be a lifesaver in tough situations.

This item is constructed with strength in mind. It gives your hanging items a sturdy foundation to rest on. Let your art pieces hang like never before with this wonderful creation. Let’s check out the services it offers. 

Ansoon Zinc Self Drilling Anchors

  • Manufactured by Ansoon
  • It measures 0.5’’x1.2’’
  • The weight is 6.7 ounces with a screw kit
  • Suitable for holding up shelves, curtain rails, etc

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  • Made Of High-Quality Materials

Anchors, it has to be made with top quality materials to retain strength. The Ansoon anchors are made with top tier zinc material making them very sturdy.

  • Easy To Put In And Disassemble

You can easily get this anchor inside a wall, just use a drill bit or screws to insert the sharp ends onto the wall. On the other hand, it is very easy to unwind as well.

  • Good Load Capacity

It is very durable and hardwearing, therefore it can tackle heavy loads without breaking. You can put on 50 lbs of hanging materials without worrying. 

  • Comes With Philip Screws

Not just the anchors my friend. You are going to get 25 Philip screws with it. The screws are shaped to fit into the anchor at will. 

  • Variety Of Use

This anchor can go into drywalls and gypsum wallboards without any fuss. It can be used to hang kitchen utensils, curtain rods, shelving, etc.


One disadvantage is that the tips come off the anchors very easily and you might end up with welded ends. You will need pliers to get them off. Pre-drilling seems necessary otherwise the anchors can bend quickly.

Expert’s Verdict

To support heavier items these anchors will do a decent job. The main problem for me is the rigidity while you try to insert them into the walls. They bend too often and are not self-drilling items, so pre-drilling seems to be imminent to counter the issues. 

3. Swpeet Assorted Toggle Bolt – Best Toggle Bolts For Shelves Mount

If you are looking for a different type of anchor such as toggle anchors, ten check out the Swpeet toggle bolt. Installing floating shelves can be confusing and might need many re-do while anchoring. Well, if you have Swpeet, you won’t have to worry much. 

These toggle bolts are known as the ultimate drywall anchor and I certainly agree with it. What makes this item so special? Let’s break down some advantages for you. 

Swpeet Assorted Toggle Bolt

  • Made by Swpeet
  • Package dimension is ‎7.6” x 4.88” x 1.89”
  • Overall weight of 14.1 ounces
  • Best for holding up shelves on drywall

Check Price


  • Different Anchor Sizes

Unlike other anchors, these are toggle bolts and Swpeet has three different sizes available for you. You will find ⅛”, 3/16” and ¼” sized bolts in the box.

  • Wide Application

The toggle bolts can accommodate various weights and items such as water heaters, flower pots, racks, shelves and many other things.

  • Spring Design

Each item inside the box is crafted with a functional spring that can spring out inside a socket for better support. 

  • Easy Installation

Use drill bits to make the hole and simply put the anchors inside it. The spring should flush open once it goes in. Screw the patch and you are good to go.


The screw does wobble a bit because of the smaller head. You need to drill in a big hole to accommodate the spring function properly.

Expert’s Verdict

Excellent innovation to attach towel racks on the wall. Heavier shelves can be a little bit of an issue because of wobbly screws, but it does hold on to the weight once you install the anchors perfectly. 

4. Smartsails Shelf Brackets – Best Screws For Drywall Shelves

For floating shelves, I like brackets that remain hidden from sight. You will find many variations of such anchors that promise you similar features I am talking about, but not everything that shines is gold. I present you the Smartsails shelf brackets.

This simple tool will make your shelves look like they are floating in the air. It is made with high-quality materials and will last for ages. Let’s talk about some benefits.

Smartsails Shelf Brackets

  • Made by Smartsails
  • Item dimension is ‎0.04 (diameter) x 7 inches (length)
  • Overall weight 1.25 pounds
  • Best suited for floating shelves

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  • Top-Notch Materials

Made with PP plastic and iron, this anchor is certainly one of the strongest in the lot. It is sturdy and won’t bend with a heavy load. 

  • Effective Hold On Wall And Shelf Wood

With its 7 inch length, 3 inches go deep into the wall, whereas the other 4 inches remain on the outside to be pushed against the holes on the shelves to support it. 

  • Ideal For Various Occasions

You are not limited to shelves only. You can attach bookshelves, artworks and frames to your bedroom, storage room, showroom, etc.

  • Makes Shelves Look Like Floating Unit

This is the main speciality of this bracket. After installation, it will turn a shelf that appears to be floating against the wall. Impressive, right?


It works great on solid walls like concrete. Installation on drywall can be a little shaky, but it should be fine. 

Expert’s Verdict

If you are into the aesthetics of floating shelves, then you better get this anchor to make your work easier. It is solid and will stabilize the shelf excellently. 

5. Evald Floating Shelf Bracket – Best Drywall Anchors For Medium Weight

Seeking a drywall anchor package? Check out the Evald shelf bracket set. It is built for dry walls and solid walls, making it one of the most functional and rugged units. 

Why Evald? Well, it comes in a package that includes everything you need to hang floating shelves with perfection. Why do I rate it highly? Read below. 

Evald Floating Shelf Bracket

  • Made by Evald
  • Package dimension 6.38 x 5.59 x 1.65 inches
  • It weighs 1.6 pounds in total
  • Crafted to embrace floating shelves

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  • Materials

The evald brackets are made with high-quality carbon steel, making them extremely long-lasting and durable in handling heavy weight.

  • Can Be Used On Varying Wall Types

Working on stud walls is made easier with this evald product. You can secure it on solid walls and drywalls without worrying about damage. 

  • Includes More Than Just Bracket

This is what I call a perfect package. This Evald item comes with all other necessary small tools that are needed to fasten shelves on a wall properly. It comes with wall plugs, zinc screws, nylon drywall plugs and not to mention the brackets.

  • Big Load Capacity

Many anchors will die out while embracing bigger weights, but not this item. Evald brackets can hold up to 100 pounds of weight on each bracket.


It has numerous variables that can make a newbie confused. If you are a newcomer trying to make holes in the wall. The evald set can be a little complicated to look at and use. 

Expert’s Verdict

The built quality of the items you get in the package is just top-notch. They are solid and will support most floating shelves without any hitch. I would say this works best on stud walls. Get yourself a stud finder and make every piece in the box work magic for you.

6. FuWinet Floating Shelf Brackets – Best Screws For Wood Shelves

Floating shelves look rad when you install them using invisible brackets. People prefer small anchor ends on the underside of the shelf but that might not be effective for some shelvings.

The FuWinet brackets are one good example of invisible anchors. They are crafted in a way so that you can put one end inside the wall and the other onto the shelf for easy push and pull assembly on the go. 

FuWinet Floating Shelf Brackets

  • Fuwinet is the manufacturing company
  • Package dimension of 7.6 x 4.41 x 1.06 in
  • Item weight of 14 ounces
  • Designed for floating units

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  • Easy Installation

The assembly process of this shelf bracket is easy as pie. You just need to follow the instructions given along the package and you can set it up in a flash.

  • Quality Materials

Made of ABS plastic and heavy-duty iron, these shelving brackets are super strong and can hold onto a weight of 15lbs on single units. For shelves with two end holes, you can put in 30 pounds of crafts and decors without the shelf being dismantled.

  • All In One

It has everything you need to set up a shelving unit. You will get 8 separate brackets, screws and anchors for the wall. 

  • Suitable For Adorning Different Areas

Having the FuWinet brackets you will be able to decorate your room, recreational space and workspace with eye-catching floating shelves. It will keep the external parts hidden from sight making things more aesthetically pleasing.


The plastic shell simply makes it look a little flimsy and it does underperform with heavy weights on it. So if you are planning to accommodate bigger items, stay away. 

Expert’s Verdict

I don’t recommend this if you have decorative items over 100 pounds to sit on the shelf. It won’t do much good on drywalls holding bigger shelves. If you plan to go small and put lightweight products on shelves, then it can be a good choice. 

7. MHMYDZ Solid Steel Bracket – Best Steel Brackets For Walls

If you are looking for anchors that are known for their top tier holding strength, then the MHMYDZ brackets should be your ultimate workhorse. It is a product where you won’t see anything flimsy nor will it act weak when installed on the wall.

MHMYDZ steel bracket looks pleasant to the eye with its sleek black design. What’s important is that, after setting it up, it will be hidden from the viewer’s sight, allowing you to utilize a floating shelf.

MHMYDZ Solid Steel Bracket

  • Crafted by MHMYDZ
  • Each bracket dimension is 8″ x ½”
  • Packed dimension of 3.99 lbs
  • Works greek on floating shelves

Check Price


  • Heavy-Duty Materials

This product is made up of solid steel welded to perfection. It gives adequate strength and support to the shelves when you place them. A pair of brackets can accommodate 80 lbs in total.

  • For All Kinds Of Wall

No matter if it’s drywall, something with studs or solid brick planes, this item can be inserted into the majority of the surfaces without any hassle. 

  • For Different Purpose

This stylistic anchor bracket is ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, etc. The hidden feature is what you will love and it is destined to make your shelving look exquisite. 

  • Convenient Installation

With the use of simple DIY tools, you can install the anchor, bracket and screws into position. Just follow the guideline provided by the manufacturer and shine on. 


Setting up the units can be a little tiring because of all the drilling and all, but once they are up, they will perform. Uninstalling it piece by piece is simply a pain in the neck.

Expert’s Verdict

It is a good sturdy piece of bracket that comes with anchors and screws to make your task easier. You will get strong items that should hold a shelf easily. What I like is the invisible feature of it. You won’t be seeing the extra bits of this anchor once you put the shelves on.

8. Antrader Floating Shelf Brackets – Best Drywall Anchors Kit

What do you need to hang a shelf on the wall? Brackets, screws and anchors right? Guess what, I have another high-quality product just for you. The Antrader brackets are simply one of the stylish and quick to install brackets I’ve seen.

This bracket is rugged and can hold on to shelves if paired properly. You can undoubtedly go for Antrader if you want to utilize a floating unit.

Antrader Floating Shelf Brackets

  • Made by Antrader
  • Bracket dimension is 3.94×1.57×0.59 inches
  • Total item weight of 14.8 lbs
  • Constructed for floating items

Check Price


  • All In One Package

With Antrader you will get a complete set that includes 4 separate 4-inch brackets, 8 pieces of wall plugs and 8 strong screws.

  • Materials

Constructed with cold-rolled steel, that makes it a powerful item. The matte finish simply adds to the aesthetic side of it. 

  • Tailor-Made For Floating Planks

The bracket goes into the wall and the shelf itself, without leaving any elements exposed underneath or on the side of it. For floating shelves, this is one hell of a choice. 

  • Fast And Easy Set-Up

You have to drill a hole on the wooden shelf according to the bar diameter, then drill the wall to embrace the plugs and screws. Not insert everything into place and place the shelf by sliding it onto the rods. 


The welding at the joints of these brackets seems to be a little off, plus the plastic anchors don’t work for me. You can go for zinc anchors for strong hold.

Expert’s Verdict

As for its hiding characteristics, this is a great unit. The brackets themselves look pleasing because of the black coating, but the welding joints could be a notch better, to provide adequate support. That being said, if you plan to put up medium-sized racks on these brackets, you won’t be disappointed.

9. Luomorgo Floating Shelf Brackets  Best Metal Drywall Anchors

These Lumorgo iron brackets are for those who want a heavy-duty tool to hold on to their precious shelves. Unlike traditional brackets, this can make the decoration look better with its bracket blind feature. 

Yes, you’ve heard it right. This is not any traditional bend metal frame to accommodate shelvings. It will remain hidden from your views, yet hold on to the shelves properly.

Luomorgo Floating Shelf Brackets

  • Made by Luomorgo
  • Bracket dimension is 3 x 0.55 x 2.8 inches
  • Each bracket support 110 lbs
  • Custom made for floating objects

Check Price


  • Top Quality Materials|

It is made with nickel-plated iron which makes it one of the strongest of the lot. It won’t rust anytime soon so it is destined to last for ages. 

  • Load Capacity

I love the fact that each holder can ensure 110 lbs weight, which is superior to many items on the market. 

  • Invisible Feature

Ideal floating shelf anchors and brackets remain out of sight after installation and this product is one such item. After installation the metal components won’t peek out, thus you see just the plank floating against the wall. 

  • Ideal For Different Wall Types

This bracket comes in a set, which includes 4 brackets, 8 anchors and 8 screws to make your installation procedure hassle-free.


These screw heads sit higher than the flange, which I believe is a flaw by the creator. This is why sometimes the shelves won’t sit flush on the wall.

Expert’s Advice

Do I recommend this product? Yes, I do. The anchors that come with it might not be ideal for precision setup, but you can always use other tools to go along. A little modification can make it work magic. It is durable and strong which is something I love about it.

10. Joroamp Floating Shelf Brackets – Best Budget Drywall Anchor Kit

As strong as it comes, the Joroamp Floating shelf is one tough piece of tool. Because you aim to put a shelf on the wall, then these brackets can come to your rescue. 

It is rigid and does a great job of handling weights. What’s so special about this product that it got a place in this review section? I will talk about it below. 

Joroamp Floating Shelf Brackets

  • Manufactured by Joroamp
  • Bracket dimension is 12 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches
  • Each bracket support 40 pounds
  • Ideal bracket for shelving

Check Price


  • Heavy Duty Brackets

Yes, this product is made to last long and provide the necessary support to your shelving units. Each bracket is made to withstand a weight of 40 pounds. So if you need two for a setup, it can easily take on 80 pounds.

  • Materials

Made with galvanized steel, these brackets do showcase premium strength. They are also powder-coated to tackle any kind of rusting. 

  • All In One Box

Right out of the box you get support screws, brackets and anchors. These are the things you will need to successfully install the brackets.

  • Wide Range Of Use

You will be surprised that this is not limited to just shelves, it can be an adequate support system for your book ledge, frames, bike hanger and other things. These brackets can be fitted in different places such as the dining room, bathroom, bedrooms, laundry rooms etc. 


The drywall anchors that come with the set, do need a little customisation. It can be dysfunctional at times while you try to insert it into the drywall. I would suggest you use metal anchors for better support. 

Expert’s Advice

All you need to do is change the anchors and replace them with something sturdier, then these brackets will be able to sit without wobbling. It is good for carrying decent weight and certainly makes the living space more striking by embracing floating items. What are you waiting for?

How To Secure Shelf To Wall – 2 Affective Ways

When it comes to putting a shelf on a wall, you cannot experiment much because doing so might hamper the supporting strength. To do things perfectly you can use two different ways to secure a shelf on a wall. 

There are two effective methods for attaching a shelf to a wall. One method is to use studs, while another is to anchor. Let me go over two approaches in greater detail.

  • Hanging a shelf with studs

To hang anything on the wall, the best way to do it is to use a stud finder to locate the studs. Do it using a stud finder. Press it against the wall and turn it on. Slide the device and it should beep or flash to identify a stud. 

Next up you need to create marks on the point. Then find the other studs using the same method. Level the plane using levelers and bolt the screw using your preferred drill bit or hammer it into place. Now secure the likes of Smartsails Shelf Brackets or clamp shaped units to accommodate your shelf. 

  • Anchoring a Shelf to the Wall

If you can’t locate a stud, don’t worry. You can always anchor to hang shelves successfully. Use drills to make holes in the wall. Then place the anchor inside and tap it with a hammer to insert the anchor into the hole. Use a screwdriver to patch the screw into place. 

Keep in mind that this option is best for light loads, for medium weight items you must use threaded drywall anchors. Heavier items can be placed using toggle bolts. 

How To Hang A Shelf With Anchor – [Step By Step]

While using anchors you must know what type of item you are using and how to use it. Otherwise, you will end up with damaged walls or wobbly shelves. Below I will talk about the easy steps to hang shelves using anchors. 

Using four Steps for hanging shelf with anchor. Let’s get into the specifics of these steps.

  • Step 1: Take Measurements

The first thing to do is to measure the shelf and the adjacent wall. Use levelers to straighten the shelf and put line-markings. Then you will have to find out the perfect sitting position for the bracket holes. Once you mark the place you can move to the next step. 

  • Step 2: Drilling

Now you must use a drill to dig into the marking you just made. Don’t go too hard, because the drywalls might crack. The guide hole should be the width of the anchor tip. So drill accordingly. 

  • Step 3: Setting The Anchors In Position

Now it’s time to get the anchors inserted. If you are using an expansion anchor, put the anchor on the drilled space and tap it with a mallet to secure it. Then put the screw in the patch and after that, you are good to go. 

Keep in mind that expansion anchors are for carrying lightweight shelves. If your decors weigh a lot, then I suggest you use threaded pieces or toggle bolt anchors for ideal support.

  • Step 4: Place The Shelf In Place

This is the final piece of the jigsaw. After putting the anchors in position, place the shelves using the underpin. For better stability you can use anchors like Smartsails where the pointy end goes into the wall and the shelf as well, keeping all external elements hidden. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Use Drywall Anchors For Floating Shelves?

Yes, you can. Molly bolts, also known as anchors, are made of plastic or metal. It can be used to provide the necessary support for shelving. For floating shelves, drywall anchors are the most functional support system. You check out the WETNFIX Anchors anchors.

Do Floating Shelves Need Studs?

Not really. But if you secure the shelving with studs it will provide adequate support. For alternatives, you can always go for tools like molly bolts or toggle bolts to fasten the shelving onto the wall.

What Fixings Do You Need For A Floating Shelf?

The type of fixings will depend on the variant of the wall you have. Generally, for solid brick walls, your ideal fix should be red wall plugs. For stud work walls you will need to locate the stud at first. This can be hard at times so nylon toggle fixings or spring toggle fixings work best in such scenarios

What Screws To Use For Floating Shelves?

Philips screws work well on floating shelves. You must work with screws that have accurate length to balance the weight perfectly. For example, 40mm screws are ideal for wooden joists, 50mm screws are suitable for solid brick walls and 65mm can work well on plasterboards. 

Final Words

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work with floating shelves, you know how critical the installation can turn out to be. You can get perplexed while finding the studs and might not locate one successfully. In that case, anchors are the handiest tools for holding the shelves into place. 

In this writeup, I’ve talked about 10 of the best anchors for floating shelves that are workable on different kinds of surfaces. If you seek my advice, I will recommend you Ansoon Zinc Self Drilling Anchors if you want a traditional threaded insertion.  Don’t forget to go through the other products I mentioned. They are here for their functionality and adaptability on various surfaces. With the right anchors to work with, your floating shelf installation will be easy as pie. 

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