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7 Best Shelves For Action Figures – [ Top Pick in 2024]

If you are a fan of collecting action figures, you would probably want them to be showcased in the best possible way. Most collectors seem to run out of display ideas and simply put them on bookshelves or tabletops. This is not how things should be done. 

For serious collectors, they must flaunt a cool appearance and assemble every figure on display cabinets tailormade for storing collectibles. This is where the best shelves for action figures come to play. 

In this article, I will talk about action figure display ideas to take your hot toys exhibition to the next level. Let’s start with the best action figure display cabinet. 

1. WINKINE Acrylic Riser Display Shelf – Best Overall Product

If you are looking for a shelf unit that can be put in your room space to accommodate various sizes of toy figure collections, then this Winkine display shelf has to be amongst the prime picks. 

It is a sturdy acrylic shelf that can be used to exhibit not only toys but many other useful things. It is a shelf that can help you organize all your belongings like never before. 

WINKINE Acrylic Riser Display Shelf - Best Overall Product

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  • This item is manufactured by Winkine
  • The package measurement is 11.14×10.12×1.42 inches
  • It weighs 13.7 ounces
  • Can be used as a cologne organizer, cupcake stand, toy figure display


Comes With Cleaning Fabric

As you already know that this unit is made of high-quality acrylic and therefore to keep it in good condition it has to look as clean as possible. You will get a cleaning fabric that can easily take out smudges and dirt from the top.

Multiple Use

The good thing about this item is that it is not restricted to toy figure storage. It can also be used as a countertop desk for cosmetics, desserts, etc. 

No Screwdriver Needed

Unlike other panels, this product can be easily assembled with the use of your hands. You don’t need a screwdriver to bolt on the screws, therefore the chance of cracking is eliminated.

Four-Step Riser

This shelf has a removable step. The topmost layer (4th stand) can be removed manually if you want to fit it in some of the compact IKEA display cases.


A tad bit higher on the price range in comparison to prices of other decks. The bottom can be a little hard to fit, but should not be that much of an issue.

Expert’s Advice

I love the fact that it fits perfectly on Ikea cases. It is very sturdy and has great style and features to make things work out. For action figure collections, this shelf can turn out to be a lifesaver.

2. BIGANTSS Display Riser Shelf – Best Shelf For Figurine

This Bigantss 9 inch display shelf is one of the sleekest looking organizers out there. It is made of acrylic and is very durable to hold on to figurines of different shapes and sizes. 

The good thing about this item is that it can be used as a shot glass stand, cosmetic stand, doll stand, cupcake stand and not to mention collectibles as well. Let’s check out what advantages it has to offer.

BIGANTSS Display Riser Shelf - Best Shelf For Figurine

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  • Manufactured by Bigantss
  • The dimension is is 18×9.25×2.13 in
  • It weighs 11.2 ounces
  • Can be used as an organizer for different items



This shelf is crafted with top tier acrylic sheets that are very lightweight. Don’t worry, it is very solid as well. 

Easy To Set Up

The assembly is fairly easy. You have to remove the film from the feet and then follow the manual to successfully screw the joints. Then stick the non-slip mat underneath and you are good to go.

Multiple Usage

You can use this shelf for displaying toys, desserts, perfumes, and nail polishes. Use it as a tabletop display and you won’t be disappointed.

Comes With Warranty

In case you see any problems, you can get it replaced within 20 days of purchase. This item also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


A little small for storing one too many funkos. Loading too many heavy items can make it crack, so beware.

Expert’s Verdict

According to me, this is a striking collectible display stand. Good enough for small items. It is very easy to clean as it is made up of acrylic. Showcase your collection on this shelf and I guarantee that people will compliment your setup. 

3. Goabroa Acrylic Display Riser Shelf – Best Display Case For Anime Figures

If you are a fan of collecting superhero figures. I say that your valuables deserve better storage, rather than sitting on top of orthodox tables. Goabroa rectangular shelf is custom made for exhibiting collectibles and its 3 tier riser will only add to the positives. 

You can also store perfumes, shoes, etc on this unit. Without further ado let’s dig deep into the benefits it boasts.

Goabroa Acrylic Display Riser Shelf - Best Display Case For Anime Figures

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  • Made by Goabroa
  • It has a package dimension of 9x3x4.25 inches
  • It weighs 1.63 lbs
  • Works as an organizer for varying items


6 piece set

Right out of the box you will get 6 separate risers that can be used separately or attached to form a shelf-like design. 

Multi-Purpose Use

Apart from storing character figurines, it can also be used to exhibit cakes, earrings, perfumes, cosmetics and much more. 

Smart Design

Made of acrylic plexiglass, this unit looks exquisite when assembled. You can easily put it on display at a party or in your personal dwelling area. I assure you that it will shine a light on all events.

Easy To Maintain

It has a clear and smooth surface that is pretty easy to clean. Just wipe the dirt using a cloth and it should look anew.


A little too small in my opinion. If you plan to put liquor bottles, then they might end up deteriorating sooner than later. 

Expert’s Advice

This display case doesn’t have much space like the ones we talked about earlier but will do a good job of storing small figures. The clear acrylic surface is what makes it stand out. It looks stunning and can be maintained easily. 

4. NIUBEE Clear Acrylic Stand – Best Shelving For Collectibles

I’ve had the opportunity to scour the market and test out different action figure stands, and one brand that caught my attention is the Niubee acrylic stand. It is another acrylic display case in our review section and it deserves a top spot because of its functionality. 

Niubee has come up with a small handy storage unit that can easily hold on to small items. Although it is not suited for larger collectibles. So what are the positives? Well, let us check it out. 

NIUBEE Clear Acrylic Stand - Best Shelving For Collectibles

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  • Crafted by Niubee
  • It has a dimension of 9×6.2×6 inches
  • It weighs 2.2 lbs
  • Organizer for small items


Easy Set-Up

It comes with a screwdriver which helps to screw the bolts on the two legs. There is a cloth in the package that can be used to clean the unit when dust accumulates.

Stable Unit

Made of 4mm acrylic that gives this stand durability to hold on to smaller items. From funko pops, amiibos and nendoroids it can withstand anything alike. 


The creator offers a 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee making it a reliable storage unit. In case the item has problems, you can always seek help from their customer care.


Not just toy figures, this item can be used to store perfumes, cosmetics, cupcakes and other essentials. 


Stains keep appearing on the shelf, therefore you will have to be on a constant lookout and clean it with the cloth provided.

Expert’s Advice

To me, it is ideal for displaying toys and other small figures. I can’t say that it is bad because it offers small space. If you plan to store small goods, then this is your pick. 

5. BYCY Acrylic Stand – Best Display Cases For Statues

I value aesthetics and design when it comes to action figure shelves. I don’t mind the clear glass type outlook, but if something has an elegant design, I would gladly go for it. 

The BYCY stand is one of a kind storage system, that is stylish to the core. Made of black acrylic, it can embellish a place with its appearance. 

BYCY Acrylic Stand - Best Display Cases For Statues

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  • Made by BYCY
  • Dimension is 12×10.2×6.3 inches
  • Weighs just 1 pound
  • Multi-purpose display stand


High-Grade Materials

This item is made from 4mm high-quality black acrylic. The 4mm thickness makes it very sturdy and can handle a decent amount of weight without breaking.

Easy Assembly

Comes with a hexagonal wrench and screwdriver that can be used to bolt on the screws effectively. Super easy to work out and can be conveniently disassembled if needed. 

Can Be Used For Different Purposes

It works as a collectible organizer, cosmetic storage, cake display, etc. If you are an action figure lover, you will love this shelf. 


Make sure you don’t put it close to the heat. It can get misshapen and might not recover. The acrylic plates can get scratch marks easily. 

Expert’s Advice

Do I like this item? Yes, I do. It looks great and works fine. I don’t use it close to the heat source, so it works for me. Just keep it cleaned as the black can attract a lot of dust specks. For an elegant looking shelf, this can be a good choice for you. 

6. ANDGOO Clear Acrylic Showcase – Best Display Cabinet For Hot Toys

Let me suggest a fantastic shelf that can accommodate small-sized statues to different ranges of collectibles. I am talking about the ANDGOO showcase, which is one of the forerunners in terms of action figure shelves. 

Giving the necessary space to your collection hobby can be tricky and daunting if you don’t have the ideal shelf for it. This versatile item from ANDGOO should suffice your need in every way possible.

ANDGOO Clear Acrylic Showcase - Best Display Cabinet For Hot Toys

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  • Manufactured by ANDGOO
  • Dimension is 8.8×3.3×3.9 inches for the large one
  • This item weighs 1 pound
  • Multi-purpose acrylic rack


Durable Acrylic

The manufacturer made sure that they came up with a sturdy piece. This item is made with a hard-wearing acrylic that is 4mm in thickness for adequate support and stability.

Suitable For Collectibles And Other Items

You can store sideshow collectibles, funko pop, retail shoes, jewelry and many small items on this shelf. The 3 tier shelf will give you the upper hand in accommodating many items in one place.

No Screws Needed

The assembly is fairly easy. You just need to peel the protective film and place the risers in place. That’s it! You won’t be needing screws and all like other units. 

Good Customer Service

The creators will offer you excellent customer service in case you need any assistance. They also provide a 12-month warranty on their product.


Although the item is on the thicker side, it might wobble in some cases. Especially if you put a lot of weight on it.

Expert’s Advice

This is a high-quality item for storing action figure collections. The clear and smooth acrylic makes it very pleasing to the eye and can be placed anywhere according to your preference. Shine the light on it and it will make your collections illuminate like never before. 

7.  GRARRY Display Shelf For Collectibles – Best Cheap Shelves For Action Figures

The Grarry shelf is on our list because of its workability and ability to showcase collectibles. This clear acrylic riser is a fine choice for those who want to exhibit their prestigious collections. You can use it as a tabletop to store other small items too. 

getting this product will not only make your storage more convenient, but you are also likely to awe one or two people with its beautiful design. Let’s look at some of the benefits and its specs.

GRARRY Display Shelf For Collectibles - Best Cheap Shelves For Action Figures

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– Crafted by Grarry

– 10.59×9.88×1.97 inches packed dimension

– This item weighs 8.8 ounces

– Suitable for multiple purposes


Has Protective Film

This unit is packed with a protective film to safeguard the acrylic from scratches. Peel it off when you decide to use it.  

Ideal For Figurines And Other Items

With this shelf, you can successfully accommodate items such as Tamashii, Gundams, Amiibos, Funko Pop and many other things. You can place liquor bottles, cosmetics, cupcakes and many different goodies.

 Easy Installation

No need for critical screwdriver operation. You can adjust the shelf by using your hand. It takes a minute to get it done properly. You get a cleaning cloth as well, which can be used to clear the dust. 

Solid Design

With 4 thick legs, this acrylic shelf is very stable and the solid surface is ideal for weight distribution. It can withstand all kinds of collectibles without getting damaged.


Some people might find it small because it is not as spacious as you like for a huge collection of action figures. The construction could have been better in terms of handling weights. Stacking large objects can make them wobble.

Expert’s Feedback

I have to say that this is a high-end shelf for your precious collections. Excellent choice for storing mini-figures. It is solid and has a good outlook. So if you need a shelf for your pop figures, this can certainly save your day.

How To Build Shelves For Action Figures?

Believe it or not, you can create a collectible shelf by yourself. All you need is the time and patience to make things work. Let’s not forget that you need some woodworking skills too. Below you will find some basic steps to make and set-up up figure storage inside your house. 

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Items

To start you will need plywood, furring strips and finish nails. Don’t worry, you are not going to make furniture for yourself, but the small figures instead. 

Step 2: Measure The Headroom

You must give the figures enough headroom so that they can be placed without any space shortage. Grab the tallest body and keep a measure of the height. 

Step 3: Cut Out Furring – Build The Frame Around The Plywood

Now that you know the height, start cutting the furring pieces corresponding to the tallest figure height. After that, you have to nail the pieces on the plywood to give it a structure. 

Step 4: Coloring

With the frame and shelf boards in place, you have to do the coloring to give it a pleasant touch. Start priming, and then after that, you can coat it with any color you like. Black or white seems to be a wise option.  

Step 4: Time To Display The Goods

After coloring, let it dry out. Then you are done with the creation. Install some lights to illuminate the casing to perfection. Lighting will help the figures to stand out. Now you can exhibit the figurines as you like.

How To Display Action Figures?

There are so many creative ways to showcase figurative models. It is like an art form that collectors love to indulge themselves in. You can have your preference for storing these items and there is nothing wrong with it. You should go for whatever suits your taste. 

Below you will find some effective ways to display your collectibles. 

1. Glass Cabinet

Glass shelves are the most common and fruitful way to showcase toys. They are sturdy and spacious allowing you to store the figurines safely. 

2. Bookcase

Bookshelf is another way to highlight your action figures. But make sure you are not compromising your books to store some toys. If you have unused book storage, you can utilize it for good. 

3. Floating Shelves

A floating shelf can take your decoration to the next level. Not only does the floating unit look aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be a safe place for toys and figures. 

4. Wall Mounted Glass Compartment

An enclosed glass compartment is always a safe place for toy figures. The mounted options are a decent pick. They are secured and won’t cause damage to your precious items. Such cabinets can cost you more money than traditional decks, but they are truly worthy of safe storage.


How Do I Display My Collectibles?

Simply get yourself a shelf from the ones we reviewed in this article. You can also go for creative solutions like bookshelves, glass cabinets, etc.

How Do I Clean My Action Figures?

To take out the dirt, you can simply use a toothbrush and soap. Use the soap using a brush and scrub the figures mildly. Don’t put too much pressure, it can cause damage.

How To Hang Action Figures On Wall?

Command hooks and thumbtacks are two useful ways to suspend figures on the wall. Keep in mind that, thumbtacks will put holes on the surface and command hooks have adhesives that can come loose. So be careful whenever you plan to put the figures hanging

How Do You Show Large Figures?

Bigger toys need more headroom, thus glass cabinets are a wiser option. Make sure the partition from one tier to another has enough height to accommodate the tall bodies. 


Nowadays we see a lot of action figure collectors exhibiting their artistry. The popularity of collectibles amongst youths and adults is growing day by day. If you are new at it and don’t know how to customize your shelf, then check out the best shelves for action figures

These are ready-made units made with the best materials. My recommendation would be to check out the WINKINE Acrylic Riser Display Shelf. It is a sturdy acrylic shelf with decent accommodation for small-mid sized figures. 

Don’t forget to check out the other six items I mentioned in the review section. Grab whatever suits your needs and give your precious collection a deserving platform.

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