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7 Best Cheap Storage Shelves – Organize Your Storage Space

A messy room, working place, office, garage, or kitchen never gives you an enthusiastic environment to have a fresh start to your day. To be concentrated on work, you should keep your surroundings tidy. This is where you should think of a handy storage gadget like a storage shelf.

Well, if you are like me and don’t like to work in a messy environment, and looking for a handy storage shelf, here you are. You can get different sizes and styles of shelves available on the market.

Among all the good and better, I’ve made a shortlist of the 6 best cheap storage shelves. These shelves on my top list came in high performance with a low cost.

They are available with plenty of storage room, lightweight and stylish design, heavy-duty capacity, high durability, and many more. So, having any one of these shelves will be your win fact.  

Editor’s Choice- Amazon Basics the Best Budget Storage Shelves

While you need additional storage support no matter whether, for office, house, or garage purposes, you require a strong body-constructed shelf. Well, Amazon Basics is the highly-rated shelf with the lowest price that is considered the best one for heavy duty storage shelving units.

Its ultra-featured design and ample storage space took place to my editor’s choice.  It will allow you to use it anywhere in your house or workplace.  Because each of its shelves can hold up more than 350 pounds of weight. It means you can store items with around 1800 pounds of weight in total. Incredible!

Amazon Basics

  • Brand- Amazon Basics
  • Dimension- 14x72x36 Inches
  • Weight- 29.98 pounds
  • Color- Chrome
  • Style- 5-Shelves
  • Mounting Type- Floor
  • Material- Alloy Steel
  • Finish Type- Chrome
  • Shape- Trapezoid
Amazon Basics Shelves


  • Adaptable Storage

The Amazon shelf has got a 5 -tier steel wire shelving design to make your storing job easier and more comfortable. Also, the robust shelving units are completely reliable and stable for making your storage.

  • Height Adjustable Shelving Units

This unique designed and heavy-duty steel rack will offer the most amazing features even to adjust its shelving units as per your height. Confused how? 

Well, the shelving units of this shelf are completely movable. So, you can easily move the shelves up and down according to your height for maximum comfort.

  • Robust Body Construction

In terms of the robust and heavy duty steel utility wire construction, the Amazon Basics shelf will ensure a 100% durable life span. Besides, it will offer a strong leveling food cap so that the shelf won’t wobble or move.

  • Easy Assemble

This shelf will save you time and money while assembling and installing. You can assemble the shelves without buying any supplementary tools. Also, it takes only a while for the total installation process.


This product didn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty of any kind.

Expert’s Verdicts

You’ll experience that this shelf is not just the best budget storage shelves but a multi-purpose product to make your everyday life more comfortable.  

6 Best Cheap Storage Shelves reviews

Here’s the main part of my article where I’m gonna introduce you to the most wonderful and modern innovations of the best storage shelves. Go through the detail to know which one is your perfect fit-


  • Brand-  Whitmor
  • Dimension- 11.63×23.75×23.75 Inches
  • Weight-  5.37 pounds
  • Color- Gray
  • Material- Plastic, Metal
  • Finish Type- Painted
  • Shape- Rectangular
Amazon Basics Shelves
  • Brand- Meditoross Jack
  • Dimension- 17.7 x 9.84 x 24.8 Inches
  • Weight-6.1 pounds
  • Color- Space Gray
  • Style-Industrial
  • Mounting Type- Floor
  • Material- Metal
  • Shape- Rectangular
Amazon Basics Shelves


  • Dimension- ‎96x48x40 Inches
  • Weight- 59.7 pounds
  • Color- Black
  • Style- 1-pack-Black
  • Mounting Type- Ceiling/ Wall
  • Material- Metal
  • Shape- Rectangular
  • Finish- Powder Coated
Amazon Basics Shelves


  • Brand- Furinno
  • Dimension- 11.7x 23.6x 43.25 Inches
  • Weight- 14.5 Pounds
  • Mounting Type- Floor
  • Color- Black 
Amazon Basics Shelves


  • Brand- Juggernaut
  • Dimension- 14x24x30 Inches
  • Weight-10 pounds 
  • Color- Chrome
  • Style-Industrial
  • Mounting Type- On-Level
  • Material- Alloy Steel
Amazon Basics Shelves


  • Brand- Gladiator
  • Dimension-  ‎  18×48×72 Inches
  • Weight-  95.5 pounds
  • Color- Gray
  • Mounting Type- Floor
  • Material- Alloy Steel
  • Shape- Rectangular
  • Finish-  Coated
Amazon Basics Shelves

2. Furinno 99557BK/GY the Best Inexpensive Storage Shelves

Do you want to buy the cheapest shelf you haven’t ever bought? Here you go! The Furinno 99557 BK/ GY multipurpose shelf will be your right hand in the case of your budget. This shelf came with high quality and a variety of outstanding features.

It won’t require any additional antiques to keep it straight while used for a heavyweight item. This floor mounting shelf works just fine to hold up a pretty decent weight as per your needs. Just Amazing!


  • Open Display

The Furinno 99557BK/GY shelf has an open display style to use for multi-use. You can use it for books first of all. Besides, this amazing shelf will be perfect for decorative items, bathroom clothing, shoes, and so on.

  • Huge Space

It is a complete 4-tiers shelf to lessen your storage hazard. You can put all your necessary items on it with ease. Each of the racks has come with 51.1 CM length and 33.7 CM width. So, placing clothes, utensils, decorative items whatever you want will be all right for you. 

  • Robust Body Constructions

The Furinno 99557BK/GY shelf will offer a long-lasting service through its robust construction. In addition, its PVC finish for durability with wood construction will value your money 100 on 100.

  • Easy Installation

You can assemble and install your shelf within minutes because of its tool-free installation and trouble-free assembly process. It won’t require any additional tools to assemble. So, you can hold, turn and twist it easy to install.

  • Safe to Use

Using this shelf will be safe and comfortable. Its smooth and rounded robust edge for complete safety protection will ensure your top protection.


It can wobble unless you install it properly.

Expert’s Verdicts

This shelf will be the perfect size for you to place in a small place with ease. But it won’t come in a disappointed look due to its small size. It is one of the best inexpensive storage shelves that appeared with a good look to enhance your room’s beauty.

3. Juggernaut Shelf the Best Cheap Shelving Units

Who doesn’t like to use a shelf that can expand the storage possibility? Everyone Does! In this case, you’re not that different I guess. Well, if you too want your rack with planned storage functionality, the Juggernaut 3-tiers rack will be the right fit for you. 

It will help you organize your stuff and create beautiful home décor in your house. It came in such an elegant design that will suit wherever you put it.


  • Metal Shelving

The Juggernaut came with the best cheap shelving units through its metal and beautiful chrome finish shelving. As a result, it will provide a facility for heavy-duty weight items.

  • Easy to Clean

It is an on-leveled shelf with an open display style. All you need is a piece of dammed cloth and water to clean it. So, you don’t have to face a lot of problems while cleaning it. It is easy to clean that will help you save time.

  • Durable

The four robust legs give it strong leveling feet for stability. Also, it will last for a long time in terms of its durable strong steel constructions and chrome finish for resistance.   

  • Adjustable Leveling

There’s no possibility to wobble while you use the Juggernaut shelf. It has an adjustable leveling to stand straight. Amazing!

  • Multi-Purpose Usages

Its 3-shelf shelving units will allow you to use it for various purposes, for example, kitchen, garage, office, and more.

  • Light-Weight

To adjust your home décor, you can easily change its position from one place to another. It is because this shelf has come with an extremely lightweight and flexible design. So, carrying it to your desired place will be easier for you.


This shelf is an indoor-designed shelf that isn’t suitable for outdoor usage.

Expert’s Verdict

Most of the time users get doubted whether or not their shelf is perfect for food items. In this case, the Juggernaut shelf is NSF certified. So, you’ve no risk to use it for food items besides other items.

4. Gladiator Heavy Duty Rack the Best Garage Shelving Systems

If you’ve bulky items to store, you require a robust and garage-friendly steel shelf that can hold up heavy-duty items. Considering this fact, you can choose the Gladiator heavy-duty steel rack. It will solve your bulky item’s storing problem.

You can manage to keep all your items reliably and safely.  Since this shelf has got robust body constructions, you can also use this for other garage storing purposes.


  • Easy to Assemble

The Gladiator garage shelf came with tool-free assembling. So, you don’t have to buy any extra tools to install or assemble it.

  • Wide Storage Space

It will allow you to put your necessary things comfortably due to its wide storage space. As a result, your shelves units will be well organized.

  • Multi-Purpose Usage

This garage shelf is certified by the NSF which will allow you to use it for your food items as well.

  • Classic Bookshelf Design

Its classic bookshelf design is ready to give a multi-purpose usage facility. Not only for a garaging purposes but you can use it for other home gadgets storing.


You’ll find it difficult to move to your required place in terms of its heavy weight.

Expert’s Verdict

This exclusive shelf has four strong shelving units where each of these shelves can store 2000 Ibs weight. It means, your shelf can go with up to 8000 Ibs of weight items in total. But, it won’t wobble or move because of its heavy load. Isn’t it incredible?

5. Whitmor the Best Wire Shelving for Closets

 Needless to say how enjoyable it is to stay in a well-organized home. But, to make your house looks organized, you need handy stuff. Yes, it is the Whitmor closet shelf that I’m talking about. This shelf is used for clothing, books, footwear, kitchen gadgets, food items, etc.

It has come with 4 wide shelves where you will get plenty of room to place your belongings. You don’t need to put the items in a congested way. Therefore, finding the right items will be easier and less time-consuming for you.


  • Easy to Maintain

It is not like other shelves that require lots of things to maintain. All you need is to keep your shelf clean. That will be all for its durable life span.

  • Inexpensive

Nobody wants to pay high for such house stuff but everyone focuses on the quality. In the case of the Whitmor closet shelf, you can afford it with a minimum budget for quality performance.

  • Plenty of Storage

TheWhitmor closet shelf came with the same length and width that goes into 60.32CM. Can you imagine how large and wide the Whitmor shelf can be?

It is so much handy to put lots of items at a time without making any storage clutter. You’ll just love this handy shelf due to its mind blowing storage solutions.

  • Light Weight

Although this shelf can hold up heavy-duty items, it didn’t come with a heavyweight. The total weight of this outstanding shelf is only 5.37 pounds.  Its lightweight design will fascinate you to use for years.


Since the Whitmor closet came with the same width and length, it can wobble after using a year.

Expert’s Verdicts

If you want your shelf to provide a long-lasting service, the Whitmor closet shelf will be your perfect choice.

It has got a design with a white epoxy metal coating frame that is extremely durable for shelf stuff. So, you’ll be able to use it for office, home, garage, etc versatile storage purposes.

6. Meditoross the Small Shelves on Wheels

If you want a shelf in cart mode the Meditoross shelf is right here for you. This wonderful shelf has a 4-tire shelving system with rolling legs. So, it is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor items purposes.

Its 4 shelving units are curved in their sides so that items don’t fall off. So, you can put anything like food items, your baby’s toys, books, clothing, ceramics, etc with confidence.

Since the sides are curved, taking this cart outside won’t require any extra attention for the remaining items on it. Cool!


  • Elegant and Clean Design

The Meditoross shelf has an elegant design that will enhance your home’s beauty. You can use it anywhere in your room like a bathroom, reading room, drawing room, kitchen, balcony, plants tub, etc.

  • Long-Lasting

The robust body construction of this shelf will be well protected from rusting while wet. So, you’ve no risk whether or not it is getting wet. Therefore, it will be highly durable.

  • Easy & Simple to Install

The complete process of installing your Meditoross shelf will take only minutes with all the simple steps for you. Even you need no expert to take help during your installation time.

  • Additional Basket

It has got 2 additional hanging baskets on its side. So, you will get some extra storage space to place your items.


It has got a limited storage space compared to other models.

Expert’s Verdict

As same as the stroller, you can lock the front wheels of this shelf for your further security. And, locking its front legs will keep it stable in the place you keep it. It won’t move in any way that makes it safe to use.

7. FLEXIMOUNTS the Best Overhead Ceiling Racks

You never can think of garage organization so simple. So, while you need the stuff to help you arrange your garage spacing, I recommend you decide on the FLEXIMOUNTS ceiling rack. It will make your way of space management smoother and a lot easier if you have wood studs, concrete walls, or joists.

Amazingly, it has come with a ceiling hanging system. So, it won’t matter if you don’t have enough space on the floor. Just get a perfect spot to hang it up. It will help you store your seasonal items safely, for example, winter wearing.


  • Stable and Sturdy

The frame and the deck of this shelf were welded together to make a strong unit. So, it has got a strong and sturdy body construction.

  • Large Storage Capacity

It has come with a large storage capacity with its dropdown and adjustable height that goes up to 40 inches. As a result, in the case of its storage space, you will enjoy around 106 cubit storage space. Pretty Amazing!

  • Capable to Hold Up Heavy Load

This shelf can hold up your heavy-duty load up to 600Ibs. Just see in your mind’s eye!

  • Easy Storage Expansion

The FLEXIMOUNTS is the only shelf to offer you additional hooks and clamps to expand the storage space. And, you can easily hang your tools, bikes, and many more heavy items.

  • Safe to Use

This shelf is a combination of ample vertical support, a larger contact surface, and longer ceiling brackets. So, all these three combinations will provide 99.99% usage safety.


It has come with around 60 pounds of weight which will be too heavy to move.

Expert’s Verdict

It is the perfect home storage gadget for you to avoid a severe natural disaster like a flood. Because it will help you store your expensive heavy items with ease.

How to Make Cheap Storage Shelves?

Buying a suitable storage shelf cannot be the only solution all the time. Rather you can make one according to your necessity. And, making a storage shelf will save you money also.

But, how can you make a cheap storage shelf? Well, this section of my article will help you learn how easily you can make a storage shelf. Let’s see how-

Necessary Tools              

You need some essential tools by your sides before you going to make a storage shelf. These tools are –

  • Tapping Screws
  • Stud Finder
  • Framing Lumber
  • Level
  • Plywood
  • Impact Driver
  • Speed Square
  • Meter Saw
  • Power Drill 

Steps to Make Cheap Storage Shelves

  • Plan Your Shelf Height

The primary step to make your shelf is to determine and measure the shelf height.  Take the measurement perfectly so that the shelf height cannot make you trouble using it next time.

You’ll enjoy using your shelf if you keep your shelf length and width the same, for example, 60.20 × 60.20 CM.

  • Mark and Drill Your Studs

Now mark where you want to build the shelf and start drilling into the studs. The measurement I prefer is 2×4 at the height you necessitate. You must calculate if use any extra height like ½ inches.

For Example – You can place your shelf at the right 4, 6, and 8 ft height if it has come with a span of 8ft long

  • Attach Horizontal & Vertical Supports

In this step, you’ve to attach horizontal and vertical supports at 2×4 on top but don’t forget to use a screw at the end of each top. Because you’ll have to remove them afterward.

But, if you need to use your shelf for heavy loading, add additional support in the middle of the shelf.

  • Attach Cleats

Whether or not you’ll attach cleats will depend on your wish. It’s an additional step. So, I recommend cleats to make the shelf stronger to hold up your items.

  • Fix the Plywood Framing

You can use any other material for its body construction instead of plywood. However, for the top part of the shelf, go for 4′ x 8′ sheets.

Remember, the measurement can be more or less according to your preference.   Now fix the shelving units one after another.

How to Build Shelving Unit on Wall?

If you want to build shelving units on the wall directly, you’ve to be a woodworking expert. Or else, it will be a bit tough for you to get the perfection. However, here are some easiest ways to build your shelving units on a wall.

  1. Choose a suitable wall side where the shelving units will fit your necessity.
  2. Make the shelf frames but you’ve to take the exact measurement for each corner using plywood sheets. Make sure the wood sheets are the same in size and measurements.
  3. Once you finished making the frame, choose the wood sheet for shelving boards. Cut them into pieces. All the pieces should be in the same measurements. Color them if you want to enhance the home’s beauty.
  4. Keep the wood sheet aside and let them dry if colored.
  5. Join the wood sheet to make several units.
  6. Select the shelf brackets and hold the entire brackets on the wall where you want to fix your shelf.
  7. Attach the shelf boards along with the shelf brackets.
  8. Remember, making shelving units on a wall takes a lot of patience if you want to do them all alone. However, in step number 8, you’ll have to polish the shelving sides to get an elegant look. 
  9. Attach the shelving units to the wall.

If you are looking for

Questions And Answers about Cheap Storage Shelves

How do you make a homemade shelving unit?

If you want to make a homemade shelving unit, you’ll need a shelf board at least ¾ inch thick. You’ll also need two horizontal and vertical supports, cleats, a piece of hardboard, and a top piece.

1. Now measure your required height and width.
2. Nail a cleat in the vertical supports.
3. Lay down the support panel on the floor.
4. Nail another cleat in the next vertical support and repeat for each shelf level.
6. Attach the top shelf and hardboard back.
7. Your shelf is ready to put your belongings.

Is it cheaper to build your storage shelves?

Well, it completely depends on what type of materials you use. If you use costly materials, your shelving cost will be high than the readymade shelf. But, I prefer to buy the cheap storage shelves rather than building on my own.

Buying shelf will be available with stylish designs where you can make your choice. Also, some of the brands offer a warranty period. Considering all these facts, buying a shelf will be cheaper than building a storage shelf.

How do you install rack shelves?

Go through the following 5 steps –

1. Locate the place using a stud finder but try positioning it in the center.
2. Level the track into the slots now.
3. Use the toggle bolts or anchors to secure the tracks.
4. Attach the vertical shelf brackets to lock the shelf standard onto the tracks.
5. Now screw the rack shelves on the wall.

How do you make a simple shelf unit?

Building shelf units is as same as daunting DIY projects. However, you can make a simple shelf following the steps below –
1. Choose Shelving Boards like softwood boards, particle, block boards, plywood boards, etc.
2. Choose the Shelf Support
3. Make the Shelving Units
4. Attach the Shelf Boards


Storage shelves come in different types and they work perfectly if you can choose them specifying your areas. Again, some of the shelves come in multi-purpose benefits that won’t limit your use areas. Well, whatever you buy you need to ensure its suitability and robustness, right?

So, I think my top list with the best cheap storage shelves will come in handy to meet your necessity. These are just wonderful innovations of all the top brands.

Buying these well-organized shelves will lessen your hazard to go through a disorganized storage system. So, buy your storage shelf full of confidence.

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